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Revolution in Ukraine

Posted: 25 Feb 14
Updated: 19 May 14

Today (Monday, 19 May 14) I received this provocative comment from TR: 
As the Yale historian put it whose article I recommend:  “Speakers of Russian in Ukraine have a lot more freedom of speech than speakers of Russian in Russia.”

4 March 14
As the newest revolution in Ukraine continues to evolve, I could not help but think of my first trip to Kiev in 1988. It was at the millennial celebration of the conversion of the Russian Empire to Christianity and before the fall of the Soviet Union just three years later. 

Two poems came to mind immediately. The first, titled "Forest Dream Remembered", was written in 1973 on the eve of departing Moscow at the end of my first visit to Russia. (See above illustrated timeline.)

Forest Dream Remembered

My pilgrimage at last complete.
The mount is climbed.
Dark clouds once far above
Glide silently below.

To my surprise this peak is broad!
A castle’s built upon it,
And “...swords ‘to plowshares”
Near an ancient fortress
Makes me cry.

But so many here before me!
Some with words of virtue,
More with sounds of greed.
Do they dilute my quest?

Or is this not the place I seek?
Where golden tones
Once pierced my sleep?
Has she I met so long ago
not heard my song
Nor know I've come?

Such foolish youthful questions!
I return unto my own
To wait an outer answer,
And if my hope is true,
I’ll come again
Next time to inner chambers.

23 Sep 73 
(Op. 28)

"And swords to plowshares..."

 This 1973 poem asks: "Or is this not the place I seek...?

That question was answered 15 years later in a second poem Liahonagrad, written to capture first visit impressions of historic Kiev.

I believe that the pain, suffering and determination of those "crowds of faces shining" (third stanza) during the 1988 millennial celebration are manifesting today as an example for the world of what it means to experience "deeper democracy".

It was extraordinary to see unarmed Ukrainian Orthodox priests stepping bodily into the breech to protect unarmed protesters! Completely opposite from the Church that oppressed the Russian and Ukrainian people in the early 20th century, which led to the Russian Revolution-civil war and which produced an even more onerous and repressive government, which government eventually collapsed under its own unsustainable weight. 

I pray that men and women of courage and conscience will prevail! 

This for me is personal, which is in a third poem written the year prior to Liahonagrad and in anticipation of the trip to Ukraine with my year-younger brother.


We of your exiled sons
Come seeking roots
Beyond our Celtic ones
And older silent fears

Like Viking guests
With Slavic souls
We seek now whole new worlds
To heal our blindness

We would learn of you
And sing new songs

Long Beach
March 1987

6 March 2014,
Russia has invaded the Crimea! By bringing in troops to take over both airports and blocking the country from other country arrivals by special unmarked forces. What a bold chess move on Putin's part! Only a self-preoccupied fool would do such a thing at this time! Obama responded at this point in having a 90 minute phone call, which Putin has largely ignored... Putin has been playing these geo-political chess games long before this one by having earlier (2008) invaded Georgia. But that was when George W Bush was manning the chess board and lost that game miserably. Nevertheless, as events unfold, the rhetoric from Moscow continues to interfere with and distort the perception of reality on the ground in Kiev. I hope the rhetoric from Washington is more responsible and truthful. Hard to tell. I can only hope that Putin's Napoleonic posturing will help strip the hypocrisy on our side of the world in America, because he's eventually got to deal with his own.

Where is the global chess board anyway? Kiev? Or, should it be moved to a better global place, such as Berlin? Or, God forbid, the UN in New York? Certainly not Moscow or Washington!

7 March 14. I wrote to my cousins in eastern Ukraine, whom I last visited in 2007:
It is hard for us in America to know what is really going on in your country these days. The news keeps changing daily. How are the changes in government affecting you?

With concern, Zhenya

8 March 14. A young cousin in Kharkhov replied:
Dear Evgeniy Nikolayevich!
We are all right! Ukraine has problems but they don't affect us directly.

