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Dream 50 years ago: "This is to celebrate..."

Posted: 21 September 2015, Autumnal Equinox 2015
Updated: 29 Sep 15
Morrie with wife Marge Kjar (1966-69) as newly called mission president to New Zealand, South Island

Morris A. Kjar (obit photo 2014)

Fifty years ago today (21 Sep 65) I was the overnight guest of Morris A. Kjar, father of current LDS Relief Society president Linda K. Burton. I had come to see him at his home in a personal crisis to share events that had been breaking into my life that year, especially that summer. Four years earlier Morrie had been the University of Utah stake mission president and I was one of his two grad student counselors. I so loved this man! He had asked me to stay on a second year to become his counselor instead of being released after the normal one year student stake mission term. Only after he said "I'm tired of yes men", did I agree to stay on. Morrie knew I'd be straight with him even when we disagreed. So, because of the trust and candor we had developed during that intimate university experience, I disclosed several recent urgent issues with him, two of which motivated him to immediately arrange personal meetings for me for the next day with two senior general authorities. The first was with Joseph Fielding Smith, then president of the Quorum of the Twelve and next in line to succeed church president McKay. "That is too much of a burden for you to carry", Morrie gently said to me after I had disclosed to him an experience I'd had the previous July 25. The second meeting was with Harold B. Lee (next in line after Smith) regarding the Church position on D&C 132. My ultimate objective for that crisis trip to Salt Lake City was to reach President David O. McKay about a far more urgent issue. This objective was not acheived except for a poem I managed to compose for him called Nathan's Cry! and hand-delivered to his private secretary, Clare Middlemiss. Only in 2005 did I learn from a Church History archivist that this poem was found in McKay's private papers. Of all the things that I had sent to Pres. McKay during that year, that one was the most important. I knew he loved poetry.

That 1965 night in Morrie's home I had a dream, which I dared not share with him at that time, despite my above-mentioned trust. Here is the dream:
I am with my wife and a few other people at an outside gathering. Standing alone at some distance from us, I see a woman (whom I do not recognize in outer life). She is large, attractive, well shaped with long blond hair. I go over to her and give her a friendly kiss, after which I turn to face those gathered and remark, “This is to celebrate the beginning of the re-crystallization of the Church.” I then return to my wife who gives me a knowing and approving smile.
This 1965 dream and its implications are discussed in my 2007 Salt Lake Sunstone Symposium paper called Annealing and Healing; or New Wine in Old Bottles. At the time of the dream I had no experience with dream interpretation, even though I'd begun keeping a dream journal the previous year, nor were there any Mormon community forums available where one could share and discuss such sensitive and questionable issues. A few months later I learned that one such forum, Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, was then in process of being created at Stanford University.

The next time this dream woman appeared was on August 3, 2010, as a large, aging "hippie-like" woman with a long blond braid. An interview of her can be seen in my 2012 Salt Lake Sunstone Symposium paper called How the Bomb corrupted the World and How Mormons and American Indian Shamans can help save it.

To be continued...

Remembering Ivan

Posted: 21 September 2015: Autumnal Equinox

Remembering Ivan, who left us 19 years ago. We'll never forget you, our very dear son. You had a thing about the Autumnal Equinox.

Ivan, circa 1991
Boy Ivan

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2015 IANDS Conference

Event: 3 Sep thru 6 Sep 2015 at San Antonio, Texas.
Updated: 20 Sep 15

Because of his own NDE in August 2001, my oldest son Nick invited and financed our attending this extraordinary conference in San Antonio, Texas, which exceeded both our expectations. He had wanted to get a reality check on his own experiences of 1996 and 2001 from those who seem to have had something similar, but was ready to accept that he was delusional. We both came away from the conference much uplifted! This was much enhanced by Nick's having arranged beforehand for the both of us to have lunch with three of the four keynote speakers.

Attendees came from all around the world, including Iran; Mumbai; Australia; Germany; Africa; Bermuda; England; North, South and Central America, etc... 

High points:

1. Keynote addresses by:
     a. Eben Alexander, M.D., NDEr neurosurgeon author of "Proof of Heaven"
     b. Bruce Greyson, M.D., psychiatrist, emeritus professor from U of Virginia
     c. Suzanne Geisemann, evidential medium
     d. Anita Moorjani, NDEr

2. Lunches with:
      a. Eben Alexander 
In process of telling his NDE story to luncheon guests, Dr. Alexander mentioned quantum mechanics as one way of describing his experience. This brought to my mind the book Quantum Mind, Arnold Mindell's magnum opus, published in 2000, which is subtitled The Edge between Physics and Psychology. I asked Alexander if he knew the book. He did not. When I further explained that Mindell had spent 36 years writing it and that it deserved a Nobel Prize, Alexander took notes.

      b. Bruce Greyson 
Ticket for 8
 While at this Sunday luncheon with son Nick, I sat next to Dr. Greyson. Nick was on the opposite side. Greyson asked those at the table to write on a piece of paper what subject each person was interested in talking about during the meal. I placed beside his plate a twisted spoon that son Jim had made at a PK Party some years earlier. Greyson smiled and told the story of his having attended such an event and taking one of the twisted metal pieces to a reputable metallurgical laboratory for analysis. "They took a long time examining it", Greyson reported, "but eventually gave up when one of the lab people confessed that he (they?) thought it was the work of the devil!" One wonders what kind of reputable scientist would dismiss such a straightforward technical task this way.

Then, because of what Nick had written, Greyson asked him to recount his "Divine Conduit" experience. This Nick did with passion and precision, which gripped all those present and took the remainder of the time. It has been difficult for him to verbalize this most profound August 2001 experience, which was a consequence of his trying to deal with the shocking 1996 suicide of his younger brother Ivan. A nurse at the table came up to us afterwards to tell Nick how comforting his story was in her own on-going crisis of faith.

      c. Suzanne Geisemann.
As Suzanne told some of her experiences in her current avocation as an evidential medium, son Nick expressed his awareness of how similar her accounts seemed to his dad's in past years, which had deeply troubled our family, especially regarding the church we had been part of. Then, as Suzanne continued describing how she now takes notice of everything happening around her, including the subtlest leads, I mumbled, "Wow! That's how I live my life!" To which Suzanne laughed and said to Nick, "That's why your dad is the king of synchronicity!" by repeating something Nick had said earlier. Her keynote address and presence at the lunch were significantly inspiring to both Nick and me.

To be continued...