Thursday, January 28, 2016

Letter from Gay Man that Changed My Life

Posted: 28 January 2016
Updated: 3 Feb 16


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May 5, 1965
Letter from the late Howard Salisbury 
Note second paragraph

At the time of this 2-page letter, which I received at my laboratory at General Atomic Corporation in La Jolla, California, I was a new PhD scientist at the peak of my unblemished professional career with wife and five children, and a pillar in my church community. 

Howard had been my mentor since summer 1959, when I was an undergraduate engineering student at the University of California at Berkeley and he was then chairman of the Fine Arts Department at Rick's College in Idaho. He was introduced to me by my then best Mormon friend at Berkeley, Bill Jenks, who had been Howard's student at Rick's. [See this initial story here and here.] Bill explained that Howard had a legendary reputation at Rick's for helping gifted students develop their talents and thought Howard could help me understand an experience I'd had earlier that spring of 1959.  

To be continued...

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