Monday, August 14, 2017

Helping Veterans with PTSD Nightmares, Part 4

Event 12 August 2017
Updated: 18 Aug 17

At the annual northern New Mexico VFW leadership training conference in Albuquerque on 12 Aug 17. My visit was set up by Surgeon Roy Maldonado after he personally experienced the CREEI Process in Espanola on 10 Aug. See Part 3. Maldonado's area of interest and specialty is mental health.

New Mexico VFW State CMDR Eaton opening the meeting

State Surgeon Roy Maldonado (standing in rear) is introducing our CREEI dream work project. He commended District 6 Commander Chris Archuleta for taking the initiative to reach out in new directions to help veterans of all military services who suffer from PTSD nightmares.


I was introduced to several leaders who took an active interest in learning about our CREEI Dream work approach.

To be continued in Part 5.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Helping Veterans with PTSD Nightmares, Part 3

Posted: 10 August 2017
Updated: 18 Aug 17

First PTSD Vets CREEI Scan

From L to R: Roy, Matthew, Chris and Me
VFW District 6 CMDR Chris Archuleta and I had announced our first (of six) CREEI weekly workshop/seminar sessions would begin on Aug 9 in his office. BUT, no one called! 

Nevertheless, I decided to show up and go with whomever was there, scheduled or not. 


Two prominent VFW leaders came at Chris' invitation, one of whom happened to be primarily concerned with mental health of Vets. When we informed them about the process, they agreed to try it themselves right then. How glad we all were! 

Both Roy and Matthew were sufficiently impressed by their experience that Roy invited me to present to a training conference for NM VFW state leaders this coming Saturday in Albuquerque. Consequently, Chris and I have scrapped our current seminar plans and will wait until we find out what happens at the conference.

Chris Archuleta's VFW Office

To be continued in Part 4.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Helping Veterans with PTSD Nightmares, Part 2

Posted: 1 August 2017
Updated: 3 Aug 17

Below is a flier that evolved from Part 1, now being sent to PTSD vets in Northern New Mexico by a local VFW leader. We look forward to hearing and relating to the stories of vets who have profound inner, albeit frightening, stories to tell.
Are you a VETERAN troubled by PTSD NIGHTMARES?
Sponsored by District 6 / Hill-Vigil post 5610 Cmdr Chris Archuleta in partnership with Dr. Eugene Kovalenko, you are invited to join a group of fellow veterans in understanding and coming to terms with your nightmares. 
Eugene will lead a 6-week pilot workshop/seminar introducing a proven method to examine your nightmares and actually learning how to grow from them.  Eugene is a US Army Korean/Cold War Intel veteran with PTSD, who has learned to manage his condition in positive ways over a period of more than five decades. He has developed a set of 12 simple questions to ask of any dream (which can be answered “yes”, “no” or “uncertain”) WITHOUT DISCLOSING ITS CONTENT.
This pilot workshop/seminar will be tailored to the wants and needs of participants, who can be anonymous if need be. 
The first of six TWO HOUR weekly meetings will start at 10:00 A.M. until noon on Wednesday, beginning August 9, 2017. 
TO REGISTER: Call Eugene at 505.310-0098 to personally reserve a place. No more than ten people can be accepted.
WHERE:  Espanola Veterans Memorial Wall Office located in the plaza Convento Across from the Chamber of Commerce. Address: 1 Calle de las Españolas suite B Española, NM 87532
WHEN: Wednesday, August 9, 2017.
THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR THIS, although participants are expected to attend for the full six weeks. We will learn together!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Remembering Ivan and meeting his older daughter

Posted: 26 July 2017
Updated: 1 Aug 17

Devon and friend at Yosemite in June 2017

Devon, 23

Ivan would have been 56 today (his favorite day of the year), had he not suddenly left us 21 years ago, leaving the family in a state of shock. Nevertheless, over the years since, we have recovered and made peace with the reality of his untimely loss. 

Ivan on Family Wall (age 35)
What none of us knew at that time was that Ivan had produced at least two children, the oldest of which is Devon, now 28, whom I met for the first time face-to-face last month (June 18). Since she worked nearby, Devon picked me up at the Long Beach airport and drove me to the hotel in Anaheim where I was scheduled to present a dream workshop at the annual IASD conference

She and I met again the following evening to get better acquainted and she revealed to me some surprising and heart-warming information about her birth father, whose name she did not yet know until age 23 when her adoptive mother showed her his obit and she found me on the internet. She was 12 years old (2001) when she began to feel her father's influence as a protecting presence. As she told me this I had a rush, such as I often do when the truth has been spoken. She also had a similar rush in the telling and we compared goose bumps.


