Saturday, January 31, 2015

Search for the ARTIFACT, Part 9: Selma, LBJ & DOM

Posted: Saturday, 31 January 2015
Updated: Friday, 20 Feb 15

Birgitta and I saw Selma on Friday, 30 January, which we'd been looking forward to viewing ever since it was released last year. I am ashamed to say that I was oblivious to the actual events in Selma at the time they were occurring. But, in reviewing my own records and personal concerns in the search for the ARTIFACT, I am struck by their congruence with historic reality. See below for a few historic facts.

In a recent interview regarding the movie "Selma", former LBJ press secretary, Bill Moyers, said:
"[LBJ] asked King to give him more time to bring a few Southern ‘moderates’ over to the cause, but after King made the case that blacks had waited too long for too little, Johnson told him: “Then go out there and make it possible for me to do the right thing.” He wouldn’t have welcomed the bloodshed at the bridge, but when it happened he knew the time had come and within days he made his own famous ‘We Shall Overcome’ speech that transformed the political environment. (By the way, this is one of the weakest moments in the film.)

Also, the director has a limpid president speaking in the Senate chamber to a normal number of senators. In fact, he made that speech in the House of Representatives where the State of Union speeches are delivered. Johnson was more animated and passionate than I have ever seen him, and I was standing very near him, off to the right. The nation was electrified. Watching on television, Martin Luther King Jr. wept. The film blows the possibility for true drama here — the drama of history happening right before our eyes. Nonetheless, go see it. You’ll be reminded of what happens when courage on the street is met by a moral response from power.  [Emphasis added]
A few facts:
-Civil Rights Act: 2 Jul 64 [After this passed, LBJ invited David O. McKay to join the national Civil Rights Commission, which DOM accepted, but saying : "...the Negro will now have to prove  himself."]
-Voting Rights Marches from Selma to Montgomery: March 7, 9 and 21, 1965.
-ENK Poem: Night, April 1965  ("...Dry rot unseen in lofty places; Un-shored structures hid by Blackness...")
-Creation of the ARTIFACT: 25 July 1965 [ENK's concern and surprising experience re Mormon policy behind priesthood ban of the Negro.]
-Voting Rights Act: 6 August 1965
-Watts Riots: 11-17 August 1965
-ENK Poem: Nathan's Cry: 26 September 1965  (Written to DOM: "Must there be strife before the truth is known? That which came before would clear the eye for Light...")
-Mormon Church removes priesthood ban: 8 June 1978. [Apparently the Negro had "proved" himself to the LDS Church authorities!]

 To be continued:

Friday, January 30, 2015

Search for the ARTIFACT, Part 8: exhange with Taylor at U of Utah Special Collections Library

Posted: Friday, 30 Jan 15
 On Thursday, 29 January 2015, Eugene wrote to Taylor:

OK, this is good progress.

I have learned from Greg Prince, one of the authors of David O. McKay's 2005 biography, that Clare Middlemiss kept no private diaries of her own. So, that loose end is tied up.

On the other hand, I have found additional correspondence with JB Rhine (of Duke University) during that period of time, which includes February and March 1965.

Again, please look for any mention of "JB" or "JBR" or "Rhine", "FLC" or "Ferren Christensen", or "Manhattan Project" in my pocket journals for February and March 1965.  If so, please scan and send.

Then, just for my record here, please scan the first two or three pages (both sides) of my pocket journal, which begins on January 25, 1965.

Thank you,


From: Taylor Ouimette
Sent: Wednesday, January 28, 2015 2:18 PM
To: Eugene Kovalenko
Subject: Re: FW: McKay records

Mr Kovalenko,

If I remember correctly your journal began on thew 25th of January, 1965. We have up to 1963, then the next journal begins 1965. In my opinion, that is why your journals don't have anything on it, but I can't say beyond that.

I will look through your journals today and tomorrow and hopefully get back to you that same day.

On Wed, Jan 28, 2015 at 12:46 PM, Eugene Kovalenko wrote:

Taylor, this was a surprise. I expected something from my own journals at least. Before leaving this period, I'd like you to return to my pocket journal and scan the first couple of pages (from both sides). I'm not sure of the date when it began...

Also, please re-examine my journal for January and early February and look for the initials FLC, JB (or JBR) or names Ferren L. Christensen and J.B. Rhine. These would be key indicators for the subject of concern. Please scan any pages containing those initials or names. 

Talk to you soon, 


From: Taylor Ouimette
Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2015 4:42 PM
To: Eugene Kovalenko
Subject: Re: FW: McKay records

Mr Kovalenko, 

Having looked through January 1965 in both your journal and David O McKay's Diaries, I can say I have not found any mention of the package in either record. President McKay's diaries don't specifically mention any letter by name without the letter coming from a member of the Quorum of the Twelve at the time, or an assistant to the Twelve. 


