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Two great pix of Michael's mother

Posted: 9 Dec 2016

Self Portrait (Sept 2016)

In her house on 31 Oct 2016

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Thai dinner in Seattle with Andrew, Michael, Maris & Bodhi

Posted: 9 Dec 16

L to R: Bodhi, Maris, Michael and Andrew
Bodhi (age 6) and Andrew (age 23) are my youngest and oldest Kovalenko grandsons, respectively. Andrew is Steve's oldest.

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IDL Interview of "Putin" in recent dream

Posted: 6 May 2016
Updated: 18 May 16

Vladimir V. Putin

This is a continuation of an Integral Deep Listening interview of 'Putin’s Mystery Visit', which occurred on April 26, 2016, and was administered by Dr. Robert Thomsen using Joseph Dillard's IDL protocol. 

11 May 16. Joseph Dillard (JND) then responded with valuable counsel. His comments are added on 11 May 16.

If a second character had something especially important to tell you, which would it be? Vladimir Putin

Mr. Putin, are you a character in Eugene’s dream?  Yes

Mr. Putin, look out at the world from your perspective and tell us what you see.  I see a world in great confusion and contradiction and moving in directions that are very troubling, especially to my own people and elsewhere.  It is a very dangerous time.   

Mr. Putin, would you please tell me what you look like and what you are doing?  I have a great responsibility to my people to recover a reputation that has been tarnished and damaged by unfortunate decisions by my predecessors.  It is my responsibility to bring stability and a new credibility and respect to my country, to my people, and to the greater Russia, Slavic Enterprise.  It is a historic opportunity that I take very seriously.

Mr. Putin, what do you like most about yourself in this experience?  What are your strengths?  I think I am very committed.  I think I am intelligent.  I think I am strong.  I know who I am and where I am going and what my destiny and responsibility are.

Mr. Putin, what do you dislike most about yourself?  Do you have weaknesses?  What?  I don’t know.  I had a background that was very tough and sometimes irresponsible.  I learned that in the trenches I made some difficult and sometime very troubling decisions, but I can’t let that dissuade me.  I know I have faults, but I hope they are not too terrible to prevent me from doing my work.

Mr. Putin, what are your weaknesses, what are your faults?   I think sometimes I make decisions too fast.  It can be very embarrassing and troubling, and it can be very destructive in the long way, so I have to be careful.  I am not careful enough.

Are there any other weaknesses?  I think I have said enough.

Mr. Putin, what aspect of Eugene do you represent or most closely personify?  I think I identify with his sense of destiny, his sense of purpose.  He is sort of a mystical sense, a mystical sense of self. 

Mr. Putin, do you want to say anything more about that? No.

Mr. Putin, if you could be anywhere you wanted to be and take any form you desired, would you change?  If so, how?   No, I am here for a reason and I know it is very precise purpose.  I am where I belong right at this moment.  

Where are you at this moment?  I have come to have conversation with Evgeny Nikolayevich.  He doesn’t yet know what it is, but I am looking forward to coming to an understanding with him.   

Mr. Putin, how would you score yourself 0-10 in the following categories?
              Confidence        9.5 – There are times when I make decisions too fast, so I need some strong people around me to help me with this.  It is difficult to find these people.                 
    Compassion      7 – I certainly have compassion for my people.  I do not have compassion for fools and for people who are trying to block our progress or who are trying to interfere with the destiny.  But I can use my forces or resources in a strong way that you would not call compassionate.
              Wisdom              7 – There are times I have made some unwise decisions, so I cannot claim great wisdom.  I need wise advisors.  It is hard to find them.
              Acceptance        5 – I accept my people, I accept responsibilities.  I don’t accept fools.  I don’t accept traitors.  I don’t accept people who are trying to take us over or are trying to manipulate us.
              Peace of mind   5 – I would like to have greater peace but it all depends on what else is happening in the world.  I feel responsible for much of this, so some of this is troubling to me. 
              Witnessing         (No number) Well, I see a great destiny.  I see the world in a grander way than most people.  I see the past that has been greatly distorted and distorted, and in some cases vilified and not appreciated.  I see a future.  I see great possibilities technically creatively in the arts, music, as well as technology and architecture, and invention.  It is a troubling but grand time too, to see, to understand what the world is.

Mr. Putin, if you scored tens in all six of these qualities, would you be different?  If so, how?  I think so.  I think of some great Russian writers like Tolstoy and Dostoevsky.  I admire Solzenichen, though he was a difficult person.  I admire Pasturnak for the beauty of his writing and his understanding.  I admire some of the great saints.  One person comes to mind, that is Pavel Florinsky.  Some of our wise people we have not treated well and we have lost the benefit of their great wisdom, so I . . . I am afraid I have lost the question.  

