Monday, July 14, 2014

Dream of Mormon President David O. McKay

Posted: Monday, 14 July 2014
Updated: 11 Aug 14

For my Mormon family and interested friends.

President David O. McKay
On Sunday, 13 July 14, I dreamed of the late LDS President David O. McKay. Although I cannot recall the dream fully, there is enough of it to give me a hint of its importance. In the dream Pres. McKay appears as I knew him when we first met in the Laguna Beach Ward in summer 1957. He is tall, handsome, white hair, gentle, dignified and inspiring. [At age 74.] We are in a residential area with much overgrown greenery. I show him a crumbling sidewalk within the greenery that needs repairing and tell him how I propose to repair it.  

The last time I dreamed of Pres. McKay was in August 1965, while he was still in mortality as president of the LDS Church. In that dream I was present at his funeral. Here are the two dreams recorded in my dream journal on that date:
San Diego 8 Aug 65
12:10 (noon) Getting ready for a funeral. The caretaker goes into room where body lies: looks like Sister McKay lying beside her husband. She is moving her head. 
 3:45 PM: dream about “order” of things. Bishop, Francis, Jim Watson involved. A law bent. Perplexing. Understanding near: due.
[For those who have forgotten him, you can see and hear David O. McKay's simple, direct, no nonsense statement of belief here.. Notice how carefully McKay chooses his words: "No one can preside over this church without first being in tune with the head of the church, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He is our head. This is his church. Without his divine guidance and constant inspiration, we cannot succeed. With his guidance; with his inspiration, we cannot fail."]

Earlier that Sunday morning (13 July 14) I had had an earlier dream in which I am having a pleasant telephone conversation with George J., a member of the Los Alamos Ward of the LDS Church. This was the second time I dreamed of George. In the first dream, which was on 4 July 2010, a man (who looks like George, though I don't yet know him) shakes my hand through the driver's side window of a van in which I am sitting with other ex-spooks while parked and waiting in the parking lot of the Los Alamos ward building. After I tell him I am there to do the Lord's will, and without giving what I've said a second thought, he tells me with a hand gesture that the Lord wants me in that building. Here is a blog post for that July 4, 2010 event, which contains the dream.

Because I take dreams seriously, this morning I called George on his cell phone to tell him I'd had a dream about him and also about Pres. McKay, which I thought were related.. [We hadn't talked much in almost 4 years.] George answered my call in Roswell, New Mexico, where he is participating in a Senior Olympics event. He was glad to hear from me and we scheduled to meet next week on 23 July. 

To be continued....

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