Monday, July 17, 2017

Reflections on 1965 "Epiphany"

The Conversion of St. Paul (Wm Congdon 1912) 
(per David Brewer)

Event: 17 July 1965
Posted: 17 July 2017
Updated: 21 Aug 17

Although it is still my anchor point after more than five decades, I can't say I wasn't warned about being most careful with whom to share it. That was long ago and I wasn't as careful as I should have been.

But now it feels right to say more in this forum. The two words " day..." are what often come to mind these days and continue to make me wonder. I cannot deny the power of the experience, but wonder if I have ever really understood it. The few others who know about it have different explanations, ranging from divine to demonic. [See letter from David Brewer on July 26, 1965]

Just before this "epiphany"
 took me into a place I could never have imagined, I assumed that the words "one day" that came into my mind in a quiet, repeating simple message, meant something in the distant future. No longer do I assume this because of all that has happened since. That particular one day actually came less than a week later! Before I began to comprehend what was happening, it suddenly became the 'hill I chose to die on'. See here for the story, here for the first of two events less than a week later and here for the second, plus the the confrontation that followed. 

I've not been the same since. 

My normal, socially acceptable, professional and personal life went into upheaval. Its consequences led to losing virtually everything: family, friends, church, reputation, career, material possessions, etc. Everything but a vow made during that extraordinary morning of July 17, 1965 and before the Epiphany manifested.

After a 7-year wilderness period beginning in mid October 1965 and many following years of rebuilding personal, family and professional reputation, I wrote a play called "The Defense of Cain", which was my attempt to bring light to the struggle that ensued following the Epiphany. Its first draft was completed on June 8, 1978 and I was amazed to discover the next day that the Mormon Church had changed its prejudicial policy toward the Negro via a news release that very morning of June 8! It felt like a task completed. When I wrote to friend Arnold Mindell [founder of Process Work] about the synchronicity of it, he replied that "Inner work is world work". That summed up a 13 year process for me!

Fast forward to June 8, 1978 Epilogue


Sunday, July 16, 2017

Friend Bill is gone.

Professor William D. Romey

Posted: 16 July 2017
Updated: 20 Jul 17

When his regular monthly newsletters to friends and family ceased to arrive like clockwork on the first or second day of the month for the past five years, I feared something had happened. It had. My old friend Bill had passed on June 3, surrounded by loving family members who had gathered from here and abroad to say goodbye.

I first became aware of Bill when I received a note from him in 1959 during undergrad years in the School of Engineering at Berkeley. It had these simple words: "You don't know me, but I know you. You were great 'over there'. Regards, Bill Romey."

The note shocked and distressed me, since I sensed this guy was referring to a clandestine military operation I'd been in during the Cold War. But I did not know this name and had been ordered to secrecy about the operation for 20 years. So, I never responded to him, but never forgot the note nor the name.

It wasn't until the spring of 2012 that Bill and I met on the phone and became fast friends. Click here for my earlier account of meeting my esteemed friend.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Stranger in a Strange Land--revisited, PART III

Posted: 15 July 2017
Updated: 20 Jul 17

It looks like getting a blog worthy dialogue established between Jim Wood and me, based on our respective experiences of Stranger is already challenging! We both face different and steep learning curves in adjusting to each other's expectations. This involves an initial mastering various long private message exchanges via text, email, phone calls and voice mail. 

I hope we learn to edit well enough to make this interesting to others!! [We both need to get Strunk and White's classic The Elements of Style under our belt. It is new to Jim; I've got to review it myself and adjust!]

On July 16 Jim texted: 
Greeting Eugene! 
I am attaching a 2 page 'notations' that correspond to pages IN MY BOOK.  I realize they likely will not [match] your copy. 
I am going to create a Word document that expands my thoughts a bit more on these topics and send pictures to your phone that also has my notations and thoughts on the particular pages.  We can begin like this to choose which items we want to blog and expand on [plus] some that you may know [about to] give me input or direct me to specific focused readings so I may gain much more understanding of the item.  These latter ones may not be something that would go into the blog for lots of discussion and debate.
[But] we will start this way and adapt as we see how this is going. 
Loving that we are in the journey of exploration and learning together, using this book as a catalyst for [a] deeper dive into WHO WE ARE  as Human Possibilities!!
17 Jul 17: THERE IT IS! Jim's last paragraph captures his expectations!

