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DreamTime, Spring 2017

Posted: 4 May 2017
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Dreams in the Industrial Environment

Last fall I happened to call the headquarters of IASD, the International Association for the Study of Dreams, seeking information about possible publishers for my CREEI book regarding my practical experience in working with the structure of dreams. I was surprised to learn that the international office was near the University of California at Berkeley (from which I'd graduated in engineering in 1960) and that the man in charge of the office had heard me sing 24 years earlier at the last meeting of that association (summer 1993) held in Santa Fe that I had attended. This was before the organization became international. Back then, since the incoming president and I were personally acquainted, she had invited me to sing "Beautiful Dreamer" to open the Santa Fe Conference. The now current Berkeley man told me that that had been his first IASD conference and that he had remembered my song, since it was an unusual opening. We both thought it ironic that after all these years, he and I should now be talking. So we took the liberty of getting more personally acquainted during this first phone call. 

On hearing my story about how the CREEI process originated in an engineering company, he asked me to consider writing an article for the IASD's annual magazine and put me in touch with the managing editor. Below is the content of that article, just now published.

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Engineering Department 1987.
(That's me with hand on hip; Betty in center; Gene to photo right, behind me; Linda in back row far left, peeking out behind tall guy)
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