Russia is going to take Crimea. And it looks like Ukraine can not do anything to prevent it. It looks like Ukraine has no government now.
But it's quiet outside (in the street)...

Best regards, R...
10 March 14.
I surely agree with Jeffrey Sachs' "Next Steps in the Ukraine Crisis" editorial in today's New York Times! The US and Europe MUST NOT take military action, despite Putin's bald-face military incursion into Crimea. This is an historical pivot point that must be solved by diplomacy and international law and NOT BY FORCE. The Ukrainians can do this from the grass roots up, not corrupt governance down. They rightfully got rid of the cynical and unfairly "elected president", who then looted their treasury and fled to Russia. The whole world is watching with baited breath. As a diaspora Ukrainian via my late father, I believe his kinsmen and women can rise to the task! Give us a functional example of how an enlightened citizenry can choose wise leaders, who can teach even my America a lesson in wisdom and integrity. This is to say nothing about teaching Russia's Putin anything.

12 March 14
I received today a message from another cousin in Ukraine. He does not speak English, but does look at this blog. For him here is the Russian translation of my poems above (in the same order). 


Мое паломничество
наконец завершено.
Покорена вершина.
Те тучи мрачные,
что когда-то были далеко в вышине,
теперь внизу безмолвно проплывают.

К моему удивлению,
этот пик широк!
На нем построен замок,
и «…мечи на орала» –
близь древней крепости
заставляет меня плакать.

Как много люда разного передо мною здесь!
У немногих на устах слова добродетели,
у многих – жадности.
Не размывают ли они мой поиск?

Или это не то место, что я искал?
То место, где золотые ноты
когда-то сон пронзили мой?
Неужели та, что встретил я так давно,
так и не услышала мою песню,
не узнала о моём прибытии?

Такие глупые, детские вопросы!
К себе я возвращаюсь,
ждать извне ответа,
и коль верна моя надежда, –
я приеду вновь,
в следующий раз ко внутренним покоям.

23 сентября 1973 г. 



С первого взгляда
я знал,
что это то самое место,
и все прочее померкло.

Больше, чем древняя красота,
много больше, чем то, что я видел раньше –
её спадающий, цветущий покров,
с его бескрайними, зажжёными свечами,
тот, что обёрнут в мантию лазури и
увенчан куполами золотыми.

Больше, чем древний мир
так часто за эту тысячу лет низвергнутый
то ордами восточными,
то Запада мечами,
и всё же вновь сейчас шумящий
улыбчивой толпой.

То был тот тихий страх Господень
что в душу мне пробрался, и унес её…
Я видел те серо-зелёные холмы,
то сказочное древо – возрождённым,
что умереть не может, не должно.

Освещённая, милая моя,
когда с тобой я
пою свою песни,
я знаю, что ты дом мой слышишь.
И твой узнаю лучше я
когда вернусь ещё раз

а потом ещё,
и много, много раз потом…

май, 88



корни твоих сынов-изгнанников
приходим мы искать;
искать их глубже корней кельтских,
и глубже страхов, старых и немых

как гости-варяги
с славянскою душой
сейчас мы ищем новые и совершенные миры –
на исцеленье нашей слепоты

мы о тебе узнáем –
и песни новые споем

Лонг Бич
Март 1987 

13 Mar 14... having posted this last poem in Russian, I realized that the date and place coincided with the Sister City project between Sochi, Russia and Long Beach, California. I was a mayoral appointee to that committee. Who would have thought back then that the Olympics would some day be held in Sochi?! I had an awful time getting good press for that project at the time, given the politically conservative territory in southern California and its fear of Soviet intentions. Those fears are resurfacing now that Putin is carrying out military maneuvers around Ukraine and Crimea. This thing is going to backfire on Russia if Ukraine can keep its cool. There is a great deal of international support growing for Ukraine as it struggles to keep its head above water.

Ukraine, keep cool! May your faces shine. Don't let fear rule.