My own expectations will follow after we get further along in this dialogue. For now I am motivated by his desire to share our respective life experiences, beliefs and hopes.


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Stranger in a Strange Land--revisited, Part II

Rodin image behind title

Posted: 11 July 2017 
Updated: 14 Jul 17                                                               

Below is nephew Jim Wood's original comment to Part I, before he learned that it wouldn't fit the constraints of the space provided. I asked for an email with the original text, thinking it could be edited to an appropriate size. However, both Birgitta and I thought that it deserved its own post. 

Since my intent for these blog posts was to provide a personal record for the family, we feel his contribution is already significant. His post here is only slightly edited for clarity.

On July 10, Jim wrote:
[This is] my first BLOG experience EVER. Reading or posting [or] adding to one. 
My first exposure to this book [Stranger in a Strange Land] was in 1973, during my first 8 months or so of enlistment in the US Navy. I was stationed on Treasure Island Naval Station in the middle of San Francisco Bay at Electronics Schools Command. 
My memories of reading this book was identifying 100% with 'how relationship, love and family' could be - should be. I so desired to live this way with no idea how to implement or actualize this into reality. I was pretty immature for the better part of my adult life, so it was not obvious (as it is now) how to find 'like minded' folks to put in practice a Polyamorous Life Style in intimate relationship or with family or friends.

I defaulted to a standard monogamous marriage - knowing secretly that 'something was missing'. The missing was NOT multiple sexual WAS living in LOVE RELATIONSHIP without jealousy and the usual possessiveness and closed off of emotional feelings of relating to many folks with open love, connection and 'compersion'. Compersion means recieving pleasure from experiencing someone you love, often your primary partner, having pleasure and or connection with others. SIMPLE, yet challenging for [us] humans that have been acculturated that EVERYTHING must be judged and most all judgment is some form of "BAD OR WRONG". We specialize in GUILT, particularly by our structured religions. "Had your daily dose of GUILT yet?".

Anyway, she was a fine woman. We were both so immature even for the entire duration of 11 years together - we should have never gotten married and it took a long time to 'call it quits', but it had not taken all that long to know 'oops, this isn't it'. We both worked long and hard at the 'marriage' that we both knew wasn't soul satisfying. Takes a lot to admit you blew it and so you do what you have learned one does in these situations. Work hard, earn more money, buy more stuff, more houses, bigger houses, bigger / better cars, furniture, jewelry. STUFF! Robert Kiyosaki's first and best book identifies this [as]: THE RAT RACE.

When you are not happy with your Life trajectory, are immature and 'educated', like as in many degrees, but completely unaware of Who You Are, then the daily advertisements, marketing and family; friends influences do the work on YOU: Buy more stuff; attain more identity enhancing prestige; better jobs; promotions; titles; [the number] of people who report to you; blah, blah, blah. Numb out and don't think for yourself! Get busy enough that communication breaks down or you realize was never present with your mate such that you are so distracted that you don't notice the years moving past and fundamentally you have no idea of Who You Are and certainly NO PEACE OF MIND!

Solution?: more money; more stuff AND further avoidance of introspection.

Marriage, when it is working, perhaps there is really NOTHING BETTER to experience. But, when marriage is not working - seriously not working - it can and should be re-labled ENTANGLEMENT. "How long have you guys been entangled?" 'Going on about X years now. Thanks for asking.' Marriage as a concept in the structure we have in Western Culture (I can't opine on Eastern or other cultures) is DOOMED to failure from the moment of "I DO". I now possess you. YOU are now supposed to be EVERYTHING and capable of filling every need/desire I have. And oh by the way, lots of guilt to you if you even have a thought or look at anyone else. We agree we own each other from this day forward. Also, no need to 'create' daily who you are for me nor I for you. You promised [that] 'back there' at VOW day, and by god, don't you change or evolve!
Ok, so near the end of 2002 I had hit rock bottom. Really ready to exit the show. I was fortunate to attend 'Date with Destiny' hosted by Tony Robbins. I found a new view of Life and committed to "Learning Who I Am" before being willing to enter ANY deep committed relationship where I'm to bring them into me at a completely deep level. (There is a DVD that exists about that event and [available from] me for anyone interested).

