Thursday, July 31, 2014

"Pray, Pay, Obey"

Posted: 31 July 2014
Updated: 6 Aug 14

Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City
In conversation about the Mormon Church with one of my sons yesterday, I mentioned my last phone conversation with family friend and former Mormon bishop, stake president and regional representative Ferren L. Christensen shortly before he died in 2007. In that last conversation Ferren's last question to me was: "What do you think of the ecclesiastical system these days?"

Surprisingly, I had not thought much about that question over the decades I'd been in and out of the Church and so had nothing much to say to him at the time. But I have thought a lot about it since. In response my son said simply: "Pray, Pay, Obey".

"THAT'S IT!" I exclaimed and resolved to post it on this blog.

It can't be any simpler and to the point than that!

On Tuesday, August 5, in conversation with my favorite Orthodox priest, I mentioned this conversation with my son above and the three word descriptor. Imagine my surprise when he exclaimed that he, himself, uses those very words to describe his experience with other Christian ecclesiastical structures. Obviously, that slogan does not have a Mormon origin!

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