The question is if you scored tens on all of the six qualities of confidence, compassion, wisdom, acceptance, peace of mind, and witnessing, how would you be different?  I would be more of a leader for my people than I am now.  I am having to grow.  Sometimes it is difficult, but I wish I were a tens, as you say, more, so that I had a better connection to not only my people but also to other peoples, other countries.  That is one of the reasons that I am here to talk to Evgeny Nikolayevich.  He knows things.  We have known him.  That is why I am here.  He knows things, and because we know him he has certain qualities that I wish to engage and discuss with him. 

11 May 16. JND: I am hearing that Putin has come to learn from Eugene. Is that correct? (This is a theme I have seen in interviews that has surprised me and generally surprises the dreamer: there clearly exist innumerable perspectives that regard us as their guide, teacher or hope; many look to us to generate purpose, clarity and direction. When this message comes to us from figures that are in positions of vast authority, as Putin is, the challenge is how to accept the mantel and responsibilities of such leadership without moving into either grandiosity or avoidance.)

Mr. Putin, how would Eugene’s life be different if he naturally scored like you?  I think he would be less happy than he is.  He would be less successful in his life than he is.  I don’t think he would like to score like me.   

11 May 16. JND: Again, this sounds like the answer of a supplicant to me, of someone who is not viewing themselves as the answer but instead is coming looking for answers, for pieces of a puzzle that they think the dreamer has, whether he realizes it or not. (We generally do not see ourselves as having the answers.) But that is an assumption. How do you view it, Mr. Putin? Dr. Dillard, you have interesting and insightful things to say. I am always willing to listen to intelligent and well intended people. Evgeny Nikolayevich also has interesting and insightful things to say. Because of his unique heritage and experience, I have questions to ask of him. We will keep these just between us for the present.

Mr. Putin, if you could live Eugene’s waking life for him, how would you live it differently?  This is impossible question.  I don’t have the wisdom or understanding to speak about this.  I have nothing to offer him in the way he lives his life.  I have come to discuss other things. 

11 May 16. JND: Mr. Putin, it is clear that you want to have a conversation or conversations with Eugene, but not now and not in this format. How will Eugene know when he has respectfully responded appropriately to your request? How will he know when he has provided you with the information you think he has that you are wanting? He will know at the time.

Mr. Putin, if you could live Eugene’s waking life for him today, would you handle his life issues differently?  If so, how?  (this question was not asked)

Mr. Putin, what three life issues would you focus on if you were in charge of him?  (this question was not asked.)

Mr. Putin, in what life situations would it be most beneficial for Eugene to imagine that he is you and act as you would?  I think this is a stupid question!  He would not act as I would.  I cannot imagine this.  It would be stupid. 

JND: (Ditto to my comment above about some characters coming as supplicants rather than as role models.)

Mr. Putin, do you do drama?  Do you get into playing the victim, persecutor, or rescuer?  Yes, I do.  I do drama, especially when I am making too quick decision.  If I can react and then it might be troublesome to get out of this situation.

11 May 16. JND: And this is a good reason why Putin does not want Eugene to become him or live life from his perspective.

Mr. Putin, what is your secret for staying out of drama?  I don’t.  Actually I enjoy the drama.  It makes the spice of life, you know.  Why not?  Poets thrive on drama.  Artists thrive on drama.  It is just stupid.  Make art.  Make drama, make opera, make poems, make literature, and what is a basketball game or a football game or a swimming if it is not drama?  Competition is drama.  It’s good.  It’s good.  Dancing is drama.

11 May 16. JND: Putin’s point is well taken. I would only add that there is a difference between getting into a role or activity and losing ourselves in it, losing our objectivity or our sense of who we are as someone separate from a relationship, a professional identity, a religion or political affiliation. Drama only becomes a problem when you find yourself in one of its three roles of victim, persecutor or rescuer.

Mr. Putin, you are imaginary.  Why should Eugene pay attention to anything you say?  Evgeny Nikolayevich is aware of new dimensions that we value very much in our country.  Ask the question again, please.  

Why should Eugene pay attention to anything you say?  Because he knows that he perceives that we have something of value for him.  He also perceives that he can offer us something of value.  He takes my appearance in his life, in his inner life, very seriously obviously, and I am there deliberately to engage him in a level that he has been working on for many, many years and for much of that time we have been aware of him.

Mr. Putin, why do you think that you are in Eugene’s life?  Because of what he offers, potentially has to offer us.  That is why I am here, to discuss this. 

How do you want to discuss this with him?  I want to – we will have a conversation, just he and I, one to one.  He will ask me questions.  I will ask him questions.  He will have something to say to me, I will have something to say to him.  And this process that are asking now does not do this.  I cannot do this as long as you are here making these sometimes stupid questions.  I need to be alone with this man and you will need to get out and go away. 

