Sunday, March 8, 2015

"Sometimes ah gits discurraged..."

Posted: Sunday morning, 8 March 2015
Updated: Thursday, 12 Mar 15

I love it when these kinds of things happen! 

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While walking to the nearby medical center this morning (8 Mar), both for exercise and to leave a note for Nurse Julie, who has been on my mind for weeks (I'd been her patient at the hospital shortly before last Thanksgiving), I felt prompted to drop by my black neighbor friend's house to get an update on our recent conversation about the ARTIFACT. He apologized for being too busy and that he'd get it done this week for sure. Then, to my surprise and delight, he gave me a book to read about his uncle Ike.

When I got to the medical center and sat down to rest, I glanced at the back cover and noticed that Uncle Ike was about my age, but a few months younger. In examining the first few pages to determine when Ike (Isaiah) was born, the date jumped out at me. It was July 24!  Mormon Pioneer Day: the very day the Book of Isaiah set the scene for the ARTIFACT to come into my consciousness early the next morning.

Back Cover
 Then, when I got to the nurses station to leave my note for Nurse Julie, to my surprise there she was! Even though she doesn't normally work on weekends. I had felt prompted to tell her about Lorna Byrne's book "Angels in my Hair". She was glad to see me.

I walked home with a new bounce in my step and smile on my face and, when I entered the back door to my house, a line from a famous Negro Spiritual that I used to sing in concert came to mind. And I sang it out loud with thanksgiving and gladness to the HS: "Sometimes I get discouraged and think my work in vain, but then the Holy Spirit revives my soul again...."

 On 9 March Anonymous wrote: "I love it!"

Also on 9 March, son Nick texted: 
 "Your life is one blessed sequence of artistic synchronicity"

On 12 March I read aloud to Birgitta at breakfast the first chapter of Ike's Story: "Death of Andrew" and wept for half an hour. This story has that kind of power! A simple, naive rendition of a life well and intensely lived. We want copies of this book for friends and family.

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