Monday, March 2, 2015

Search for ARTIFACT:, Part 12: U of Utah library change

Posted: Monday, 2 March 2015
Updated: 11 Mar 15

J. Willard Marriott Library, U of Utah

On Monday, 2 March 2015, I responded to the curator archivist for the University of Utah Special Collections manuscripts. 

"Thanks for responding, Liz,
It seems to me that our mix up originated when you told me on the phone in January that the ARTIFACT could not be transferred to my collection at the Marriott library archives if it existed anywhere in LDS Church records, since it would be their legal property. That didn't dawn on me until days after we talked.
"Nevertheless, yes, I'd like your suggestions for a student researcher to continue the project on a business basis, should their services be needed regarding my collection at the university. If I may suggest qualifications for an acceptable candidate, here is a list:
1. Grad student (any age) in history, archeology and/or anthropology (undergrad OK if highly motivated).
2. LDS background: a. returned missionary (foreign, domestic or stake); b. familiar with independent Mormon publications such as Dialogue, Sunstone, Mormon History Association, Mormon Stories, etc.
3. Female or LGBT preferred
Interested parties may contact me at my home number below or via email.
"Thank you again for your help.

Eugene Kovalenko
Eugene N. Kovalenko, Ph.D.
(505) 661-9713"

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Correspondence with U of Utah library Special Collections
Tuesday, Mar 3, 15. See here for previous exchange with  student helper at U of Utah library. I am willing to continue on this track with future student investigators on a business basis.

On Wednesday, 11 Mar 15 I talked to Curator Liz about another student helper. She told me that she's put out a notice and that I ought to hear from someone during the up-coming university spring break. Also, she had been unclear that the reason I wanted to find the original document and not a copy is to determine if it still exists. She suggested inspecting David O. McKay's records and was surprised that the Church History Department had found, scanned and sent me a copy of my poem Nathan's Cry, which refers to the ARTIFACT.

When I mentioned to Liz that DOM would most likely have received the ARTIFACT from Stake President Ferren L. Christensen in 1968, which would have been long before FLC shredded his ecclesiastical records shortly before his death in March 2007 (which he told me about in one of our last two phone calls earlier that year or late 2006), she agreed that FLC probably would not have destroyed or disregarded it, given FLC's and my personal relationship and that he had earlier (1957) personally introduced me to DOM in the Laguna Beach ward when FLC was its bishop.

11 Mar 15, 3:30 PM. While writing the above, son Nick called to catch up on this search process. He asked if I'd read the two links he'd found and sent about the church's 1978 announcement, which I'd only gotten a piece of. (There must have been an electronic glitch.) So, he said he'd send them again later today. (See Part 11 for that update.)

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