11 May 16. JND: A very strong, insistent directive!

I will do that when we are finished here, and I appreciate that.

11 May 16. JND: A great, respectful response!

Mr. Putin, how is Eugene most likely to ignore what you are saying to him? He will certainly not ignore what I am saying.  He takes me seriously.  I take him seriously.  There is no way, no way that this is possible.  It is at the heart of his own destiny, his own motivation.  I know this.  I know this.  We have studied him over a long period of time.  We know him well.  He has been transparent.  This is why we are attracted.  We know him.  He is not hiding.  We hide.  He does not.  He does not need to hide.  We do.  We would like to know more of his secrets.

11 May 16. JND: So it is a relationship of mutual respect. And yet we are hearing that Putin is a perspective that hides! This is ironic, because you cannot get to be much more public than Putin! While it is clear that he has kept aspects of his personal life private, mostly related to his daughters and wife when he was married, he has been very up-front with his attitudes, expectations and opinions, at least as best as I can tell. I find the real Putin pretty transparent, in that his conduct seems to me to pretty well reflect what he has said. One thing that this Putin has said that I have wondered about is that he sometimes does things too quickly. On the contrary, I have seen repeatedly how people complain that the real Putin is much too deliberative and is not decisive enough. I have not agreed with this assessment, but instead have seen him repeatedly give opponents enough rope to hang themselves. So I would think that Eugene has knowledge of a different Vladimir Putin than I have.

Mr. Putin, what would you recommend that he do about that?  Nothing whatsoever.  I trust him and I trust why I am here.  Whatever is going on he is aware of.

11 May 16. JND: I hear considerable mutual respect!

Mr. Putin, why do you think Eugene had this dream?  I think it is he yearning, and we have noticed this.  We have felt it, and we have felt that this is the time to make contact.  I remember the time when he came to our country and contacted one of our people, and proposed a conversation, proposed a relationship, but it had to be done at a certain level, but that is what we are talking about now.  This was many years ago during the millennium celebration year.

Mr. Putin, is there anything else that you would like to say to Eugene?  Oh, I have much to say with Evgeny Nikolayevich, but not now and not with you.  

Mr. Putin, thank you very much.  

Eugene, you can come back now.  He didn’t mess around! 

Eugene, what have you heard yourself say?  “He didn’t mess around!”   Yeah, we’re going to talk turkey.  We are going to talk some very straight talk about issues that have been very deeply embedded in me for a very long time having to do with the old country.  Not only to do with the old country, but other things, the relationship with this character is key to things that are critical to me in general and in a broader sense I think that is inferring that the conversation with Putin will have implications elsewhere in my own life and not necessarily with him or his country. 

11 May 16. JND: So how are you planning on carrying out this dialogue? Will it be a question and answer dialogue at your keyboard or in some other way? Do you think Putin has preferences about how to proceed? Joseph, I have begun a keyboard dialogue in a way I have conducted them with other notables in the past. However, this one seems a bit different. I am experiencing pauses and silences, which I must honor.

Eugene, if this experience were a wake-up call from your inner compass, what do you think it would be saying to you?  That is the question!  I am not sure I can answer that.  I think I will be able to answer that after I have had a conversation with Putin directly. 

Joseph Dillard asks us to look back over the interview and list the specific recommendation that were made, and that would be to talk directly with Putin, and not through an IDL.  Yeah.

Is there anything more that you would like to say?  I don’t think so. 

11 May 16. JND: At this point, Eugene, how are you feeling about this dream when you compare how you felt, what you thought about it, the assumptions you made about it first while you had the dream and then afterward, when you first remembered it? Good question, Joseph. I have developed greater knowledge of V.V.P. since the dream and because of your suggestions. However, the basic reason for his appearance in my inner life remains the same. My main concern is not to say too much.

11 May 16: JND: One other thing: The reason why Putin may want this in a private format is because he wants to know your secrets. This is not a private, secretive format! Just be sure that when you have your conversations with Putin that you ask him what secrets you have that he wants to know about, or tell him your secrets and see if any of them are what he wants to hear about or know about. Then keep it a secret, and only share with others those parts of the dialogue that Putin gives you permission to share. That is not about being mysterious; it is about respecting the relationship. Again, thank you for this counsel, Joseph. I do not yet know the kind of secrets he thinks I have that would be of any value to him, but I am mindful that we will have to agree on what to make public. I hope to make as much public as possible because of my own belief it will be useful to my own people. But, it remains to be seen how this will play out. I can sense within all kinds of conversations and exchanges going on at deeper psychological and spiritual levels in me as well as in him.

