Friday, August 8, 2014

Dreams of and letters to John R. Howard, Part 2

Posted: 8 Aug 14
Updated: 24 Oct 14

As serendipity would have it, yesterday (7 Aug 14) after the events of my oldest son's 57th birthday, three additional strangely related events converged. 

Page 1 of  Letter to John R. Howard, dated June 8, 1972

The first was a lost manuscript I came across amid the chaos of my office, which I'd been looking years for. You will see that it is a copy of something written almost 40 years ago in response to John R. Howard's request to co-author a book based on my strange experiences, which contains a dream of John while he was still in the flesh. I'd given the ms to my second son, Jim, which he'd returned shortly afterwards. My hand-written note on its cover page below were useful in jogging my memory of concurrent events.

Readers may find this stuff crazy and I don't blame them--especially family. That's almost how I myself see it now after all these years, but there are nevertheless nuggets to be found with patience and tolerance. The above mentioned manuscript probably spooked John Howard's request to co-author something, as the dream suggests. 

In a subsequent post, I will mention the other two events.

All these inputs deserve fair hearing and  I pray to give them integrating attention.

More about John Howard in my upcoming conversations with David O. McKay.

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