Saturday, July 15, 2017

Stranger in a Strange Land--revisited, PART III

Posted: 15 July 2017
Updated: 20 Jul 17

It looks like getting a blog worthy dialogue established between Jim Wood and me, based on our respective experiences of Stranger is already challenging! We both face different and steep learning curves in adjusting to each other's expectations. This involves an initial mastering various long private message exchanges via text, email, phone calls and voice mail. 

I hope we learn to edit well enough to make this interesting to others!! [We both need to get Strunk and White's classic The Elements of Style under our belt. It is new to Jim; I've got to review it myself and adjust!]

On July 16 Jim texted: 
Greeting Eugene! 
I am attaching a 2 page 'notations' that correspond to pages IN MY BOOK.  I realize they likely will not [match] your copy. 
I am going to create a Word document that expands my thoughts a bit more on these topics and send pictures to your phone that also has my notations and thoughts on the particular pages.  We can begin like this to choose which items we want to blog and expand on [plus] some that you may know [about to] give me input or direct me to specific focused readings so I may gain much more understanding of the item.  These latter ones may not be something that would go into the blog for lots of discussion and debate.
[But] we will start this way and adapt as we see how this is going. 
Loving that we are in the journey of exploration and learning together, using this book as a catalyst for [a] deeper dive into WHO WE ARE  as Human Possibilities!!
17 Jul 17: THERE IT IS! Jim's last paragraph captures his expectations!

My own expectations will follow after we get further along in this dialogue. For now I am motivated by his desire to share our respective life experiences, beliefs and hopes.


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