Sunday, February 23, 2014

Scout Sunday: "Be Prepared".

Posted: 23 Feb 14.
Updated: 26 Feb

On Sunday, 23 Feb, Birgitta and I attended the local Episcopal Church in Los Alamos. As the presiding priest began his sermon honoring Scout Sunday, I had a flash of insight into an old experience as he talked. Below is my letter to him about it:

Arizona Desert

Dear Fr. G, When you began your sermon today with the Scout motto on Scouting Sunday, I flashed on a long-ago experience with a new insight: Until your sermon, I had not not appreciated the Scout motto as much as I do now! That motto saved my life as a 19-year-old! When the pickup truck driven by the three teenagers (mentioned in the above event) came to a stop at the bottom of the arroyo with me and my mangled motorcycle underneath it, they jumped out of the truck to take a look at me and screamed, "Oh, my God! We've killed him! We've killed him! Back the truck up! Back the truck up!"
 That's when I heard myself  immediately shout out to them: "NO! DO NOT BACK THE TRUCK UP!  I'M IN SHOCK. GET ME OUT FIRST AND KEEP ME WARM! KEEP MY LEGS UP. STOP THE BLEEDING! GET TO AN EMERGENCY HOSPITAL!"  The kids obeyed my Eagle Scout commands, which saved my life. Otherwise, I would have been one dead young man.  
Thanks for the insight.... 

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