On Wednesday, 13 Mar 14, 4:32 PM  Cousin Igor wrote from Ukraine (my translation):
It is not surprising that what is happening in Ukraine is not clear or understandable to you in America.  There is much that we do not understand here in Ukraine. 
But I am convinced that the causes of the current mess and unrest in the country lie with today's leaders. After all, it is they who during the Yanukovych presidency openly called upon the people to take up weapons in Maidan. As a result, the Yanukovych regime was overthrown quite easily. The example was contagious. And this scenario today is being used against the new districts in Donetsk, Lugansk and Crimea. The methods are the same. They have the same goal: to take power. They do not think about people. They only want to seize power. This is my opinion.  
Much of what is reported by the media information is untrue.  The hot spot is now Crimea. How that will play out is not known. Time will tell. 
Vicki’s husband [Vicki is Igor's granddaughter] drives his car every week to work in Simferopol. He says no problems have yet arisen. In Melitopol, everything is calm. That's all I can tell you today.  
P.S. Eugene, I check the contents of your blog. I do not understand much, though interesting. I wonder about and admire your stormy activities. Sometimes I think that we live in parallel worlds. I wish you success in all that you're doing.
17 March 14.
And so Crimea has had an election where more that 95% voted pro-Russian for independence from Ukraine. The Tatars boycotted the election. Don't yet know how many Ukrainians actually voted. This seems like old Soviet times with similar election results back in style! I wonder if it will actually last among the people? Am also not sure how international election monitors have assessed the fairness of these election results. We may never know the truth if Putin moves fast to annex Crimea. He's playing speed chess at present. The West's counter moves seem weak.

I also understand there are plans by Russia to build a bridge between the eastern end of Crimea and nearby Russia proper. That will seal the fate of Ukraine by having it literally swallowed by Russia, which is something Putin is clearly relishing to taste!

Remember, remember: this is about the whole of Ukraine, not just Crimea. Vladimir Putin knows that. Ukrainians know that. And we must not forget it. There is nothing we or the Ukrainian government can do to restore its control over Crimea. The crucial struggle is now for eastern Ukraine. If the whole of Ukraine, including the east, participates in peaceful, free and fair presidential elections on May 25, it can survive as one independent country (minus Crimea). It will also be back on an unambiguously democratic, constitutional path. In everything the EU and the West does over the next two months, that should be our first priority.
This sounds like wisdom to me! And to it I say Amen! The May 25 elections must be protected at all costs, which means international monitors with impeccable credentials must be permitted to observe and to comment openly and freely.

On 23 November 2012, I wrote:
I was greatly excited by the Orange Revolution of 2004 in the country of my father's birth. But I have been greatly disappointed in how it has stumbled since, exemplified by last year's imprisonment of Yulia. My hope for Ukraine is that, despite such inevitable stumbles of a new democratic republic. the Ukrainian electorate are now awake enough not to allow it to descend again into despotism as it was during the Soviet period. That I can voice this disappointment and caution from my home in America is an indicator that this hope is not in vain. May your country be blessed by courageous voting citizens electing wise, humble leaders.
On 26 March 2014, I wrote:
I would say the same thing (as on 23 Nov 12), despite Putin's unwise move into Crimea. May Ukraine citizens stay cool and wise. To my family in Ukraine I say: You are not alone in the world. Many powerful forces for good (despite some obviously less benevolent ones) are at work in America and elsewhere to give you the moral and substance support you deserve. You have an historic opportunity to be a Light for fairness and equality to the world!

On 28 March 2014, I wrote to cousin Igor:
So much has happened since you last wrote, even though only two more weeks have passed. Is Vika's husband still driving to Simferopol without problems? How about Kharkov? Zaparozhe? Melitopol? Minsk? What can you tell me? Do you have good access to international and local news? How is your morale? Do you feel safe? With continuing concern… Zhenya
On 29 March 2014, Igor answered:
Zhenya, there's a lot of information on the networks about what is happening in Ukraine. I can only say that in Melitopol life is peaceful and proceeding as usual. If not for television, we would not know anything different. Vicki's husband was last in Simferopol on March 20 before problems in the Crimea had occurred. I am sure that we will not be having problems. Thank you for your concern, but there is no reason to worry.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Attending the 23rd International UFO Congress

Event: 11-16 Feb 2014
Updated: 15 Mar 14

Arizona desert north of Phoenix
The International UFO Congress in Phoenix, Arizona was more important than I expected. 

