Friday, January 20, 2017

Moroni and the Swastika

Posted: 20 Jan 2017
Updated:  23 Jan 17
Published in 2015
I have only begun to read this important book, having received a complementary copy from its author, David Conley Nelson, only days ago (16 Jan 17), after lamenting to him via FB my having lost my purchased copy at the 2015 Sunstone Symposium before reading it.

It is even more important than I originally thought in 2015 in lieu of the recent U.S. presidential election and the ironic voting results in the state of Utah.

When I first became aware of Moroni and the Swastika at the Salt Lake City Sunstone Symposium at the University of Utah, I snapped up a copy because its title spoke to my own fascist streak experience in the Mormon culture of my upbringing and also my professional experience with Soviets in the early 1970s. My first impression on seeing the book's cover in 2015 was to remember a dream from late February 1979 (scroll to 25 Feb 79 in this hyperlink), the night after finishing the last session of a 6-week experimental seminar sponsored by Professor Terry Warner of BYU's philosophy department called "The Moral Values Seminar". In the dream I am disarming an old Mormon ecclesiastic (FLC), who used to be my bishop (1956-58) and eventually became a regional representative. He is dressed in a Nazi officer's uniform and about to strike a member with an upraised saber. In the dream he is Hitler's nephew! In outer life he had also been the stake president who presided at my return to the church in 1975 after my having been excommunicated (for the first time) in absentia in his stake in 1966. As strange, crazy or symbolic as the dream might seem to others, I felt comforted, confirmed and now free of the Nazi-like Mormon ecclesiastic leadership I once revered and supported.

My intent in posting this thread is to record my own experience while reading Nelson's chapters in terms of Mormon-to-Mormon rather than historian-to-historian (which I'm not). This is much like the process I did in 2009 in terms of scientist-to-scientist (which I am), while first reading friend Arnold Mindell's magnum opus Quantum Mind: The Edge between Physics and Psychology, a process that took months.

To be continued....