14 May 16. Anon1 said
I'm surprised you post so much re Putin, given that your inner P wants it to be private, and Dillard seems to agree.  I can understand why you would want to write it (and more), but puzzle about posting it. 

I replied: If you read the last post [above] in this three-post thread again, you will see that there is a one-on-one dialogue now in process, which isn't posted and won't be posted unless "V.V.P." and I eventually agree on it. We have yet to get this agreement negotiated.

For the time being this blog post thread ends here.

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IDL interview of the "House" in Putin Dream

Posted: 4 May 2016
Updated: 13 May 16

Integral Deep Listening Interview of Putin’s Mystery Visit

Date of Interview:  April 25, 2016 – Dr. Robert Thomsen (Interviewer)

What are three fundamental life issues that you are dealing with now in your life? –(not asked)

EUGENE, tell me a dream or experience you remember . . .
23 April 2016 0400 – Night.  I get up to attend to old man duties.  Bright outside with high full moon in cloudless sky.  Notice shadowy figures in back yard, one of which is on my porch.  It is Vladimir Putin!  I invite him in and offer him a seat.  He sits silent.  I am aware of house guests still asleep, some high level diplomat and his wife from another country.  I say to Putin, “Wouldn’t it be nice if we and our wives could meet regularly like this to discuss important issues between our countries?”  Putin remains silent.  I get up to switch on lights to allow us to see more clearly.  Light does not come on.  I try other switches.  Still no result.  I go outside to examine the electrical control panel and discover all circuit breakers have been removed!  Returning to Putin I declare my discovery and ask, “Did your guys do this?”  Putin nods “Yes”.  Now alarmed I ask “What do you want?  Have you come to kill us?”  (The following was added by Eugene at the time of our IDL as a remembered end of the dream) Putin replies “Evgeny Nikolayevich, be at peace.  I have not come to harm anyone.  My people have been aware of you from very long ago.  It is because of the report they have given me that I have come.”  I wake.

