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Dreams of and letters to John R. Howard, Part 3

Posted: 10 Aug 2014
Page 1, Letter to John R. Howard, 8 June 1978. 
page 2
Page  3

This is the cover letter to Volume One, THE AWAKENING  of the manuscript to PRODIGAL PROPHET with a brief outline for Volume Two, THE WITHDRAWAL and the beginning point for Volume Three, THE RETURN. As stated earlier, I had been looking for this manuscript for months, if not years. This cover letter explains the intent of the manuscript. What I have now understood, in reviewing the dream, presented on page 1 of the cover letter, is the reason why John was reluctant to follow through with this project. It's in the dream, which I missed.   [The hand-written note in the upper right of page 1 is to my second oldest son dated 10-6-02: "Jim--note this little 'synchronicity' -- I only, myself, registered it on Johnny's birthday last June when I went to pick him up from jail in Utah. --- Your little brother, incidentally was named for JRH!  Love, Dad"
My youngest son, John, had been born on June 8, 1984.]

On page 3, dated 6-10-78,  the P.P.S. notes that I learned only the day before that the LDS Church had changed its policy on priesthood. That was an interesting synchronicity because that was also the date I finished the first draft of my play "The Defense of Cain".. (Which had been inspired by the priesthood ban.)

Cover page to "The Defense of Cain"

Seminar (on things esoteric) at Lewis and Clark College March 1972
First row: Eugene Kovalenko, 2nd from right; Marianne Francis far right
Second row: John  R. Howard,  far left; Dan Fry, center; Jack Schwartz, far right
Third row: Harvey Freeman, center

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