Friday, November 17, 2017

We are Moving to Sweden!

Posted: 17 November 2017
Her Homeland's Flag

Dear Family and special friends,

This is to inform you all that Birgitta and I have decided to move to Sweden to be with or close to Birgitta’s family. 

In her last years I want her to be with those she loves most, who love her. She has always felt a longing for her Swedish children and grandchildren ever since I flew to Stockholm to propose in spring 1993 and stole her from her loved ones. “Reconciliation” was my motto back then, which she chose to help me achieve. She has more than fulfilled that commitment and now I need to fulfill mine by returning her to her heart’s home. 

We anticipate leaving as soon as summer 2018, but no later than fall 2020. Of course such a major change will take much planning, in which we invite you to participate if you are interested and willing. All good suggestions and practical ideas are welcome! We will probably have to proceed in stages by downsizing first and making sure our internet connections are healthy and up-to-date.

With love,

Dad, bro, uncle, g'pa...and friend.

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