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Nick's Letter to World Churches

Posted: Wednesday, 28 January 2015
Updated: Saturday, 31 Jan 15

Nick at 57
Over the past several months my oldest son, Nick, and I have been discussing various subjects, including the "Search for the ARTIFACT", the NDEs  (near death experiences) of many people, Michael Newton's monumental work on "Life between Lives", and Lorna Byrne's published experiences with angels. 

On 26 January 2015, Nick wrote:
Dad, after finishing [Lorna Byrne's] 'Message of Hope' and then our conversation, i came up with this:
25 JAN 2015 21:11

[To?] the Churches of all Churches, Religions of all Religions, Nations of all Nations, Peoples of all Peoples;
Sisters and Brothers of every culture, creed, ethnicity and persuasion,
Let us gather together and share what we have in common,
Which is a love, respect and loyalty to the Almighty,
And a desire to be as good and righteous as humanly possible,
And a desire to make the world a better place;
Let us gather together in common prayer with faith in that Supreme Being,
That we can be inspired, and guided by that wise hand,
And the Matrix of Angels that have been gifted to help all of us, without exception, in
Prayer for ourselves,
Prayer for our families,
Prayer for our ancestors,
Prayer for our friends,
Prayer for our communities,
Prayer for the sick,
Prayer for the suffering,
Prayer for our country,
Prayer for our leaders,
Prayer for all other countries and peoples,
Prayer for their leaders,
Prayer for the Earth,
Prayer for all those who have been wronged,
Prayer for all those who have been hurt,
Prayer for all those who have wronged and caused hurt,
Prayer for those who have not been loved and do not know love,
Prayer for those who do not know joy,
Prayer for peace, respect and security.
We Pray that you open our spiritual hearts and logical minds,
So we might feel, experience and know the spiritual truth,
Of the Power, Love, Joy and incomprehensible depth and complexity behind Creation,
And realize that every person in any country is as valuable a soul as any other,
And worth saving from deprivation of love, and/or desperation, and/or exploitation, and/or destruction,
That everyone is worthy of a meaningful life, no longer subject to fear, violence and victimization.
Let us pray for true peace and cooperative efforts among all religions,
Which is the only way to achieve peace among nations.
Let us, as a single Earth planet species and People,
Re-engineer and balance our global socioeconomic systems and governments,
So that no person, entity, institution, government or nation may take advantage of
Any other,
Its own or another system,
Or our precious, and common, earthly resources.
May we all endeavor and learn to work together in humble, considerate, respectful, equivalent harmony,
In service to our Supreme Being and Humanity,
We say this in the name of the Almighty,
Birgitta and I were both inspired by Nick's enthusiasm, insights and the beauty of this prayer. It is something I want to read again, aloud and often.

Then, ironically, Nick reminded me of a long-ago dream I'd had of 'him' when he was but 7 years old, but was twice that age in the dream. The dream came at a propitious time (14 Dec 64) about three weeks after meeting Professor JB Rhine at Duke University and agreeing to work with him on a classified military defense project. In the dream I say to my teen son "Looks like we are going overseas to Rumania, son", to which he replies "That's all right, just so we can go someplace and talk about God." In the dream teen Nick doesn't seem to grasp the military implications and is not appropriately shocked by my disclosure. Now, 50 years later, I realize 'teen Nick's interest in my dream appears to be in a totally different direction than mine in the dream regarding military defense preparedness, which I was preoccupied with in real life at the time of the dream!

Thursday, 29 Jan 15
On further reflection on the above-mentioned events of 50 years ago, I realized that just a week later (23 Dec 64) I'd had a most puzzling dream where I am a beautiful woman with bad reputation, This seemed super far out and in a direction different than my worldly preoccupation with clandestine military issues.

Eventually those long-ago dream issues of my "inner son" and "feminine self" became meaningful and relevant (congruent) to my current life, which were tied to an upcoming, but yet unconscious event in my own Mormon backyard that would eventually manifest in summer 1965, which I now refer to as the ARTIFACT.

