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Searching for the ARTIFACT, Part 4

Posted: 7 January 2015
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As mentioned in Part 3, below is a recent email exchange with son Nick. It should speak for itself. and is only slightly edited for clarity. Except for bold black headings, Nick's text comments are in black and green. Mine are in red.


[Jan 8, 2015 Note: there is a long provocative response from "Anonymous", which came in not long after publishing this exchange on Jan 7. "Anon" seems to be shadowing this thread, but since it is relevant, it belongs here. See Comments below.]

On Mon, Jan 5, 2015 at 11:44 PM, Eugene Kovalenko wrote:
Dear son, I think/feel your passionate venting in response to Stan Larson's article on Joseph Smith's "First Vision" in the summer 2014 issue of Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought is so important that I want to post it on my blog. Not sure yet how much of it I dare post, but let's work it out below first. I believe your comments on Stan's explanation of the ripped-out and restored page in Joseph Smith, Jr's earliest hand-written 1832 version of the First Vision" are super pertinent to our own task of finding the 1965 ARTIFACT.
From: Nicholas Kovalenko
Sent: Monday, December 29, 2014 9:36 PM
To: Eugene Kovalenko
Subject: Re: Stan Larson's paper on First Vision
I gotta tell u Dad, reading how elementary and unimpressive the original is totally reinforces the "impression" (more precisely "knowledge granted") i got from the DC Source. 
The "DC Source" is Nick's term for "Most High God" or 'Ultimate source of all power and creation'
aka "Singular Supreme Unified Divine Mind of that which is the All - All that was, is and will be..."
And don't be shocked if even that original document was (significantly) embellished. 
I know Nick wants to use the word 'fraud', but how about 'after-construction' as a better term? :-) I could say this about practically any biblical scripture, especially the New Testament, since we do not have those original (artifact) documents. The Dead Sea Scrolls are as close as historians and ancient language translators can get.
Yes, after-construction would be an accurate reference. And yes, the DC indicated the same for all versions of the Bible. Even the Dead Sea Scrolls are largely (not completely) reinterpretations of misinterpretations of mythical misunderstandings.
The fact is, today's Church would be embarrassed by the Founder and the behaviors [experiences] of old [early members], including but not limited to speaking in tongues, etc. ….No wonder secrecy was imperative since the beginning - even before the beginning as the [incorporated] Church knows it.
I wonder who in the system can dispute this. I can't.

But everybody likes a good story and everybody loves a hero.
Yes! yes!  Every major religion (and I suppose minor religions, too) has a hero….
And have no doubt that this also includes the ultimate contrived hero/icon/idol Jesus of Nazareth as "God incarnate" or "only begotten Son of God". Whoever he was, neither of these superstitious notions is true.
How is it that when young Joseph came to his father and told him what he experienced, that the father was somehow qualified [to] judge as to whether or not it was authentic or true or from God?
Yes, that is quite a presumption by Joseph Smith,Sr. Can't help think of the contrast between how Joseph Smith, Jr's parents responded positively to his early stories, compared to how my own devout Mormon mother reacted to mine. Totally the opposite! Why, do you suppose?
What annoys me is how the Church uses the reference to Sr. kind of in passing and assumes/takes for granted that it somehow makes the story legitimate.

And yes how ironic that, since the Church has been set up as the only authorized source of truth and revelation, anyone else (such as yourself) is automatically a nutcase.

Doesn't this suggest his father was some kind of authority and might've had some materials, friends and notions of his own? And may have been working on a project ultimately inherited by his son?  