I was especially pleased to meet presenter Glenn Steckling's mother, a quiet, unassuming German woman with a surprising story about her experience among thousands of others witnessing a gigantic space ship hovering silently over Berlin just after WWII. This event gave those dispirited witnesses a surprising sense of peace and hope amid the rubble of that destroyed city.

Ingrid at George Adamski Foundation booth

Alan G. Toman
I also met another contactee and friend of Glenn, Alan G. Tolman, a US Marine veteran of the Korean War, who, with the troops of his combat division, witnessed a UFO surveying the Allied main line of resistance during the 1950-51 period. Tolman had been fascinated by UFOs since high school in 1947. 

In 1954, Tolman met George Adamski after reading a newspaper account of Adamski's first direct encounter with ETs and a scout craft near Desert Center in the southern California desert on November 20, 1952. Not long after meeting Adamski, Tolman met his first ET while working at Douglas Aircraft in El Segundo, California. As Tolman tells the story, he was standing in line in the company cafeteria when he heard his name "Alan" spoken in his mind. Thinking it was the guy behind him he asked what he wanted, but it was not him. Tolman heard his name again spoken in his mind and looked around to see a man 5 or 6 persons back smiling and waving. After Tolman took his food to a table the man came over and asked Tolman if he could join him. After a brief getting acquainted the man (Tolman refers to him as "Dan") began to tell Tolman details about Tolman's life as a child that only his mother could have known. After 'Dan' had spoken to Alan in his mind, Alan asked Dan not to do that any more. I was puzzled, if not amused, at Tolman's reluctance to communicate by telepathy. 

Still later in the 1955-56 period, while visiting Adamski, Tolman witnessed the landing of a scout craft on Adamski's property in southern California, which was near Cal Tech's Mount Palomar Observatory, which houses the famous Hale 200-inch telescope.

Shortly after meeting Dan, Tolman was visited by two government agents, who identified themselves to Tolman'a satisfaction. One was from Navy intelligence and the other from the CIA. Both men knew of Tolman's conversations with "Dan" and encouraged him to disclose his interest and contact experience. When Tolman asked why the men didn't disclose the subject themselves, they explained they were not permitted to do so, but he could.

Eugene Kovalenko and Alan Tolman
John Alexander
John Alexander's presentation "UFOs: Science or Science Fiction?" was for me too rapid to follow without having prior knowledge of his newest book: UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities. But he was able to explain why the military and other governmental agencies aren't interested in dealing with the UFO phenomenon these days, even though they continue to study it. His book goes into great detail and gives names. Alexander is a retired US Army colonel and was closely associated with the Stargate program. He did his doctoral work under the direction of Elizabeth Kubler Ross.

Ed Storms and John Alexander
Stephen Bassett
StephenBassett's presentation was electrifying. He presented his PRG plan to 'checkmate' the government's refusal to end its "Truth Embargo" of the disclosure of UFOs this coming spring. This is not the same issue as Alexander's, which is that the DOD does not find the UFO phenomenon a threat to national security, which is why Congress will not fund further investigations. But the Truth Embargo reveals the government's fear of embarrassment for its lack of ultimate control over their nuclear weapons launch facilities. Both US and Russian nuclear weapons facilities have been disabled at strategic times in recent decades by ET ships, which obviously gives notice to both governments. The Russian president (Medvedyev) has admited this. [See Russian documentary.] The US president has not.

Stephen Bassett

[7 Mar 14. In private conversation after his presentation, Bassett surprised me by asking an eerie question having to do with "Manchurian Candidate" techniques and ET implications after learning about my coming from Los Alamos, experiences in USSR in early mid '70s with Soviet-American trade and the recently declassified Stopwatch/Gold project of the mid '50s.]

