Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Remembering Ken

Posted: 2 March 2016
Updated: 12 May 16

Remembering Ken

It all began with Gene England’s letter
Containing Dialogue’s first edition
In early ‘66, urging me back to
Church recently denounced, while
Living homeless in a friend’s garage.  
Ken’s name and place were listed
With the editors, close to where I was
With descendants of Orson or Parley Pratt. 
I called. Deon answered, Ken took the phone
And quickly engaged me as a brother,
After which came others:
Clark Rex, Ellsworth Johnson,
Bob Rees, Kent Lloyd.
Such fine loyal friends. 
In ‘84 Ken and Clark met Rex Mitchell
(from Berkeley days) and soon
The Crystal Group was born
With electrifying synergy! 
We met monthly after that
For 31 years! On Saturdays
At each other’s homes (I no longer homeless)
Or by conference call. 
Our last meeting together
On Thanksgiving last.
How glad I traveled there
From New Mexico:
Like old times it was!
I sensed we would not meet again. 
Ah, great friend and counselor!
Who never wavered as a brother.
What adventures did we share! 
Our loves and marriages
Wilderness periods
Two of our kids almost hitched
My two excommunications
Your PD challenges in LA and LB;
Clark’s enterprises, art and writings
Rex’s quiet, steady wisdom
Your recent book of quotes
While puzzling over poetry. 
Your suggestions for my special work
Beginning with “Creative Dreaming
And Spiritual Awakening” at UCLA.
Your discovery of the Independence Temple
With your note: “This one will stagger you!” 
And your last inspiring words
As you struggled to stay awake that last Saturday:
“Publish CREEI,
It’s implications: greater than you think!”
It was a quite a ride, my brother!
We’ll see you in our dreams.
Los Alamos

March 2016

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