This makes me think of Joseph Smith, Sr.'s dream that was so similar to the story of Lehi's dream or vision of the tree of life in the Book of Mormon. 
Yes, the impression i recall from my DC inquiry is there was a larger conspiracy at work with materials from a variety of sources that were drawn upon to create what was produced. In any case, once again none of that really matters. What matters is what is to be done from here on out. The "Lord" truly works in mysterious ways despite the foibles of inherently ignorant, egocentric man.
Anyway, the reason the Church needs to stick to that story is because it has nothing better to offer, yet.
I suspect that's true, but I like Nick's use of the word "yet"…
And if they keep insisting it must come from the top, just because those who inherited the culture from the Founder decided that's how it would be, and waiting for it, it will never come, because the Alpha & Omega [Ultimate source of all power and creation] does not and will not reward self-delusion and deception.
Amen! LDS leaders are guaranteeing that will never happen as long as they cling to their claims of exclusivity and exceptionalism.
Absolutely true. While truly sincere GAs may experience legitimate and purposeful, yet small-time and mild synchronicities, they will never be granted profound direct divine contact or revelation because they preclude it with their presumptuous hubris.
If the Church knew the truth and the way things really work, they would never have to be concerned about history or embarrassment again.
Yes, the truth would set them free. And, of course, because they are not secure, they are defensive…
This is a perfect and beautiful, almost unbelievable example of how this statement is so true, that the truth will literally and completely set them free. But how can an institution and its membership consider an alternate and greater truth when it is convinced it possesses it already, problems & issues & all... Once again, forgive them for they know not what they do.
Why are they so defensive and have so little faith in the power of God that they have to control and protect things they can't substantiate?
Same thing I found in the Soviet system during my liaison business during the Cold War in the mid 1970s when I went to Moscow five times.
The Church needs to come to terms with its massive and blatant hypocrisy, actually believing that it can control, on Earth, the affairs of divinity. Really, is that which is God so stupid, shortsighted, out of touch and simplistic that It would design something so shallow and susceptible to the error and shortcomings of man. Think about it. How presumptuous and faithless can a religious belief be?! Do you really think that which is God would place responsibility for the perfect souls It created in the hands of inherently imperfect man, which again is a perfect creation of the Supreme Source?

Seems like a contradiction? Well it isn't. The "imperfection" of man is perfect by design, and anyone who has been in contact with the Supreme Source knows and understands that.
And if they were to take the leap forward by accepting legitimate revelation brought up through the ranks of the membership, active, inactive and/or burned at the [S]take, the proof would be in the pudding and it wouldn't require an authoritarian control structure with massive indoctrination, preoccupation and opportunistic sales programs.
It apparently began with Brigham Young, although Joseph was culpable for trashing a printing press critical of him and the Church in Nauvoo in 1844. Regarding the ARTIFACT, if we can  trace it down, is there any evidence that Church leaders ever fasted and prayed about it? We'd need to check personal diaries or journals of a few people, whom I can suggest. 
I'm glad you brought this up because this is another blatant example of the lack of faith & authenticity of the Founder. To have been in direct contact with the Supreme Divine Mind is to know that in the "wisdom of the Lord", all things will work out the way they are supposed to as long as one has the faith to "go with the flow". If the Founder had authentic contact with divinity he would know he would not need to take such initiative, that the power and design of divinity and Its purposes leave nothing to chance.
With regard to the artifact that seems to be bordering on obsession, i find it ironic that it didn't seem to occur to those who you first handed it off to, who by virtue of their membership and position consider themselves so righteous, to fast and pray about the nature and source of the artifact for some kind of inspiration that is presumed available by virtue of holding this special and exclusive "priesthood". 

But Mormonism has always been a religion of lazy ego-gratifying convenience. You don't really have to do much to be righteous and have all that exclusive power. You don't have to fast for long and suffer much. All you have to do is claim to know, hold/possess and be convinced of what are essentially self-exalting beliefs, and you therefore, with little real effort, experience or learning, become better than everyone else, adopted as one of the mythical "chosen people" by the God that has been created in the image of man.

I think the big reason you got results when you did way back when is because you inquired sincerely, took the notion and beliefs seriously and fasted & prayed in earnest with the cooperation of other sincere believers. This is the kind of thing that will be honored by divinity regardless of one's religious beliefs or institutional affiliations. 
Whether or not any of that or anything similar happened to young Joseph [early stories, visions, revelations, etc.], none of it is very impressive. [because of NEK's personal experience…WHICH THE ONLY WAY TO ATTEMPT TO DESCRIBE IT IS CONSISTENT WITH DESCRIPTIONS BY HINDUS OF OLD…] In fact i find few stories of so-called prophets very profound in my post-DC life. Only people who don't actually know how it works, and how profound and powerful it all is, can believe that something as simplistic and contrived as that evolving story could be true or considered profound.  [If not for your LDS upbringing you probably would not have asked for truth as you did….]
Yes this is true, if not for the imperative importance of God's Honest Truth that i learned from YOU and the Church, and took to heart, i would not have NEEDED to know the actual truth - for that ultimate mystery to be solved before i died. 

