Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Searching for the ARTIFACT, Part 3

Posted: 7 January 2015

This morning (Wednesday, 7 Jan 15)  I had intended to post a recent (too long) exchange with my son Nick and let it speak for itself. He had become concerned that my search had become an "obsession", whereas  I prefer referring to it as a last personal task before leaving this planet. Nevertheless, I have resigned myself to its being of possible interest only to a tiny group of honest, progressive Mormon historians.

Before doing so, however, I spoke to Liz Rogers, curator of the University of Utah Special Collections library, to follow up on my December 10 request for information regarding the David O. McKay diaries in their archives about any mention of the ARTIFACT.  Liz had me speak to a part-time student to whom she had assigned the project.

In speaking to this young man, imagine my surprise to discover that he is an undergrad in physics with a minor in astronomy! Not only that, but he is an active Mormon with a basic interest in numbers, facts and accurate, verifiable information. Liz's choice was brilliant and encouraging.

Thus, my above-mentioned exchange with Nick will be postponed until Part 4.

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