Fast forward to December 7, 2008, about 11:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning: I was assisting at an event put on by Landmark Education (at the time), [and] a 19 year old was sharing with the Forum Leader, Lloyd MacIntosh, during that exchange [and] I experienced an Epiphany! - that has changed these last years of my Life. I got and have kept Peace of Mind.

These have been very turbulent years in the 'real world' setting of earn money and daily living to satisfy Maslow's Level 1, 2 or 3 needs--mainly Level 1 or 2. Yet I have been privileged to live most of the hours of each day from the 2008 day to present at a Level 4 or 5 in my connection with fellow Human Beings AND discovering, exploring and finding my place in a Poly/Tantra/Conscious Connection World!!! I have two loving Soul Mates in my Life that I have learned to Trust with my emotions and deepest thoughts - Good and Evil - and a growing group of 'like-minded' friends and close friends. I have not [yet] found my own Poly Family or Pod, as it is referred to by some, [and] that may or may not occur in the balance of my years. I DO KNOW WITH CERTAINTY that NO close relationship is WAY [MORE] PREFERABLE to one that sucks your Soul and all of your Energy!!!
So, I am seeking, happily mapping my journey in exploration of sensuality, sexuality (not a big deal for me) heart connection AND never compromising or taking the 'low road' emotionally. I continue to learn what I like, love and [what I] WILL NOT PUT UP WITH. I don't care what financial 'opportunity' I pass on, how much money I could have made; i.e., going back into Corporate World: NEVER. I work with whom I choose, charge what I feel is fair or right, do a lot of pro-bono work, have huge visions of what impact I can have with folks 'out there' and generally continue to work towards stabilizing those Level 1 and 2 needs to be able to realize my Visions at a large level. I have much to correct from [the] past - mainly involving money - and lots to learn about Who I Am. 
HOWEVER, I am very happy and pleased with Who I Know MySelf to BE now on the inside: my emotions are congruent with my Heart and Head. I'm working on more maturity each day and each new workshop, book or experience I put mySelf into! However many days I have left--lots or not many/any--I like me. I'm open to welcoming others in "on my terms". I am so pleased to KNOW AND SAY I would love to have someone(s) in my Life deeply connected. [But], I don't NEED anyone to feel complete.

Ok, so the following and all other posts will be in relation to content and observations of the masterpiece 'Stranger In A Strange Land'. And any comments made to me in response to my posting.

What I believe Eugene and I agreed to explore together were philosophies, ways of living, and for me in particular to draw upon Eugene's vast knowledge of formal education and Life experiences in regards to very specific statements made in exchange with Jubal Harshaw by other characters in the Story. To live as Valentine Michael Smith is a lofty goal and I choose to emulate much of it in my remaining time on this Planet. To have the viewpoint and patience, or no reason to show patience, of Jubal is what I am exploring in depth with Eugene.
[The novel character] Jubal personifies who I see mySelf having evolved [towards] on my Life path thus far since December 2002 and particularly since December 2008 at the moment of TRANSFORMATION, which is no less than what happened to me and my Self. My 'Identity' took a back seat for the first time in my Life and my Self emerged and began to say "Let's learn and Live!" Jubal is the Icon or talisman role model for me. I LOVE his INDEPENDENCE, Focus and Freedom without regard for what others judge or think of him.
FREEDOM of spirit, thinking, how and whom to choose to LOVE AND a wisdom of how one must blend to some measure in the 'real world' of Society when you have to mingle in with them. In essence a balance of NO COMPROMISE by 'have to', but living my own Life on my Terms AND respecting how I impact and treat others.
Eugene can, and I hope WILL shed a lot of wisdom and insight for me as we move through the pages and concepts in this wonderful tale! God bless Robert Heinlein for the many spiritual and mental adventures he made possible for me since I discovered him in 1973!

I will throw in for anyone reading this [and] who does end up reading Stranger, that a wonderful further exploration of FREEDOM and INDEPENDENT LIVING is to be found in "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress". For context I do suggest reading it AFTER embracing Stranger.