CREEI Score:  +++++?//??+/+++  Pattern: Motivational

EUGENE, why do you think that you had this dream? I had just finished posting a FaceBook blog only 4 hours earlier titled “Ideal Court of Love” in response to my concern for recent Mormon Church excommunications under the official church term “Court of Love.”  I had put myself on trial back in 1974 by imagining an ideal trial procedure.
If it were playing at a theater, what name would be on the marquee?  Putin’s Mystery Visit
These are the characters in the dream . . . House, living room, LR light switch, porch, back yard, shadowy men, Vladimir Putin, electrical control panel, full moon, cloudless night sky, house guests
If one character had something especially important to tell you, which would it be? HOUSE
HOUSE, are you a character in Eugene’s dream?  Yes
HOUSE, look out at the world from your perspective and tell us what you see.  I see a nice neighborhood.  Night.  Moon high, no clouds, peaceful and calm.  A safe place.  Aware of no disturbance.  Very stable.  Very save and clear.  I am pleased to be here.
HOUSE, would you please tell me what you look like and what you are doing?    I am doing my job.  I exist at Eugene’s pleasure – Eugene and his wife.  I am a safe place to be for friends and family.  I am being a shelter for him and his friends and family.
HOUSE, what do you like most about yourself in this experience?  What are your strengths?  I am well built, beautiful, attractive, solid, very functional.  Eugene is proud to own me.  I am comfortable, an attractive loving atmosphere.  I am pleased with myself and pleased that he is pleased. 
HOUSE, what do you dislike most about yourself?  Do you have weaknesses?  What I don’t dislike anything about myself.  If anything it is that I don’t have locks.  I feel no need for locks.  I don’t know if that is a weakness but I see that others might see it that way.  I do not.
HOUSE, what aspect of Eugene do you represent or most closely personify?  His sense of protection and home, place, his need for residence. 
HOUSE, what are you protecting? I don’t have sense of this other than from the elements.
HOUSE, if you could be anywhere you wanted to be and take any form you desired, would you change?  If so, how?  I would not change.  This is where Eugene feels at home.
Character, how would you score yourself 0-10 in the following categories?
              Confidence        10 – I know who I am and what my function is – what I am doing.
              Compassion      0 – I’ve been built to do what I am to do – it is not compassion.
              Wisdom              0 – and it is not wisdom either.
              Acceptance        10 – I am certainly accepting – of myself as a structure, foundation, purpose.
              Peace of mind   10 – I am doing my job – I don’t see any sense of fear of anything from anyone who comes in
              Witnessing         8 – I see things going on outside I don’t understand but don’t need to understand.  Don’t need to know or care.  Some things I can’t see.  It is all Eugene’s business, not mine.
HOUSE, if you scored tens in all six of these qualities, would you be different?  If so, how?  I don’t think I would be a house.  It would require me to be something else – I can’t imagine what that would be.
HOUSE, how would Eugene’s life be different if he naturally scored high in all six of these qualities all the time?  He would be very different.  He needs compassion and wisdom to function well in my space.  He needs to do things that I can’t be.   
HOUSE, if you could live Eugene’s waking life for him, how would you live it differently I can’t even think – no judgment, attitude.  I am just pleased that he feels at home.
HOUSE, if you could live Eugene’s waking life for him today, would you handle his life issues differently?  If so, how?  We didn’t talk about life issues before so I can’t answer this.
HOUSE, what three life issues would you focus on if you were in charge of him?  Same response.
HOUSE, in what life situations would it be most beneficial for Eugene to imagine that he is you and act as you would?  This is unanswerable.  No suggestions.  It is up to him.
HOUSE, do you do drama?  Do you get into playing the victim, persecutor, or rescuer?  No.  Nonsense
HOUSE, what is your secret for staying out of drama?  I don’t engage any of it.
HOUSE, you are imaginary.  Why should Eugene pay attention to anything you say?  He’s dreamed of other houses in the past.  I am different.  I am an improvement on any place he has ever been.
HOUSE, why do you think that you are in Eugene’s life?  I give him a sense of focus, place, security, belonging.  What happened in Eugene’s dream, strangely enough – other functions have taken over my functions – to provide light when there is darkness.  I don’t understand it.  Other forces are at work that I am not able to do anything about.  I have no idea what they are saying to Eugene.  I am doing the best I can, what is right.  Eugene has other things to deal with.
HOUSE, how is Eugene most likely to ignore what you are saying to him? I don’t think he will ignore me.  He is perfectly capable of dealing with what is going on. 
HOUSE, what would you recommend that he do about that?  Nothing whatsoever.  I trust him and I trust why I am here.  Whatever is going on he is aware of.  I have no suggestions.  I am a home not a fortress.  I am open and available.
HOUSE, why do you think Eugene had this dream?  Forces are at work he has not been aware of until now.  I am confident that he know how to handle it.
HOUSE, why do you think that that the dream characters are in Eugene’s dream?  Putin? – no, I don’t know at all.  Others – the guests in this house are there at Eugene’s invitation.  I am a place of gathering, a place of many points of view, the right place to be.
HOUSE, why should Eugene pay any attention to what you have said?  Aren’t these just projections of Eugene’s own wishes and projections?  He knows and trusts that I have come to his life with a purpose.  Beyond this how he will allow him to see his space differently than he has ever seen it before.  He has decisions to make.  I am built to be open and available.
HOUSE, is there anything else that you would like to say to Eugene?  I am pleased that Eugene is functioning in a safe space.  I am very confident of him.
HOUSE, thank you very much.  Now there are questions for Eugene
EUGENE, what have you heard yourself say I am in a good place – comfortable and secure despite the presence of this guy and his friends.  I sense this is not an invasion.  House is deliberately open to new ideas.  No locks.  No sense of threat or fear.  I look forward to talking to Putin.  He has things to say to me.  I am super impressed that he stayed outside of my house until I invited him in.  That is a powerful statement.  My hunch about why they took the circuit breakers was to prevent outside influence like from the NSA to interfere with our conversations.  These are at a higher level than anything in the past.
EUGENE, if this experience were a wake-up call from your inner compass, what do you think it would be saying to you?  It is saying to me – there are forces at work within this world of terrorism and fear and enemies.  I need to work and relate above that level.  This is how I have to handle Putin – in a different dimension – in a dimension that Putin is very well aware of, which is why I believe he has come.  You will notice that his group of men are standing guard as witness but have not come into the house.  They are standing as positions of warning or alert around this house.  I feel Putin has come to put a protection around the meeting.  The meeting has been protected so I and Putin can exchange views without interruption of outside influences.  That is why the electrical system was disabled.
EUGENE, what can you do differently between now and our next visit to act on the recommendations of your inner wisdom?  Talk to Putin!

Note: A Follow-up Dream – ENK – 4-25-16  This is a hard dream to tell because it is not clear.  CREEI - ?++++-//+++/+++ - Motivational

I’ve begun communicating with other worlds, other dimensions.  My brother has been sent to this new dimension that new world, level – to establish a liaison post.  He sends back a signal.  It is too crude and we need to build on it a more sophisticated system to handle the information available to come to us.  So that advance man post has been established.  I am informing people of it loudly.  What has been a secure area has opened up – a flood of tendencies to deal with the other new system.  I must stand aside because of so many people.  Everyone knows what to do.  There is a flood of excited and highly trained people with instructions to do the job and make sure it is ready.  I try to emphasize that in this process it is important to DON’T DELETE ANYTHING.  We need to go back and connect to the past, so don’t let it get lost.    