On Saturday, 31 Jan 15, Nick wrote:
 How very kind. I just about forgot i wrote that but it says all i want to say. Yes, the parallels with your paper are uncanny. Perhaps after i originally read (probably more like skimmed) it my subconscious, in combination with my latest readings, horked your idea. Impressive responses that inspire hope. I think i'll save and repeat that prayer. Thanks for letting me express myself and this stuff to you. Love you Dad.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Search for the ARTIFACT, Part 7: Discussing it with a black man

Posted: Thursday, 22 January 2015
Updated: Tuesday, 10 Mar 15

On Sunday, 18 January 2015, I wrote to Friend, a black neighbor, former NSA operative, now a computer scientist at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. We had had a friendly conversation recently during which he took special interest in my "search" project and asked specifically to see the content of the ARTIFACT.
Subject: Origin of the ARTIFACT
This may seem too weird to you, Friend, but I'll risk it. I'll be more than interested in your impressions and responses especially, given our recent conversations. Please be candid. I hope you aren't alarmed.

Here are some blogs regarding the back story of the "ARTIFACT", which is what I call the original of the document I told you about last week, a copy of which is imbedded in the second post below....

Regarding the ARTIFACT itself, please understand that this was what came out of me one intense morning decades ago (25 July 1965). I do not know what the truth of it is, or ever was, only that it happened. My concern is that it has never been discussed or taken seriously by the institution I grew up in and came to believe in. Until, that is, what subsequently happened to me and my family, when my "right" to have such an experience was rejected out of hand at the beginning by the local (new) Mormon bishop.

Nevertheless, I believe that this document eventually went upstairs sometime after the fall of 1968 and was discussed among the top church leaders in Salt Lake City. In any case, Mormon Church policy toward the black man of denying him the right to hold ecclesiastical leadership positions (i.e., priesthood offices) eventually changed on June 8, 1978….

When examining or discussing the ARTIFACT, there are certain aspects to consider:
1. the writer's psychological state and the creative process, including the exact words of the invoking prayer.
2. historical precedents
3. tone of content
4. message of content
5. credibility of content
6. purpose for which it was created
7. similarity to other LDS scriptural revelations
8. attitude of ecclesiastical leaders who first received it
9. word "priesthood" does not appear in content

None of these aspects has, to my knowledge, ever been seriously considered or discussed by LDS ecclesiastics at any level. That is why I am in process of trying to chase down the original document and get it into my records at the special collections library at the U of Utah before I kick the bucket.

PS. A few years ago a black Mormon leader, Darius Gray, learned about this event and wrote the following note to me on the cover of a DVD that he produced. Here is that story: Please check out the five comments at the end of this post.

Later that day, Friend replied:
Thank you for sharing it. Give me a day or two to read and digest the contents. I will give you my honest but respectful feedback once I've read it...

On Wednesday, 21 Jan 15, I wrote: 
No hurry, my friend. This discussion is a 'process' and a golden opportunity to have a new, perhaps different kind of dialogue. Your comments will matter greatly.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mormon Church Ecclesiastical Abuse: A Clear Example of Spiritual Warfare

Posted: Thursday, 15 January 2015
Updated: 23 Jan 15

On Thursday, January 15, I received an email from one of my youngest sons regarding a New York Times alert about an issue that I have been passionate about for decades. It was this issue, i.e.,  facing ecclesiastical abuse,  that brought this son into the world almost 50 years ago.

For me, this is all the more reason that the ARTIFACT needs to be found and safely sent to the Special Collections Library of the University of Utah.

22 Jan 15, Thursday morning:
I rejoice at John Dehlin's courageous, intelligent, compassionate Mormon Stories initiatives, and the opportunity he has given to troubled Mormons groping for truth within dark ecclesiastical corridors. John has brought new light and knowledge to a troubled Mormon leadership by carefully airing controversial issues, despite their discomfort to ecclesiastic sensibilities. This seems to me not unlike a modern version of Jesus confronting the the Pharisees and Sadducees. Rather than fear John, those threatened leaders should embrace and cherish him.

I'm confident that John's ecclesiastical assailants will not prosper. Carry on, friend John!

22 Jan 15, Thursday at 9:30 PM:
Just listened to a podcast between John Dehlin and a Salt Lake Tribune reporter about John's upcoming Disciplinary Council scheduled for Jan 27.  John revealed having just received a message from his stake president that the meeting has been delayed until February 8 because of the SP's family issues.

And so the drama gets stretched yet again. John has far more consistent moral authority than that SP and it continues to grow as the SP's authority diminishes with each delay.

23 Jan 15, Friday at 10:00 AM,  'Anonymous' quotes from 3 Nephi 22 with a special message for John's SP. (See comment) 
3 NEPHI 22 (Isaiah), with special emphasis on 17; May the Stake President fast and pray and gain authentic inspiration from God, not directed by the Church, and cancel this proceeding thereby saving his fate as a result...
I'm in sympathy with Anonymous' quote, but have trouble with the aggressively reactive tone in verse 17.