Sunday, December 24, 2017

Sitting at Family Round Table

Posted: 24 December 2017
Updated: 6 Jan 18

Our Deck Table in Winter
In reflecting on my new family role I began wondering how to proceed before moving to Sweden with wife Birgitta in the next year or so, or before leaving this earthly life. Our deck table (above) gave me an image to ponder. 

On December 22, I received a most welcome dream from my second son, which he shared via email with all of my first family. It was a profound and dramatic contribution to a first family round table discussion. Although I cannot reveal the dream here, he has given us all a first important topic to discuss in depth. I dare say that it addresses the challenge his older brother made to me on my birthday last month, regarding issues that my deceased third son left behind over 20 years ago, which I learned about only recently in my first son's birthday challenge. 

Needless to say, I have been greatly affected by both my oldest son's challenge and my second son's remarkable dream to the family, which directly reveals aspects of the conflict that deeply divided us in the past. 

My second son's dream portends a healing, good will conversation among all family members, their mothers and their aging father (me), who can now see a clearer pathway forward.

So, here I sit at my virtual family round table, waiting for other members from our family to take a seat for heart-to-heart conversations. My son's recent dream (above) was a great first visit. Sharing our dreams with each other is my preferred way to communicate. They get us beyond superficiality and into deeper truths about ourselves and each other.

On 28 Dec 17, my fourth son sent a surprising Christmas gift via email containing a transcription of old recordings between my father and me, dealing with my father's life just after he came to this country after the 1917-20 Russian Revolution-civil war. This son announced that he was taking responsibility for finishing this father-son (my dad and me) project chronicling my dad's life up to the point of meeting my Mormon pioneer mother in Phoenix, Arizona. This son is now gathering all the scattered recordings and writings that my dad and I have left behind with several other family members.

This is another process for reconciling our family history and unresolved family relationships. The path forward has become clearer and brighter still!


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