On Friday, April 29, Joseph Dillard wrote:
Dear Eugene, it also now is clear why Putin's people took [out] the electrical circuits in the dream. The objective was to unsure privacy in your communication with Putin. This is an assumption on my part, an interpretation. Therefore it needs to be verified, clarified or debunked:
House, do you agree?
Putin, do you agree? Yes, privacy and protection. The system will be restored after Evgeny Nikolayevich and I have finished our discussions. We may share some of our conversation with others later, but it remains to be carefully considered. There are personal and public issues to be addressed, some of which will be disclosed.
 This further emphasizes the importance for you to maintain privacy and secrecy regarding your conversations with Putin, at least for now, and until and unless he gives you permission to share any of it with others.
On Wednesday, May 4, late evening, after alerting Kyra on her FaceBook PM that I'd just posted the above interview to this blog, she wrote back immediately: 
!!!Heading there now!!!
A few minutes later, Kyra wrote:
Is the house also a safe place from which to engage in interdimensional travel? No locks on the the house itself a portal? 
Any reason the particular brother out there exploring is a character? 
You think it possible that Putin can 'travel' and actually paid you a visit? The dream feels like a 'real dream'
On Thursday morning, I replied: 
Interesting questions!
She replied:
Honestly, Zhenya, it feels like genuine astral travel may have been involved. I cringe at the term 'astral travel', but having experienced the phenomenon can't doubt its existence.
I responded:
Answer to first: I'd never thought about that. Perhaps so! 
Answer to second: also unknown at present. Will have to reflect on it. 
Answer to third, Yes, I believe Putin is a trained RVer!
She replied:
That is interesting!!!! 
I responded again:
Also interesting is that I got a text from Semyon yesterday after more than 6 months of silence, wondering if he and I could talk.
She replied:
This keeps coming up for me, and I don't know why. Were you consciously aware of the house's floor?
I responded:
It was Semyon who told me that Putin was an experienced RVer.
She replied: 
I'd leave him alone. But then again, given that he has that knowledge, could be interesting to see if you can find out more. --As long as he doesn't try and charge you for it.
I wrote:
No, I hadn't consciously been aware of House's floor. That is something to reflect on, too.

I have a bone to pick with Semyon, so I will be rigorous in my questions when we talk.

She wrote:
I wrote: 
I'd like much of this exchange to be part of the comments section on my blog. Which do you think would be appropriate?
She wrote:
Whatever you feel is right. You know I trust you.
I replied:
OK. Thanks! I am planning to refer to that particular post on a closed "Mormon Stories Podcast Community" under the title of "Dream History Lesson for New Mormon Pioneers"!
To which she said:

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Putin's Mystery Visit

Posted: 27 April 2016
Updated: 29 Oct 17

Vladimir Vladirovich Putin
On April 23, 2016, I dreamed that Vladimir Putin visited me at my home. It was a surprise and I have thought long and hard about its significance. Especially because the date of the dream for me was also significant. It was the 51st anniversary of when my fascination for flying saucers began, which turned out also to be the death date of George Adamski. At the time I was a nuclear research scientist at General Atomic.

30 April 2016
I neglected to add an additional line to the dream reported in my FB post. It was Putin's reply to my fearful question in the dream, which was "Are you here to kill us?". He replied just before I awoke: “Evgeny Nikolayevich, be at peace. I have not come to harm anyone. My people have been aware of you from very long ago. It is because of the report they have given me that I have come.”

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Russian Easter in Long Beach Third Ward

Posted: Reflections today on Easter in Los Alamos. 
Updated:  5 April 2016

 Long Beach Echoes.
Russian Orthodox cathedral
In 1989, just before the fall of the Soviet Union, two Russian Orthodox young women came directly to Long Beach, California, as their first stop in America after receiving permission to leave their country for the first time. We were their hosts in Long Beach as they had been ours in Moscow only months earlier.

It just so happened that they chose to come on Russian Easter Sunday and asked if I could take them to an Orthodox church to celebrate their tradition, which generally begins at midnight. Fortunately, I found a Russian Orthodox cathedral not far from our home.

Later that same day, as I prepared to attend the LDS Third Ward sacrament meeting, they asked to come along. I was delighted to take them.

A few weeks before our Moscow guests arrived, I had written and presented a paper for the 1989 Sunstone West Symposium titled "Mormon Mission to Moscow". After our guests' subsequent visit, I realized with wonder that their visit could now be called "Moscow Mission to Mormons"!
Never will I forget the transformation that happened to me in that ward with those two devout Russian believers during that special communion in the Third Ward. Unbeknownst to me then, it portended a similar event this very Easter 2016 day in a Protestant service in Los Alamos, my current home. 