In the context of "SMALL WORLD" it is fitting that Eugene found a connection right off on page 3 of this book, when discussing the University of Edinburgh. He commented to me about this a couple of days upon his return from the IASD Conference.

It is useful to note here [that] I TREASURED that one week period [in Anaheim at the IASD conference] where I was able to spend likely about 25 hours or so in Eugene's company. Time does not exist when I am speaking with him. I feel we have so many congruent notions of how one chooses to live Life, and somewhat similar backgrounds in [our] willingness to follow our own path. Others may join in or be damned!
He and I share a Nuclear Power background, I having been a Nuclear Power Operator in the Navy. I ascended to a qualification level of Engineering Watch Supervisor and oversaw critical Reactor plants underway, in port, in Shut Down mode and under emergency conditions. (Trained to mind numbing levels for Emergency Operations/Conditions AND actually was on watch as EWS [Emergency Watch Supervisor] when a real one occurred involving possible emergency shutdown of our main reactor. My watch team and I successfully brought it all back into steady operations. An amazing 25 minutes of my Life that I can still recall just about every conversation, order and minute of that 'at sea' crisis).
Eugene's involvement in Nuclear Power, Science etc., makes mine look like kindergarten and our training background does allow me to follow in pretty good depth his discussions about science and related adventures of his past!!
Eugene's real Life sojourn in LIVING his Spiritual Commitments are nothing short of AWE INSPIRING to me. I love hearing about his confronts through dreams, orders from military, directives from former wives (ugh) - Side note: it does seem he won the Lottery with his marriage to Birgitta!!! - You got the 1 in 10,000 - 100,000??? ---and through his many work spaces and connections with fellow FREE THINKERS at Planet level impact. 
I listen, wish to learn the time sequencing of these events in the context of his Life and then listening/learning to his observations and inspired insights to living Life on one's own terms while honoring and valuing others!! He is [as] close to 'God Like' as any one I know living or perhaps of this last couple centuries.

To me his MEGA BADGE OF HONOR of being removed twice from the structured framework of the Mormon Church. This is one of many massive proof of 'bona-fides' of his KNOWING, not just talking about what Life is about and how one negotiates it!!

So my desire is to find those aspects of Jubal that I wish to enhance and emulate in my actual living experience and to learn from Eugene those guides, signposts and references for more study of the particular citations or references Jubal makes to others when making his points AND 'lively' discussions with Eugene about some of the tenets involved in living the philosophies Jubal refers to in the course of this book.

Well this was all a mouthful. Now to the book...
12 July 2017. Birgitta asked me last night if I had edited some of Jim's above comments having to do with me, which she and I both felt were disconcerting. (Too glowing). I told her no, because I realized he was telling his heart's truth and who was I to mess with that! The ultimate truth in any of this will emerge as we continue to take each other seriously and respond to questions and events as they occur.


Friday, June 23, 2017


Posted: 23 June 2017
Updated: 12 Jul 17

Scan of library cover of 1961 edition (75 cents}

This promises to be interesting! (If not bizarre!)

In Anaheim, California this past week, while attending the 2017 IASD conference [International Association for the Study of Dreams], I presented a 2-hour dream workshop, which was facilitated and financed by newly discovered (in 2003) nephew Jim Wood [JW]. 

(Jim is the second son of Dorothy, my dad's first child, born in Texas in 1926, whom we knew nothing about until she found us on the internet in 2003. Although Dad left her and her family when she was only 3, she never forgot him and her love for him. Toward the end of her life she began to obsess about finding some trace of her father to fill a life-long yearning.)

Because of our unconventional post-workshop conversations, Jim asked me to reread Robert Heinlein's classic novel over the next few weeks, so that we can discuss it from today's respective perspectives, both of us having first read it many decades ago in our mutual states of naïveté.

The subject came up during one particular conversation when I observed to Jim that he appears to "grok" when confronted with difficult issues. "Stranger in a Strange Land!" he exclaimed, recognizing the term grok

"Yes", I replied, having learned that term while reading the book as a teenager--or so I thought when I spoke to Jim about our agreement to reread this particular classic book. However, when I checked out the above-illustrated copy from the local library, I discovered it was first published in 1961 and NOT in the late '40s as I had supposed. Thus, I deduced that I must have been recollecting my reading of Heinlein's 1949 edition of Red Planet --the acknowledged precursor of Stranger in a Strange Land--since in those teenage years I worked as a page in a local library in Phoenix during which I became smitten with science fiction. 