And remember, in my mind, whatever church or religion was given to me to be true, if this was to be the case, i was resolved to become a devout member of it, whether Muslim, Jewish, Evangelical, Hindu, voodoo or even Mormon. But i was now certain nothing such as "God" really existed, so was thus predisposed and expecting nothing, and looking very much forward to what i erroneously assumed would be a final peace, gained from putting myself out of my misery.
[liquid joy….massive conduit….expanded away from body….saw everything…] 
Yes, BOOM!!! Like a major switch that turns on all the world's power, an instantaneous opening of, and connection to, what i can only liken unto an incomprehensibly massive and powerful conduit, engulfed me with an energy so powerful it defies description. Its nature was inherently unconditional love, a knowledge of "home" (from whence i and everything came) and yes, "liquid joy" with the power and magnitude of a nuclear weapon. And in the instant my knee-jerk scrutinizing & skeptical brain questioned whether or not this power, energy and inherent knowing (more like remembering with "veil-filters" having been superseded)  was benevolent or some kind of malevolent deception, i instantly recognized its authentic nature as being the same as, yet billions of magnitude greater, than the pure joy i experienced when i assisted in the delivery my beloved, only child.  

And while i remained completely aware of my body and "where" it was, my consciousness-awareness released from and expanded BEYOND my body, and in complete darkness (seemingly beyond the light; no visual objects) i was able to sense and witness everything in all directions simultaneously. It was like my consciousness was an expanding sphere becoming aware of everything in every direction, like seeing in all directions simultaneously without the directional limits of one's eyes. 

And as i witnessed the incomprehensibly massive intelligent variety & contents of our universe, and then the multitude of "multiplexed" dimensions that exist simultaneous to the one we know, and the mind-bogging complexity of what is literally an incomprehensible "clockworks" completely and absolutely designed and engineered by the Supreme Source, my mind gave up any notion of attempting to comprehend it; it was simply and quite obviously incomprehensible to man, regardless of level of genius. Our greatest genius' are but insects compared to the far more intelligent beings and Supreme Source of all Power and Creation.

Yet i was able to comprehend the nature of the primal consciousness-awareness energy, from which everything is constructed with mathematical algorithms which not only define what it is, but where it is. Can you imagine defining every point within just our galaxy or universe in order for it to exist? And i know that the energy looks like (even though it can't be seen) and what the magnificent intelligent symbols look like that create the structure. The inherent beauty is simply awe-inspiring and the magnitude simply mind-boggling. Few persons throughout history know what it feels like to be a "putty head" like i do as a result of this.
"source code of existence" algorithm of the universe…. symbols…code.. no character repeated…. mandala stuff….unconditional love…checked first for malevolence….compared to the love Nick felt for his son Alexander and realized it was divine….It was that, which "saved" Nick...
Yes, the instant the DC opened/connected and i confirmed its benevolence within its unconditional love and overwhelming liquid Joy, my physical life was saved and my first imperative question "is there such a thing as God?" became instantly moot. 
….went thru all past negative energy ever experienced…. agreement with Ivan? all the sorrow or regret he caused….felt like that which I was about to explode…. light… shocked, beard became white….
While the whole event was beyond time and space and seemed to happen simultaneously, i can only recollect and attempt to describe in a logical sequence.

So when my consciousness-awareness had expanded beyond our universe and beyond the multiverse of countless universes and multiple incomprehensible dimensions, i transitioned to the Judgment Process where i was somehow responsible for hundreds if not thousands of lives, none of which i recognized as my own. If these were not my own previous incarnations, each of which required an accounting, they could only be lives that i somehow gained responsibility for via the offer and agreement i made to Ivan, and "anyone that might be stuck out there with him", which is what triggered the opening of the thundering heart vault of the spiritual energetic heart, aka sacred heart of gold, aka where our program/contract/divine covenant is embedded/stored in a unique beyond plasma-energetic medium that might simplistically be likened to a book, or discs, or hard drive of golden plates.  

And i was at the complete mercy of an intentionally designed process where i, by virtue of my request, was required to feel-experience-endure, simultaneously, all the pain and anguish and disappointment created by all of those lives. And the pain was so intense, and the pressure was so great i felt like i would explode, and that if my consciousness-awareness "spirit entity" had been in my physical body the pressure was so great i would have no doubt bled from my pores.

And with this complete and utter naked exposure before the entire multiverse, where nothing can be hidden and all is known, what i observed as literally my dark, shadow-like egoic-energy entity, was "rejected/ejected/released and separated from me, so i could actually see it as a separate object, no longer protected and defended by what i realized was the "Will" component of what makes up one's spirit-entity complex.

