Monday, June 30, 2014

War in Eastern Ukraine

Posted: 24 Jun 2014
Updated: 2 July 14

Heart breaking. What the hell is really going on over there in Dad's native land? Is it Putin's doing? Poroshenko's? NATO's? Obama's? Whose? If Poroshenko is Russian or Ukrainian Orthodox, why can't these two guys meet as fellow Slavic Christians and bring the Prince of Peace into the discourse?

On 25 June, friend Tom (former professor of Russian and current Mormon patriarch to Eastern Europe) wrote:
I find your friend Alexandra’s commentary as biased as anything I’ve ever read.  After appr[oximately]. thirty ‘insurgents’ were killed trying to occupy the Donetsk airport, their bodies were discreetly transported across the border to Russia.  What does that tell us?
 As for your son’s understandably distressed response, since when in human history was political expediency ever motivated by genuine religious idealism?  Just read the Kievan Letopisi (Chronicles) about why the Norse brigand Vladimir chose Greek Orthodoxy for his subjects—as an alliance with Byzantium--or why his Viking predecessors were "invited to come organize us.”  And why Constantine settled on Christianity in the 4th Century—a patent calculation to consolidate his rule.  When at the time of his elections, the media he controls show Putin  piously lighting candles in an O[rthodox] R[ussian] cathedral, it’s no different.
On 27 June, Tom continues...
Zhenya, I’ve said it before: her ‘take’ is right out of Putin’s playbook. As we all know, he has monopolized control over public media (i.e. propaganda)—the most telling gesture of a non-democratic autocrat.  The recently deposed and thoroughly corrupt former Ukrainian despot, who has since taken refuge with him ran a kleptocracy, modeled himself after his oligarchic Russian mentor.  Both are veritable fascists.  Hitler and Mussolini did the same thing.  Sadly, there is no self-government in Russia, and its current Master, who has arranged to stay in office for at least another decade, is trying his best to restore Russia’s and the USSR’s former Eurasian sphere of influence.  China will help prop him up a little longer, but Russia’s non-diversified, lone fossil fuel driven economy remains precarious, and it can no longer be considered the formidable World Power it once was…always at the expense of its own people, who suffered most and still do.
Russia’s profound culture—its unsurpassed literature, music and art—poignantly reflects that pathos and heartache, to which we can all relate in one way or another. 

To be continued....