Saturday, August 8, 2015

Significant RPK event!

Event: 12 July 2015
Updated: 20 Aug 15

Core RPK device

On July 12 during a second 48-hour run by operator Iota using the new protocol, the most significant event to date occurred. The silver disk swung significantly (it did not bounce!) without affecting the red disk, which red disk subsequently bounced slightly a few seconds later. This is the kind of behavior we have been looking for since two motion detection surveillance cameras were added to the system in 2009.

Today, 20 August, Iota began her third 48-hour run. We will report results shortly after she finishes and then check the electronic record at the core site.

Earlier this month, on August 15-17, operator Alpha returned to the experiment after six years absence and completed her first 48-hour run. When colleague Quinn returns from travel, we will assess both records.

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