Monday, August 14, 2017

Helping Veterans with PTSD Nightmares, Part 4

Event 12 August 2017
Updated: 18 Aug 17

At the annual northern New Mexico VFW leadership training conference in Albuquerque on 12 Aug 17. My visit was set up by Surgeon Roy Maldonado after he personally experienced the CREEI Process in Espanola on 10 Aug. See Part 3. Maldonado's area of interest and specialty is mental health.

New Mexico VFW State CMDR Eaton opening the meeting

State Surgeon Roy Maldonado (standing in rear) is introducing our CREEI dream work project. He commended District 6 Commander Chris Archuleta for taking the initiative to reach out in new directions to help veterans of all military services who suffer from PTSD nightmares.


I was introduced to several leaders who took an active interest in learning about our CREEI Dream work approach.

Continued in Part 5.

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