And i surmise that it was the intensity, trauma and shock of this phase of the entire event that actually caused the white shocks of hair to begin to grow in my beard and scalp.
felt like worthless insect….complete exposure to universe…watched shadow ghost (black egoist energy) dissolve….then figured he was gone…but then redeemed as a soul…was born again….was then allowed to go before heavenly host and ask his questions….  like the Phoenix from ashes…
Yes, after this absolutely completely humbling exposure i felt worthless and unworthy of existence, even less worthy than the insects that we as human beings are in the scheme of things and i was prepared to meet my demise. But to my astonishment i was accepted, loved and valued completely as something worthwhile and worthy of existence, and my pathetic soul was redeemed, having been purified of its dark energy, and with that my consciousness-awareness spirit-soul entity was "born again" as it were, starting over like an innocent baby, like a phoenix rising from the ashes of corruption and despair.

And with this, having been purified by the "fire" of the "Judgment Process" (in which nothing good or positive was reviewed that i can recall) i was transitioned to the "throne of God" which is before the Singular Unified Divine Mind of the Heavenly Host, and granted an "ask & ye shall receive" Q&A session where every question i ever had about church, religion and religious history was answered instantaneously and telepathically, except for the question about the Founder's so-called "First Vision", to which i received an audible response. 
 All of these events throughout history, including yours if i'm not mistaken, occurred here on Earth; in other words, the event came to you and your knowledge was gained from an outside source interacting with you on the planet Earth in this physical dimension.
This is a useful way of looking at it!
When it comes to authentic divine-dimension contact in this manner it is always some kind of intermediary soul-spirit-entities. I'm inclined to agree! But when it comes to meeting with the Supreme Source Mind of the Alpha and Omega, you go to "the Throne" as it were. IT doesn't come to you. IT never has and never will come to any individual or any lesser component of Itself. It doesn't work that way. It can't work that way. How can that which is more than the Multiverse appear before an insect, which is inherently part of what It is?
This must be carefully considered to be understood. 
OK, this is like asking your entire body to appear before one cell of itself. That which is cannot make itself less than it is. That which is the All cannot, and needs not, make Itself less than it is in order to appear before a fraction of what It is.

It has the power, and the profoundly ingenious mechanisms, to allow the fragment of consciousness-awareness that each of us are, to transition to It. That's how it works.

To claim to have met with that which is God is to have traveled to the Throne.

Just like the President, or a King or any important and accomplished person doesn't typically come to an individual to respond to a problem or complaint, that which is the all powerful and almighty King of Kings does not either. If you want and need to bad enough, a mechanism has been engineered to allow for the process by which one can be purified and qualify for such a "visit".

So in fact all the "prophets" of old who tell their stories of "God" coming to them, never actually met with and before the Supreme Unified Divine Mind of the Heavenly Host, which IS that which is God.

But Abinadi could have been an exception for he could've triggered the DC and gone through the process by which one ends up before the Throne, for isn't the etymology of Abinadi "Man who has met with God"? 
So, as with "return from death" experiences, one's consciousness "travels" inter-dimensionally (not through/within time/space) and in my case instead of me taking form as an object with any sensory limits, it was a direct link with a massively rapid spherical expansion.
Your experience is very rare, my son, despite your claims that it is available to anyone. Please give others slack here. It's like trying to describe the experience of color to blind people. My friend Bob T (during a recent visit to Russia on the Sister City Project between Los Alamos and Russia's Sarov) put it this way, when he was instructed by a small Russian boy that "speaking Russian is not hard if you know the language!" Hahaha!
Well yes, such an event/experience is very rare but i doubt it is unprecedented. The point is the mechanism is designed to be triggered under such extreme circumstances if the soul in crisis sincerely needs to know God's Honest Truth and has the humility and integrity to admit to oneself and the universe that s/he doesn't really know. And if activated by asking the simple, imperative key question, the entire process will be the same for anybody, with results from the Judgment Process and Q&A session being unique to the individual, of course.

What i'm telling you is it is inherently known, within the experience, that this is a specifically designed mechanism and process that is there for when it is needed and was not unique to me; i didn't create it! Neither did i create or conjure up the TOH mechanism.  
So the fact is what the Founder was, and/or described, is simply not that impressive and the materials he is credited with having produced may not have been created in quite the manner the membership has been led to believe. So what? It doesn't matter. 
Agreed. It's a good idea not to deify mortals in any shape or time such as when Caesar, Tojo, Hitler, Stalin, Idi Amin, etc. enjoyed that slot for a while, to say nothing of Muhammad, Joseph Smith, Mormon and Moroni.
Of course the membership would be offended so it might not be wise to let them know, but the Joke is so totally on them because these names were selected for their irony: Mormon and Moroni are both derivatives of the term moron. This is not by accident and is part of what is so amusing to the heavens about the Church; again one of the biggest jokes in heaven.

