Tuesday, July 29, 2014

U.S. ambassador to Ukraine?

Posted: 29 July 2014
Updated: 1Aug 14

Boy!, do I want to know more about this guy!
U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine

Last May, as the conflict in Ukraine was escalating and the day before the recent presidential election in Ukraine, I emailed one of my relatives in eastern Ukraine expressing concern for him and other relatives. He replied simply with an illustrated YouTube clip of a conversation between two US officials in Ukraine, male and female, about how to deal with certain Ukrainian politicians. The clip was apparently originally published in February, intercepted by who knows and then circulated throughout the Ukraine young people's network. The female was identified. The male wasn't. There was no accompanying message.

I have recently received this message from SCG News:
Geoffrey Pyatt was the man on the other end of the now infamous leaked Victoria Nuland call. That was the call in which the U.S. State Department got caught red handed discussing who they were going to install in the Ukrainian government after the fall of Yanukovich. If you haven't listened to that call, you should. It was very revealing.

We American citizens should have something to say to our government about our relationship with Ukraine and the political attitudes that seem to be driving that relationship as well as fueling the conflict...

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