Retired LANL scientist friend Ed Storms, with whom I attended the conference, said: 
"I think the US government at high level realizes the ET are here, that they will not interfere with what we do, and the ET will gradually be accepted no matter what the US government does. Therefore, there is no point in stirring up the crazies with an announcement. In addition, the message of the ET is in conflict with US policy. If sane people knew the message, the Military-Industrial Complex would have to be dismantled while the crazies would insist it be increased. The US government does not want this debate to distract from their policies. According to John Alexander, most people in the military have no interest in the subject. I find this to be the general response of people I talk to. Interesting, but so what?"
Ted Peters gave a surprisingly comprehensive opening presentation on the subject "UFO Abductions: Are They Spiritual?" Peters teaches systematic theology at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary and the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California. In introducing myself just after his presentation and mentioning my 2012 Sunstone Symposium paper "How the Bomb corrupted the World and How Mormons and American Indian Shamans Can Help Save It" he asked for a copy, which after receiving it, his kind and focused response was: "Keep those Los Alamos scientists honest, and bring us world peace." Ed responded: "Nice idea". I learned later that Peters had visited Los Alamos years ago.
Ted Peters with dolphins: blog banner
Main Purpose
My main purpose in attending the International UFO Congress was to enable me to interest and inform young people here in Los Alamos about the UFO phenomenon and its significance. Even though the subject is far out to most people, it never fails to interest young people, many of whom seem to experience a lack of meaning and indifference towards the standard educational system these days. Too many are simply bored with life and cannot envision a hopeful future. An end to the "Truth Embargo" on several fronts, beginning with the government and extending into the educational system, would surely serve as a motivating wake up call.

Two Policy Statements
Thus, I see two major policy statements, which ought to be made in this country:

First: By the US President: "We are not alone."
Second: By the LDS (Mormon) Church President: "We have made mistakes."

I believe the second statement must come before the first, because of the political leverage that institution holds (let alone I was born and raised in this institution and excommunicated for challenging it). Continuing to claim to be "the only true Church on the face of the earth" is an arrogance that helps anchor the entrenchment of the Truth Embargo. But, being willing to make that simple second policy statement would tip the balance of good governance towards transparency and courage, which could encourage the US president to end the Embargo.

Glenn Steckling
Of the two presentations that had been of special personal interest before coming to the conference, the most important was by Glenn Steckling titled "UFOs, ET Visitations; Adamski Revisited".

Glenn Steckling

Having known both Glenn Steckling and John Alexander well before this conference, I was eager to learn what was new. Glenn is a professional airline pilot (since 1984) and has had direct exposure to UFOs and ET visitors since he was a boy. His father, the late Fred Steckling, worked directly with George Adamski and inherited Adamski's records at Adamski's death in 1965. Click here for a link referencing a private meeting with Glenn and others in the La Fonda Hotel in Santa Fe in October 2013.

PS. As an aside, the night before attending the conference, Ed and I had dinner with my first cousin Rodney and his wife, Nyla, both active believing Mormons, who live in Phoenix. I was surprised to learn that Nyla is the aunt of Travis Walton, perhaps the most well-known abductee, whose powerful story was featured in the 1993 Hollywood film "Fire in the Sky".

Travis Walton came to Los Alamos on June 12, 2012 to give an update on his experience. I came away from his presentation feeling that, as he has reflected on what had happened to him in the intervening years, his understanding has changed. Rather than accepting his experience as an 'abduction', he now experiences it as a 'rescue' from having been inadvertently zapped. He has also made a successful industry of his experience, having written a book about it that is now in apparent high demand in a new edition after being out of print for many years.

