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Conversations with David O. McKay, Part 2

Posted: 7 August 2014    (Today is my oldest son's 57th birthday, who was born just  2 or 3 weeks after meeting LDS Church President David O. McKay in summer 1957)
Updated: 1 Oct 14

David O. McKay as he looked when I first met him
(and as I see him now)
ENK: David, I have a dilemma. Now that I know you are clearly within me, I am conflicted on how to proceed with my Mormon friend George, here in Los Alamos, whom I told you about in our first conversation.

DOM: Yes, you were about to have a meeting with him later that day.

ENK: I did, indeed, and it surprised me.

DOM: Ah, say more.

ENK: Then, later that night, after having had that surprising conversation, I dreamed of my old mentor friend, John R. Howard, former president of Lewis and Clark College. Combined with my dream of you, it gave me a broader perspective on my relationship with George.

DOM: How does this fit into the current situation?

ENK: I'm hoping to figure that out here in our conversations. Do you mind if I invite John (Jack) to join in?

DOM: Of course not. I'd welcome his participation and perspective.

ENK: Thank you. Whereas in my dream of you, I was intent on showing you how I was about to repair a crumbing sidewalk, believing that my repair intention had something to do with my relationship with George and the LDS ecclesiastical system, Jack gave me a different perspective in showing me a dry landscape and alerting me to the condition of a scrub oak and a nearby small bear.

DOM: I understand, but how does that fit in here?

ENK: In my dream of you, I am intent on doing something mundane, like repairing a crumbling sidewalk, as if you would be at all interested in such an ordinary act. In my dream of Jack, however, there was nothing for me to do! He was simply alerting me to be aware of my surroundings, which in this case is a dry high desert-like area in which I am now living, as it is. There is nothing to fix. But there are many things, albeit mundane, to be aware of. I believe that all elements of a dream, which could be called characters, have significance not to be ignored.

In a more immediate outer context, however, I believe John is proactively showing me that there is nothing to fix regarding George. But, perhaps there is something to share instead.

DOM: That makes more sense from an eternal perspective, Eugene.

ENK: Also, when I came over to George's home, after we had talked, to deliver a replacement DVD I had given him to take after we had talked, but which hadn't worked for him, I was surprised by how overgrown and unkempt his front yard looked. It reminded me of the overgrown greenery above and around the crumbling sidewalk character in my dream of you.

DOM: That amuses me, Eugene. Are you saying that you are now OK with George having an unkempt yard, whereas you were judgmental of him earlier? Meaning, of course, that it is OK to accept George just as he is, whether or not you or anyone else approves of him and his home?

ENK: Yes, that is to the point of comparing my two recent dreams of you and John Howard and also to the greater point, which is my desired relationship with George.

DOM: All right. So, say something about your surprise in having that first, more recent conversation with brother George. I am aware that you have had much earlier conversations with him that you felt unsatisfied with.

ENK: In our recent first conversation at the Film Festival, I felt as if I had met a Pharisee, like Saul of Tarsus! Passionate, intense, resolved, opinionated, blind to anything but his own societal agenda and self-righteous.

DOM: And what was it about that conversation that led you to feel this way?

To be continued in "Conversations with David O. McKay, Part 3", which will include John R. Howard.

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