Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Where [Spiritual] Discoveries Are Made!

Posted: 11 April 2018
Updated: 15Apr18

What better place than the birthplace of THE BOMB for wounded, traumatized warriors, who have risked their lives for their country, to lead the way in exploring "Where Spiritual Discoveries Are Made" for themselves, each other and their country?

Stone moniker looking east 
in Los Alamos on Hwy 502

Los Alamos VFW Post 8844 will host Phase 2 (Tip of the Spear) Pilot Dream Workshop this coming Saturday, 14 April, 2018 at the Post back room from 10:00 to Noon. All local VFW vets with PTSD nightmares are welcome. None need disclose dream contents unless they feel safe. We have learned in Phase 1 of this pilot initiative that participants can experience deep healing "Aha!" insights in the company of trusted comrades.  

15 April 2018.  The day after.
Whiteboard at VFW Post 8844 back room
Ahem... I got only this far in drawing the standard "CREEI scan" chart layout for the workshop beforehand, before I ran out of energy to complete it. I was hoping one of the participants would help me complete it before everybody else arrived. You see that it is blank!

But no one came, except for Victor, the Post Chaplain, who had successfully completed Phase One of this pilot project and who knew the value and potential of the program. So, we talked privately for the scheduled two hours, which made it by no means a waste of time!

Nevertheless, we had to reconsider the reasons for the no show of everyone, despite multiple email reminders. We have many factors to consider before scheduling the next workshop.

Later in the evening of the workshop, I received a FB apology from the one VFW veteran I'd most hoped would attend the workshop, since I had felt his unique experience with PTSD nightmares would give us better insight in continuing this pilot program. He wrote:
Eugene...I didn't show up because I was in the middle of medication adjustment and a building migraine apologies.
More later.....

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