Here is my verse about that 1989 event:

Russian Easter
(n Long Beach Third Ward)

“Is it permitted?”
Ask our two Moscow guests
On a Long Beach bench
As sacred emblems pass our way
“We are not members
Of your church.”

“Yes,” I whisper,
“All are Christians
And believers here.”

Then we three as one
 With tear-stained smiles
And Slavic souls communing
Took thus the broken loaf
And through the Ancient date
A Mystery rose to fuse
The Awful Fission.

Long Beach
30 Apr 89 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Working with the Structure of Dreams: 1st DRAFT

Posted: 24 March 2016
Updated: 27 Mar 16, Easter Sunday

26 Mar 16: On early Good Friday morning (25 Mar 16) I awoke from the most terrible dream I'd ever had in my life! It was hard to believe it belonged to me and it sent me reeling! It was so bad that I dare not disclose its substance to anyone, let alone to this blog. HOWEVER, I discovered to my comfort that I can talk about it in terms of the CREEI Process without disclosing its contents. Yes, this stuff works!

Because of this horrific dream, Bob and I will have to add a PS or special note to some of the concepts and terms used and developed in this manuscript at its final edit.

See further blog post updates at the end of this draft.

The first draft of our manuscript "Working with the Structure of Dreams" is now among editors.

(13 March 2016)

An Introduction to Tracking Your Dreams

The CREEI Process provides simple, powerful tools for locating and transforming areas of inner tension and conflict into opportunities for personal and professional growth in individuals, groups and institutions.
Eugene N. Kovalenko, PhD and Robert J. Thomsen, MD

Table of Contents:
• Prologue (The Process – Do this First)
• Forward – Joseph Dillard, PhD.
• Introduction – Listening to Your Core Self with The CREEI Process
Part 1 – The CREEI Process – How to Apply it To Dreams
-First Step - Remembering and Recording Your Dreams
-Basic CREEI Principles – The Underlying Basis for CREEI
-The CREEI Process – The Questions and Scoring
-Examples of Dreams and Their Scoring
-CREEI Patterns - Unlocking the Creative Process
-Working with your Personal Dream Content
-Transformative Dreams
-Motivational Dreams
-Anticipatory and Traumatic Dreams
-Old Dreams, Repeating Dreams, and Nightmares
Part 2 - Applications of the CREEI Process beyond Dreams
-Knowing Self – A Pathway to Personal Growth
-Reactions to Life Events
-Knowing Another Person more Deeply - The Dreams and Experiences of Others
-Understanding the Dreams of Historical Figures
-Knowing the Group – Group Interactions and Awareness
-Dream Groups
Part 3 –Valuing Feeling and Thinking Equally – Achieving Acceptance of CREEI
-Sources of Resistance to Dreams
-Six Aspects of Human Behavior
-Jung’s Four Functions
-The importance of the Paradigm Shift from “dominator” to “partner”
Part 4 – The Next Step – Practical Aspects of Teaching the Process
-Conducting a Dream Introductory Workshop
-Conducting Dream Seminars
-Group Interactions and the CREEI Process
Part 5 – Endorsements - How the CREEI Process has affected individuals
Part 6 – The Back Story- Origin and Development of the CREEI Process
List of Figures
-CREEI Main Work Sheet
-The CREEI App – Look for it
-Sample Workshop Schedule
-Kiersey Temperament Sorter
-Jeremy Taylor’s Dream Assumptions
-Aids to Dream Recall
-More Dreams from Leo Tolstoy
-More of Freud’s dreams
-Jung's dreams
-Wilford Woodruff's dreams (1840 to 1897)
-Helen Schucman's dreams (prior to her receiving 'The Course in Miracles')
Joseph Dillard – Integral Deep Listening
About the Authors
Index of Ideas and Terms
Index of Dreams
General Index
One of the things that most Mormons love to do is boast about their persecuted past. Joseph Smith did that in spades. Brigham in clubs. Who else? Maybe more recently with the late Harold B. Lee or the late Boyd K. Packer…. You’ll probably think of others.
These TBMs (True Blue Mormons) seem to see the enemy “out there everywhere” rather than “in here right now” and wring their hands hoping the guy on the White Horse will finally show up. And when I say “in here” I don’t mean within the church membership per se', but within our own personal selves.
Ironically, I began developing this work for the Long Beach Third Ward Elders Quorum back in the mid 1980s when I’d been called into the EQ presidency, having returned to the Church ten years earlier, after having been ex’d ten years before that. I was the oldest guy in the presidency and low man on the totem pole.