This gives me clear warning to beware of trusting my memory without corroborating evidence!!

In any case the earliest I could have known that word was apparently when I was in graduate school, having had such an experience the first quarter of grad school at the University of Utah in fall 1960. This is now a mystery! When did I actually first read that book??!

When I suggested an on-going blog conversation with nephew Jim, I asked if he'd mind being identified, since this blog and its antecedent is dedicated to my family, which now includes him and his brothers. Jim replied:

Sure use my name….I have a lot to say and those that wish to hear it and read it [but] those that don't, don't have to talk to me.
I love the intellectual exchange between different philosophies and modes of culture that begin to be questioned versus the Automaticity of our upbringings. I so love the lifestyle outline of loving many people and having them all love me at once. I fully embrace that lifestyle and I currently live it now and have been cultivating more and more people of like minded point[s] of you.

Friday, 7 July 17. Having now re-read almost 90% of the book, it is clear that virtually everything but the word grok must have passed me by at my original reading. I'll have to wait for Jim's questions before continuing with Stranger.

Later this Friday evening (7 July), my youngest son John called on FaceTime from Utah. He took an interest in the above mentioned dream workshop and this post (hope he will join in the conversation!). I want him to know that the DreamTime story about the origin of the CREEI Process was invented when we lived together with his mother in Long Beach in 1987. He was but 3 or 4 years old. Before the process successfully addressed a severe morale problem at the aerospace company I then worked for, I'd offered it first to the Mormon Long Beach Third Ward Elders Quorum leadership in which I was the oldest member. 

Unfortunately, it did NOT take root there, apparently requiring an urgent need and the participation of women, as well!


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Helping Veterans with PTSD Nightmares, Part 1.

Posted: 23 May 2017
Updated: 15 Aug 17

New Lease on Life!

The Challenges!

On Easter morning (April 16) I dreamed of saying goodbye to family and friends before passing on. However, when I get to military veteran colleagues with PTSD nightmares,  I can't say goodbye yet and decide to stick around.

This dream had a profound effect on me: a new lease on life!

A week or so earlier (March 24) I had dreamed of being with my younger brother,  a  retired USAF officer, Vietnam vet with PTSD, who is 100% disabled. In the dream he and I are alone in a small room. He is sitting silent in a chair as I go over and put my left arm around his shoulders. Looking into his eyes,  I see them begin to tear up. Before I can say "I'm sorry my actions have hurt you", I wake.

This dream came two days after my third weekly session with Violanda, a social worker assigned by the VA to evaluate my need for compensation for my own PTSD.  Violanda asked again (as she had twice before) "Why did your brother suggest you apply for PTSD compensation?" I still could not answer confidently. Then she explained that it would be unlikely that I could qualify, "because although PTSD never goes away, you have managed yours in a positive way. Most veterans are not able to do this and so they need extra assistance to function." 

Then she asked about my relationship with my brother. I answered that it was cordial, but not intimate, as it had been so many years earlier. A chasm had developed between us due to differences in religious beliefs, experiences and practices. "Can you see any way to bridge that chasm?" she asked. "No", I replied, "I have accepted the situation as is, without expectation for change."

I now accepted the dream as an answer to Violanda's question. Although I could not see the answer, something deeper within me could.  I shared the dream with wife Birgitta before getting up that morning, as we generally do on awakening. Later I called one of my sons, now 50, who knows my brother well and shared it with him. He was adamant: "Dad, you must tell your brother that dream! And before you finish your conversation, you must acknowledge how much of an asshole you've been."

When I called my brother later that evening, I could tell he was moved as I told him the dream, although he remained silent (as in the dream). But, when I added my son's admonition, he suddenly broke out laughing. A few days later he called to ask if I would send him the dream, including the back story (above). The "chasm" had been bridged!

On our fourth and final VA session regarding PTSD compensation, I told Violanda the dream and subsequent developments. She was delighted. Then I mentioned my dream work process and wondered if she would like to experience the technique herself. She was surprised by its effect on her own dream and its simplicity.

She then asked if I would consider presenting this technique to local veterans who were struggling with PTSD nightmares; that there were at least 2,000 vets in local and outlying areas having such struggles.

