Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Poetry Reading

Posted: 20 May 2015
Updated: 21 May 15

Semyon and "Evgeny" [Eugene]
Shortly before her death last year, I viewed a TV interview of American poet Maya Angelou, who said: "A poem is not finished until it is heard." With that in mind it was a pleasure to have Semyon Vendrov at our home last night (5/20) and to have him read aloud the Russian translations of my "Rodina" collection of seven poems, meant to express my feelings for my paternal Slavic roots. As I read the originals in English, he followed each by reading it in Russian. It was the first time I'd ever heard the Russian version, and it was marvelous to feel the music of that grand language. Since Semyon declared how faithful the translator had been to my English originals, I realized I must certainly give that gifted young Russian poet, Stanislav. Shvabrin, then a graduate student at UCLA, due acknowledgement.

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