Unfortunately, those efforts flopped. The younger guys saw no need for this stuff because they had been divinely appointed to these priesthood positions and therefore didn’t feel the need for anything else.
That’s why it’s taken this long to bring this book to the attention of the Mormon Stories Podcast Community with its assortment of real and potential excommunicants.

My earliest vision about this was not unlike University of Utah Architecture Professor Erin Silva’s current strategy about solving the near-crisis air pollution problem in the Great Salt Lake Basin by starting locally. The Church used to do this with many of its successful programs, such as its legendary Welfare System, instigated by Harold B. Lee at a stake level when he was its stake president and before he took himself more seriously. Whether he got his idea from someone under him I don’t know, but he got the credit. Mormon historian D. Michael Quinn could probably give us accurate insight on this.

On 27 March 2016 Joseph Dillard and I exchanged messages regarding my dream of 24 March....

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Nick and his Brink of Death Experience

Posted: 21 March 2016
Updated: 23 Mar 16

Oldest son Nick Kovalenko at 57

At the second monthly session of the newly formed IANDS*-Los Alamos group, son Nick was the invited guest via telephone conference call to tell the group his story of almost not making it in August 2001. It has taken this long for him to find the kind of language that makes sense to others. This is a typical dilemma for those having had an NDE (near death experience), which are so different from regular earth mortal experience that NDErs usually struggle to tell their stories coherently. That is, if they dare to tell them at all.

*International Association of Near Death Studies

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Andrew's UFO tattoo following "Remembering Ken"

Posted: 20 March 2016

Andrew's Tattoo 2015 Christmas gift from roommate 
As serendipity would have it, only three days after I published my poem "Remembering Ken" on the previous post, I received an email from Andrew, a young podcaster-film maker from Montreal, Canada, asking to become acquainted. He explained that his girlfriend was the great niece of a woman named Patti Pratt, in whose Santa Monica garage I once lived after her husband Russ and she had met me at Big Sur Hot Springs (now Esalen) the previous October. She told this to Andrew only after seeing the flying saucer tattoo on his arm and then showing him several old photos of flying saucers, which I had given her back in January 1966! [Note the reference to "Orson or Parley Pratt" in "Remembering Ken"] See also this life-changing post about UFOs.

The photo I gave to Patti, which she gave to Andrew

To be continued....

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Remembering Ken

Posted: 2 March 2016
Updated: 12 May 16

Remembering Ken

It all began with Gene England’s letter
Containing Dialogue’s first edition
In early ‘66, urging me back to
Church recently denounced, while
Living homeless in a friend’s garage.  
Ken’s name and place were listed
With the editors, close to where I was
With descendants of Orson or Parley Pratt. 
I called. Deon answered, Ken took the phone
And quickly engaged me as a brother,
After which came others:
Clark Rex, Ellsworth Johnson,
Bob Rees, Kent Lloyd.
Such fine loyal friends. 
In ‘84 Ken and Clark met Rex Mitchell
(from Berkeley days) and soon
The Crystal Group was born
With electrifying synergy! 
We met monthly after that
For 31 years! On Saturdays
At each other’s homes (I no longer homeless)
Or by conference call. 
Our last meeting together
On Thanksgiving last.
How glad I traveled there
From New Mexico:
Like old times it was!
I sensed we would not meet again. 
Ah, great friend and counselor!
Who never wavered as a brother.
What adventures did we share! 
Our loves and marriages
Wilderness periods
Two of our kids almost hitched
My two excommunications
Your PD challenges in LA and LB;
Clark’s enterprises, art and writings
Rex’s quiet, steady wisdom
Your recent book of quotes
While puzzling over poetry. 
Your suggestions for my special work
Beginning with “Creative Dreaming
And Spiritual Awakening” at UCLA.
Your discovery of the Independence Temple
With your note: “This one will stagger you!” 
And your last inspiring words
As you struggled to stay awake that last Saturday:
“Publish CREEI,
It’s implications: greater than you think!”
It was a quite a ride, my brother!
We’ll see you in our dreams.
Los Alamos

March 2016

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Crystal Group Past & Present (1984 & 2015)

Posted: 7 Dec 2015
Updated: 1 Mar 2016

(2 Mar 16) Sorry to report that Ken passed on a couple of weeks ago. His funeral was held at his home ward in Culver City. Our "Crystal Group" has been significantly diminished! Grateful to have been together this past Thanksgiving. Having come from New Mexico for that holiday, I sensed this would be the last time I'd see my old friend, whom I have known for 50 years! 


 We four friends had been meeting monthly since January 1984.

Circa 1984 (Clark, Eugene, Ken and Rex)

Thanksgiving 2015 (Clark, Eugene, Ken and Rex)