This is not to say the Church doesn't have its legitimate and important role in the scheme of things. It's just an "in your face" thing waiting to be recognized for the purposes of humility, to help one realize they have deluded themselves into becoming just another Starbelly Sneetch led by an Emperor with No Clothes.
But we've all seen how, and this article is a perfect example, the most presumably "righteous" people in power, even at the very top (seems almost universal to all religions), are willing to manipulate, modify and/or otherwise pervert that which is the truth and justify/rationalize it in any number of ways, not the least of which is the "Will of God/Allah".
Again, agreed.
I continue to wonder what would happen if one of the major religions or churches actually brought forth proof of divine existence & power? This was Sociology professor David Brewer's point in his 26 Jul 65 letter to me. An undeniable "bridge" between the physical and metaphysical? This is the purpose of the RPK experiment. Proof that our makeup as human beings is both physical and spiritual? This is the purpose of CREEI and IDL. Do you think that religion would have to continue to indoctrinate their own and sell their doctrine to prospects? They likely will continue to try. Or would the profound truth, and this extraordinary bridge phenomenon, speak for itself?
That is spot on!
I'm thinking more in terms of duplicating and measuring the Thundering Opening Heart (TOH) phenomenon. The Remote Psychokinesis (RPK) experiment, CREEI and Integral Deep Listening (IDL) processes are man-made. The TOH is engineered by divinity and is meant to be discovered. If duplicated it would clearly demonstrate that there is much more to the makeup of the human being than just body and perhaps psychic mind.

If the Church could successfully facilitate the process involved with triggering the TOH, it wouldn't have to indoctrinate or sell. This mechanism speaks for itself and is beyond the providence of man. And it is what ultimately leads to the DC event, which is where all the questions are answered. 
 All authentic phenomena are amazing to me. But the difference between what you and NDEers experienced, and what i experienced is yours/theirs cannot be intentionally duplicated (well, perhaps your Bible correction phenomenon might be induced again, & by others in the proper state of mind and earnestness). They are seemingly individual, unique, one-time events.
Sure wish someone could find that copy of Joseph's Inspired translation of the Bible that triggered a vision of what you are referring to, back on the night of Pioneer Day 1965. That's a lesser "artifact".
Yeah, now from my perspective this is your angelic guide using these techniques to communicate. I just read how Lorna Byrne's guardian angel helped her by highlighting text she needed to pay particular attention to. And this does demonstrate a bridge between the physical and spirit dimensions.

I am more interested in finding that artifact, based upon what i now know about the Word and Will of "God", to see what it says.
On the other hand, the bridge phenomenon is a precise mechanism embedded in the construction of the energetic-spiritual heart that originates from deep within one's chest. When triggered in ANYONE it will behave, and sound, precisely the same. I understand this is different from DC….
Yes, it precedes and is what sets up the DC by changing your life contract or "divine covenant", and leads one down the "path of Job" to the ultimate existential crisis crossroads (what i like to refer to as the "christus"). 
I know it is universal by its nature, just like we know sexual orgasm is universal in its nature.
Nick…how to communicate it?  Triggered in someone else first?  OK…doesn't matter if someone tries to fake it….. let the event speak for itself…  whatever happened to JSJr and his role in divine plan… we can know only so much for our respective purpose…
If there is such a thing as the "Lord's work to be done" to help "save" those who are trapped and "damned" due to unjustifiable and premature self-termination, or other crimes against divine creation, then this mechanism can be facilitated with properly predisposed persons.

It takes what are more than hypothetical or philosophical "spiritual keys". It takes the spiritual key, which can be described as the "Jesus Key" to trigger the TOH. 

Jesus was all about love and the heart, and he was all about unconditional love and taking upon himself the "sins" of others. 

That's what it takes to trigger the TOH. One must achieve a peak state of unconditional love (which can be motivated by profound grief for a tragically lost loved one) and offer to carry their sins, or karma, or burden, or what are otherwise the consequences of the departed's actions, on their back for the rest of their life. And they must be willing, appreciating the unique position of power they are in, to carry anyone else stuck out there with their loved one.

