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Search for ARTIFACT, Part 10a: Sidebar w Nick

Posted: Friday, 27 February 2015
Updated: 28 Feb 15

Nick at age 7 (1964)

Nick at age ~15

Nick at age 57 (2014)
Current conversations with oldest son Nick regarding the search for the ARTIFACT have become as satisfying, enlightening and meaningful as any I have had with anyone within or outside our family. In reflecting on this past year, an old dream came to mind about Nick when he was 7 years old, which seems to anticipate our current exchanges. The dream is dated 14 December 1964. 

Because of this "discrepancy" of ages regarding my inner Nick, I asked his mother (my first wife) to send me photographs of him at those different ages. The first two photos above are what she sent.  The third was taken by his younger brother Michael.      

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Eugene's dream of son Nick in December 1964.

From today's perspective I'm struck by a few observations about this dream in recalling the context of my family's life during that period.

First, I was married to my first wife with whom I had five children, having just begun a professional career as a nuclear materials research scientist in summer 1963 in southern California and been formally awarded the PhD degree in June 1964.

Second, my father had suddenly died in May 1964, which ended a five-month post doctoral depression and which made me feel strongly that my long-anticipated "spiritual work" had just begun.

Third, shortly after Dad's death, I had a powerfully distressing idea (which I attribute to his spiritual influence) that led me to consult with parapsychology Professor J. B. Rhine at Duke University in November 1964.

Fourth, shortly before meeting Rhine, I had begun consciously remembering and recording my dreams beginning on November 11, 1964, after reading Hugh Lynn Cayce's newly published "Venture Inward" and applying Cayce's protocols. 

Fifth, I met and agreed to work with Rhine on a project involving a classified military psi-war defense preparedness initiative. [See Rhine Research Center blog]  

Sixth, I had begun to write poetry. [See: Pilgrim]

Seventh, this dream was followed by another just a week later (on Joseph Smith's birth date), which interpretation did not become clear to me until 42 years later.

These events, plus my earlier military intelligence experience, clearly frame the background for the above dream. Dream characters such as my brother, grandmother, old vehicles, childhood home, backyard and oldest son played key roles in a keen desire to become more conscious in order to work with Rhine.

The dream detail of my inner oldest son being primarily concerned with "talking about God", instead of considering military issues, as was my preoccupation in the dream and my outer life in those days, is a fascinating insight that has taken me a lifetime to understand. That is, my main concern was really in my own "backyard", rather than overseas! That my inner son Nick is older in the dream than he was in outer life has an added fascination. By the time Nick was a teenager in outer life, our family dynamic had changed dramatically (as anticipated in Pilgrim).

The continued irony is that Nick is primarily interested in "talking about God" issues these days, as he was portrayed in my 1964 dream. He began to have the profoundest of spiritual experiences in 1996 following the suicide of his younger brother Ivan, which shocked me and all our family members to our core. This, for Nick, was followed by a direct contact with Deity during an NDE in August 2001, a month before 9-11, which he refers to as his "DCE" (direct contact experience).

All this has given our current conversation a surprising depth and expanded meaning far beyond anything either of us had ever anticipated.

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