At his presentation in Los Alamos, Walton produced an artifact of evidence that I found compelling. It was a photograph of a coring of several evergreen trees taken by the National Geographic of trees near the site where Walton had been zapped. These trees were 100+ years old, so it was easy to see the regular spacing of the rings over the years and to correlate annual growth rings and their dates. The evidence showed that from 1975 to about 1992, there was an anomalous acceleration of tree growth rate! It was a dramatically obvious change to the naked eye to see the ring spacing suddenly accelerate to what appeared to be at least twice the normal rate and then gradually return to a regular pattern as before. The year 1975 is the year of Walton's experience and the effect on the surroundings--at least the trees that were examined--was to accelerate growth, NOT a destructive effect as one might have been supposed, given Walton's initial fearful encounter.

On March 3, 2014, Rex Mitchell wrote:

 I don't quite understand how a report to the school board and county council would achieve your purpose, "to enable me to interest and inform young people here in Los Alamos about the UFO phenomenon and its significance. ..Too many are simply bored with life and cannot envision a hopeful future."

As you said, the young already tend to be interested in this area.  If what several of the presenters said is correct, then the ETs are here and don't want much contact and won't cause problems.  What implications does that have for the young to envision a hopeful future?
As you know, I am skeptical about why an unbelievably advanced civilization would have more than passing interest in such a minor planet, around a third-rate star, in a remote corner of a second-rate galaxy - enough to hang around for many decades.  I'm also skeptical about why such a civilization could not manage to avoid sporadic, unplanned, visual contact.  If they wanted contact, then I would expect them to arrange it.  Having only occasional, stochastic contacts with a only a few random individuals does not seem very intelligent or planned.
On 4 March, Glenn Steckling responded to Rex:
Whether perceived boredom, or merely total exasperation with the follies of previous generations, the opportunity to envision and finally partake of “Actual”, and not merely promised, greater and tangible future opportunities through understanding and enhancement of the human condition implemented by space exploration encompasses the entire spectrum of individual and combined planetary talents. The challenge of this momentous task transcends ALL fields, alleviating divisions and barriers that often manipulate us every day. Space exploration provides insights and advancements in to virtually all arenas: political, electronics, aerodynamics, computers, programming, construction, environmental, medical, farming, and worldwide economics, - a list far too extensive to compose - alleviating the crushing dependency on military industrialization and aggressive implementation as our primary means of tenuous economic support. Space based industries provide nearly a 4 to 1 return for every dollar spent, something conveniently overlooked by Congress, the Military, and associated institutions which have a vested interest in diverting those funds, and placating an already comatose public. The opportunities of such progressive, euphoric and heroic space initiatives should cause even the most detached to feel hopeful. It certainly did when President Kennedy committed this entire nation to this endeavor heart and soul. 
Skepticism has its place, critical thinking too, but so does rationalism. This argument represents the trap of far off distances, which has been discussed many times, and preferable to many academic minds all too accepting of a single, controlled data source. By shifting and refocusing our space program, and the public’s perception away from our own solar system and "human" exploration - shifting it on too deep space, the psychological barrier of detachment prevails. Everything is perceived as too far away or remote, we as too insignificant, time as too momentous, etc. 
First of all, not to take this into the more complex than necessary, our ET friends have been engaged already as far back as FDR, with an abundance of evidence suggests much further. Presented to every administration, Military organization, Theological denomination, seen over every major city, tracked and photographed in every nation worldwide. Kennedy, Nixon, Carter, Ford, Reagan, Clinton has been but a few who self-divulged to at least sightings, if not more. The plethora and saturation of contact has if fact been a major problem for our agencies ordered to ignore or deny this very existence. So if anyone is involved with deterring progressive advancement, and micro managing the future, it is certainly not E.T., but rather those here who manipulate the progress of events within our own society. The problem has not been their willingness to be seen, filmed, photographed, examined, interacted with, etc, but by our governing bodies and agencies mandate to live up to their responsibilities and to pass down this information to the public, who can then decide what THEY WANT FOR A CHANGE.