This is the Jesus Key to the TOH and only persons who have experienced the suicide of a loved one or something similar is properly predisposed, and potentially capable, to become such a "suffering servant" of the Lord.     
Anyway, bottom line is, all that controversy doesn't have to matter. Just correct a few (well, maybe a few more than a few) misconceptions and the Church can redirect itself to its proper course and focus its activities and resources toward things that really matter, instead of vaporous mythological notions and rituals that presume we here in the telestial kingdom have any power or authority to control anything in the heavens. Can you see that the process of searching for the ARTIFACT could serve that purpose? (Did it ever occur to you how presumptuous and arrogant that is?)
Yes, when it dawns on one, it can be overwhelming!
Yes, if the artifact were located and the history of its handling revealed, it might suggest certain things about the mysterious ways of the "Lord", might it not?
So yeah, it's as simple as that, haha!
Haha, indeed! Simple as finding the ARTIFACT!
Now you're really beginning to sound obsessive. ;-)
Much of the above presumes that the ancient stories are where the truth lies, whereas our assertion is that it--i.e., a deeper truth--is available to any true seeker right now and from within him/herself without need for an ordained intermediary or guru.
Absolutely. The revolution of the Church needs to be the relinquishment of the sacrosanct belief and claim that there is such a thing as a single authorized and exclusive mouthpiece of God and that the membership at large is not entitled to universally true spiritual revelation.
NEVERTHELESS, having said this, we must not dismiss those who sincerely believe in a higher influence and purpose and who serve others in trying to live meaningful lives with integrity…..
Amen. The key term here is integrity which presumes the honesty and humility to question what one believes they know, especially when those beliefs are concepts given to them by man through an interpretation of a book or institution.
Love, Dad

On Mon, Dec 29, 2014 at 4:59 PM, Nicholas Kovalenko wrote:
Thanks Dad i'm reading it now and most certainly will get back to discuss...

On Tue, Dec 23, 2014 at 10:29 PM, Eugene Kovalenko wrote:
Dear son,

Great chatting tonight, as usual…

Attached is the Dialogue paper by Stan Larson.

Love, Dad



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

With regard to what it should take to be considered a legitimate "prophet" that might produce such an artifact (which I contend should require either to have met directly with God or with manifest prophets and/or angels and be able to speak to it with authority, or to have served as a channel for a phenomenological transmissions of earnestly sought after information and have the evidence to prove it), the first thing the Church and its President need to do is admit and acknowledge that becoming a GA and achieving the office of President does not a "prophet" make, despite what the inheriting leadership of the Church decided after the untimely death of the Founder.

It should also be pointed out, if I'm not mistaken, that the nature of prophets of old was to challenge the error or corruption of religious ideas and institutions, not to become revered diplomats and administrators with special elitist privileges. A humble prophet doesn't have to be a hero or celebrity.

I can just about guarantee that every President since the Founder, at a certain point in their tenure asked themselves in mild to bitter disappointment "why did this "prophet" deal not work the way the Church claims it does?
"Why am I not any kind of prophesier, seer or revelator, just like my predecessors I witnessed were not, but which we were all made out, and required, and pretended, to be?
"Why have I been deprived of any truly profound spiritual experience of any kind, much less one single honored high-priority and unequivocal direct contact with the God of my beliefs...on anything, much less any important issue of the day?"

I would like to go so far as to prophecy right here that the Church and its membership will be shocked but can to learn and realize it is blasphemous to presume and claim to represent God exclusively when you really don't, and to claim to have exclusive "Priesthood" power when you don't, and especially when pressed the Church and its membership really have little of any real substance to show for making such bold claims.

Who has the greatest testimony in the Church?

But wouldn't it be amazing if the Church and its membership were finally strong enough to break this no-longer necessary religious fallacy and concentrate on God's business of helping to facilitate profound spiritual experience for individual members - GAs included (if they can override the importance and prestige of their "ego-beast" and be open to what would qualify as ongoing revelation)?

What's that you say? The Church can't make such an offer because it doesn't have the knowledge, or authentic "spiritual keys" of any substance, to accomplish such a thing.

Well, thank Divinity for true prophets who happen to be members of the Church but don't happen to be President or even a GA, because from a true and humble prophet can come this knowledge.
All it takes is for the Church and its membership to humble themselves, admit the unintended and unwitting deception, and accept this profound gift.

What member in their right mind would not accept such a pearl of great price?
And what kind of church or religion would deny such a pearl to its members, if offered?