Sunday, March 20, 2016

Andrew's UFO tattoo following "Remembering Ken"

Posted: 20 March 2016

Andrew's Tattoo 2015 Christmas gift from roommate 
As serendipity would have it, only three days after I published my poem "Remembering Ken" on the previous post, I received an email from Andrew, a young podcaster-film maker from Montreal, Canada, asking to become acquainted. He explained that his girlfriend was the great niece of a woman named Patti Pratt, in whose Santa Monica garage I once lived after her husband Russ and she had met me at Big Sur Hot Springs (now Esalen) the previous October. She told this to Andrew only after seeing the flying saucer tattoo on his arm and then showing him several old photos of flying saucers, which I had given her back in January 1966! [Note the reference to "Orson or Parley Pratt" in "Remembering Ken"] See also this life-changing post about UFOs.

The photo I gave to Patti, which she gave to Andrew

To be continued....

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