On 5 March 14, AM, Eugene answers Rex:

I (ENK) asked Glenn Steckling to review this blog and correct anything he found amiss from his point of view. He corrected Alan Tolman's story by sending signed copies of Tolman's account, which I will amplify in subsequent updates here. Alan is also sending me additional information, which I will add as it arrives. Glenn also then wrote the above response specifically to your comments. I want to point out some specific assumptions and questions you make and ask that Glenn addresses.

1. (Rex) "...the ETs are here and don't want much contact and won't cause problems."
(ENK) That's not quite right. They DO want contact, but they have learned to be wary, as Glenn points out.
2. (Rex) "What implications does that have for the young to envision a hopeful future?"
(ENK) In Los Alamos there have been a series of suicides of young people that address your question. I have been concerned about this issue for years and believe the current school system is partially at fault and must be willing and able to address it.
3. (Rex) "I am skeptical about why an unbelievably advanced civilization would have more than passing interest in such a minor planet, around a third-rate star, in a remote corner of a second-rate galaxy - enough to hang around for many decades."
(ENK) Again, Glenn addresses this.
4. (Rex) "I'm also skeptical about why such a civilization could not manage to avoid sporadic, unplanned, visual contact. "
(ENK) Glenn has addressed this well, I think, but not completely. I will have more to say about this in later comments.
5. (Rex) "If they wanted contact, then I would expect them to arrange it. Having only occasional, stochastic contacts with a only a few random individuals does not seem very intelligent or planned."
(ENK) Another assumption that the facts belie, as Glenn points out. I suggest you acquire George Adamski's three books, namely 1. Flying Saucers Have Landed; 2. Inside the Space Ships; 3. Flying Saucers Farewell. In my opinion #2 is the most important if you had to choose only one.

On 5 Mar 14, 4:00 PM, Glenn wrote:
No doubt I will forfeit my ambassadorial skills yet again. : ) but as the old saying goes, “Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.” Over the decades, the greatest concern with these types of UFO Conferences and associated types of meetings is multifold, and we have exercised caution at not participating in too many. Whilst it is productive to invoke discussion and beneficial to study the many facets of the human minds expressions, such discussions must have purpose and legitimacy. Much of that has evaporated long ago. On several levels, we see the purposeful repetition of misinformation designed to confuse and redirect. In substitution for fact and reality, there is rampant speculation, theorizing, and opinions offered up as truth to an apathetic and naïve audience. I see this on TV programs related to UFOs all the time. So called experts saying, well it - could be - “this”, or “that”, or “whatever”, when in reality they don’t know anything and should be quiet until they can definitely produce otherwise. Yet it always amazes me how many continue to fall for this. The spectacle of jockeying “experts”, when in reality, none exist, and even fewer willing to admit, “I don’t know”, thus a state of total confusion prevails … A free for all of anything goes, no one held accountable or responsible for their statements. A situation, ladies and gentlemen, so designed on purpose! Small pieces of the truth may surface, for those who can recognize it, but nothing of substance. 
Next, the abusive marketing and marketeers who have also descended upon this subject to exploit, most of which having nothing to do with anything involving this subject, i.e, Astrologists, Crystal sellers, Aura promoters, New Agers, and God knows what other paraphernalia marketers. Never one to mince words, and to concur with what Adamski, my father and their space contacts have been asked and made clear face to face, let us be exact! Little to none of this has anything to do with tangible UFO / ET activity or scientific discovery. Where there is the perpetration of mysticism, secret societies and agendas, crop circles, holographic projections, witchcraft, etc, such is produced by “US” here on this world, and has nothing to do with them. Where there are stories of horrific cruelty, force, barbarism, experimentations, mutilations, inseminations, etc, this once again is “US” and nothing to do with any of them. When we are told fables of Science fiction familiarities, such as Stargates, multi dimensions, Inter- dimensional shifting, time travel, Alien Big Foots, genetic procurement and engineering, genome harvesting, etc, such is once again products of our own internal fantasies and ignorance’s of the simplest of life’s principles, and has absolutely nothing to do the truth concerning what exists beyond this world. 
No longer does any government or agencies have to worry much about much which surfaces concerning this subject. In fact they barely even monitor it anymore, for as planned and initiated long ago, the internally subjugation and resulting circus has produced more destruction and mayhem than they could have possible hoped for. Remember this as one surfs through the plethora of information being promoted these days.
On 5 Mar 14, 4:32, Glenn wrote again:
...The conditions existing within our solar system are evolving constantly. Not basically in themselves, but in our willingness to reveal and accept them. Remember not too long ago, that the last set of Martian lander instruments tested in the Atacoma Desert in Chile reported there is no life on planet Earth.  Dr. Jastrow, project Viking in the 1970's' reported proof of microbiological life on Mars already at this first mission. Now we have water, temperature variations hot to cold similar to that of Earth's, Atmosphere, O2, etc. 
Some of this replicated on our Moon as well. The same challenges exist with the discontinuity of information concerning Venus and Saturn. If there is any great secret that our officials are determined to keep at any cost, [it] is the existence of intelligent life on our neighboring planets. This admission changes everything, and challenges our power structure to its deepest levels.

