Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Jesus and the Near-Death Experience

Event: 27 August 2017
Updated: 31 Aug 17

Roy Hill's second book on NDE events

At our August IANDS-Los Alamos meeting where Dr. Roy Hill presents his newest book on NDE events 

Early dinner at Gabriel's New Mexican Restaurant in nearby Pojoaque, following Roy Hill's presentation.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Helping Veterans with PTSD Nightmares, Part 4

Event 12 August 2017
Updated: 18 Aug 17

At the annual northern New Mexico VFW leadership training conference in Albuquerque on 12 Aug 17. My visit was set up by Surgeon Roy Maldonado after he personally experienced the CREEI Process in Espanola on 10 Aug. See Part 3. Maldonado's area of interest and specialty is mental health.

New Mexico VFW State CMDR Eaton opening the meeting

State Surgeon Roy Maldonado (standing in rear) is introducing our CREEI dream work project. He commended District 6 Commander Chris Archuleta for taking the initiative to reach out in new directions to help veterans of all military services who suffer from PTSD nightmares.


I was introduced to several leaders who took an active interest in learning about our CREEI Dream work approach.

Continued in Part 5.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Helping Veterans with PTSD Nightmares, Part 3

Posted: 10 August 2017
Updated: 18 Aug 17

First PTSD Vets CREEI Scan

From L to R: Roy, Matthew, Chris and Me
VFW District 6 CMDR Chris Archuleta and I had announced our first (of six) CREEI weekly workshop/seminar sessions would begin on Aug 9 in his office. BUT, no one called! 

Nevertheless, I decided to show up and go with whomever was there, scheduled or not. 


Two prominent VFW leaders came at Chris' invitation, one of whom happened to be primarily concerned with mental health of Vets. When we informed them about the process, they agreed to try it themselves right then. How glad we all were! 

Both Roy and Matthew were sufficiently impressed by their experience that Roy invited me to present to a training conference for NM VFW state leaders this coming Saturday in Albuquerque. Consequently, Chris and I have scrapped our current seminar plans and will wait until we find out what happens at the conference.

Chris Archuleta's VFW Office

To be continued in Part 4.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Helping Veterans with PTSD Nightmares, Part 2

Posted: 1 August 2017
Updated: 3 Aug 17

Below is a flier that evolved from Part 1, now being sent to PTSD vets in Northern New Mexico by a local VFW leader. We look forward to hearing and relating to the stories of vets who have profound inner, albeit frightening, stories to tell.
Are you a VETERAN troubled by PTSD NIGHTMARES?
Sponsored by District 6 / Hill-Vigil post 5610 Cmdr Chris Archuleta in partnership with Dr. Eugene Kovalenko, you are invited to join a group of fellow veterans in understanding and coming to terms with your nightmares. 
Eugene will lead a 6-week pilot workshop/seminar introducing a proven method to examine your nightmares and actually learning how to grow from them.  Eugene is a US Army Korean/Cold War Intel veteran with PTSD, who has learned to manage his condition in positive ways over a period of more than five decades. He has developed a set of 12 simple questions to ask of any dream (which can be answered “yes”, “no” or “uncertain”) WITHOUT DISCLOSING ITS CONTENT.
This pilot workshop/seminar will be tailored to the wants and needs of participants, who can be anonymous if need be. 
The first of six TWO HOUR weekly meetings will start at 10:00 A.M. until noon on Wednesday, beginning August 9, 2017. 
TO REGISTER: Call Eugene at 505.310-0098 to personally reserve a place. No more than ten people can be accepted.
WHERE:  Espanola Veterans Memorial Wall Office located in the plaza Convento Across from the Chamber of Commerce. Address: 1 Calle de las Españolas suite B Española, NM 87532
WHEN: Wednesday, August 9, 2017.
THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR THIS, although participants are expected to attend for the full six weeks. We will learn together!