As amazing as it now seems, that application had never occurred to me, even though I'd had decades of experience applying it practically in business, technology, educational, international and church settings. I jumped at the chance to offer a pilot workshop tailored to veterans with PTSD.  This is what led to my above Easter dream.

Violanda and I have now worked out a pilot presentation for local vets, beginning with a small group. Depending on how that pilot workshop goes, we are prepared to offer an on-going seminar, where vets can interact with and track each other's progress. It has been my experience that the technique works best over a period of several weeks, at least six.

May 25, 2017.  Since writing the above Violanda introduced me to the local VFW leader in Espanola, who received the idea with enthusiasm.


Thursday, May 4, 2017

DreamTime, Spring 2017

Posted: 4 May 2017
(Click on pages below to enlarge)
See pages 11-13
Dreams in the Industrial Environment

Last fall I happened to call the headquarters of IASD, the International Association for the Study of Dreams, seeking information about possible publishers for my CREEI book regarding my practical experience in working with the structure of dreams. I was surprised to learn that the international office was near the University of California at Berkeley (from which I'd graduated in engineering in 1960) and that the man in charge of the office had heard me sing 24 years earlier at the last meeting of that association (summer 1993) held in Santa Fe that I had attended. This was before the organization became international. Back then, since the incoming president and I were personally acquainted, she had invited me to sing "Beautiful Dreamer" to open the Santa Fe Conference. The now current Berkeley man told me that that had been his first IASD conference and that he had remembered my song, since it was an unusual opening. We both thought it ironic that after all these years, he and I should now be talking. So we took the liberty of getting more personally acquainted during this first phone call. 

On hearing my story about how the CREEI process originated in an engineering company, he asked me to consider writing an article for the IASD's annual magazine and put me in touch with the managing editor. Below is the content of that article, just now published.

Page 11 below. That's me today.

Page 12 
Engineering Department 1987.
(That's me with hand on hip; Betty in center; Gene to photo right, behind me; Linda in back row far left, peeking out behind tall guy)
Final Page 13.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Suzanne Giesemann at 2015 IANDS Conference

Posted: 16 February 2017


At lunch with Suzanne Giesemann (R) and oldest son Nick Kovalenko (L)
 in San Antonio on September 5, 2015
for annual conference of International Association for Near Death Studies

Gift from Suzanne Giesemann

Suzanne had been one of the four morning keynote speakers during the IANDS conference and had passed out this coin to luncheon guests, which she had designed and made to give out for such occasions.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Moroni and the Swastika

Posted: 20 Jan 2017
Updated:  23 Jan 17
Published in 2015
I have only begun to read this important book, having received a complementary copy from its author, David Conley Nelson, only days ago (16 Jan 17), after lamenting to him via FB my having lost my purchased copy at the 2015 Sunstone Symposium before reading it.

It is even more important than I originally thought in 2015 in lieu of the recent U.S. presidential election and the ironic voting results in the state of Utah.

When I first became aware of Moroni and the Swastika at the Salt Lake City Sunstone Symposium at the University of Utah, I snapped up a copy because its title spoke to my own fascist streak experience in the Mormon culture of my upbringing and also my professional experience with Soviets in the early 1970s. My first impression on seeing the book's cover in 2015 was to remember a dream from late February 1979 (scroll to 25 Feb 79 in this hyperlink), the night after finishing the last session of a 6-week experimental seminar sponsored by Professor Terry Warner of BYU's philosophy department called "The Moral Values Seminar". In the dream I am disarming an old Mormon ecclesiastic (FLC), who used to be my bishop (1956-58) and eventually became a regional representative. He is dressed in a Nazi officer's uniform and about to strike a member with an upraised saber. In the dream he is Hitler's nephew! In outer life he had also been the stake president who presided at my return to the church in 1975 after my having been excommunicated (for the first time) in absentia in his stake in 1966. As strange, crazy or symbolic as the dream might seem to others, I felt comforted, confirmed and now free of the Nazi-like Mormon ecclesiastic leadership I once revered and supported.

My intent in posting this thread is to record my own experience while reading Nelson's chapters in terms of Mormon-to-Mormon rather than historian-to-historian (which I'm not). This is much like the process I did in 2009 in terms of scientist-to-scientist (which I am), while first reading friend Arnold Mindell's magnum opus Quantum Mind: The Edge between Physics and Psychology, a process that took months.

To be continued....