On 5 Mar 14, 5:30 PM,  Rex responded to Eugene:
Your 2nd point re local student suicides seems important.  My point was and is that I don't see the connection between a report on the conference and helping that problem.
Your other four points refer me to Glenn's piece for answers.  His first two paragraphs advocate a renewed space exploration program (which I support; I worked in the space industry from 1959-1978, a good time).  In the last paragraph, I find only partial, and unsupported, answers to some of my questions.  His central, far-reaching contention needs to be established with hard evidence, not just the writings of George Adamski and other true-believers:  "...with an abundance of evidence suggests much further. Presented to every administration, Military organization, Theological denomination, seen over every major city, tracked and photographed in every nation worldwide. Kennedy, Nixon, Carter, Ford, Reagan, Clinton has (sic) been but a few who self-divulged to at least sightings, if not more. The plethora and saturation of contact has if fact been a major problem..."
On 5 Mar 14, 6:00 PM, Eugene wrote:
I hope this exchange between Glenn Steckling and Rex Mitchell will resolve many questions that readers may have. I know these two men personally and value their friendship. I perceive them both as honest, competent and well motivated. For that reason I encourage them both to be as rigorous as they are capable until the questions are answered to each other's (and my) satisfaction. I cannot believe that our space friends are anything but delighted to see such a communication take place!

To be continued...

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Scout Sunday: "Be Prepared".

Posted: 23 Feb 14.
Updated: 26 Feb

On Sunday, 23 Feb, Birgitta and I attended the local Episcopal Church in Los Alamos. As the presiding priest began his sermon honoring Scout Sunday, I had a flash of insight into an old experience as he talked. Below is my letter to him about it:

Arizona Desert

Dear Fr. G, When you began your sermon today with the Scout motto on Scouting Sunday, I flashed on a long-ago experience with a new insight: http://orthodoxodyssey.blogspot.com/2009/06/motorcylce-accident.html. Until your sermon, I had not not appreciated the Scout motto as much as I do now! That motto saved my life as a 19-year-old! When the pickup truck driven by the three teenagers (mentioned in the above event) came to a stop at the bottom of the arroyo with me and my mangled motorcycle underneath it, they jumped out of the truck to take a look at me and screamed, "Oh, my God! We've killed him! We've killed him! Back the truck up! Back the truck up!"
 That's when I heard myself  immediately shout out to them: "NO! DO NOT BACK THE TRUCK UP!  I'M IN SHOCK. GET ME OUT FIRST AND KEEP ME WARM! KEEP MY LEGS UP. STOP THE BLEEDING! GET TO AN EMERGENCY HOSPITAL!"  The kids obeyed my Eagle Scout commands, which saved my life. Otherwise, I would have been one dead young man.  
Thanks for the insight.... 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cold War Correspondence with Duke University Professor J.B. Rhine

Posted: 1 Feb 14
Updated: 10 Feb 14

J. B. Rhine

Cold War Correspondence

In summer 2013, I discovered the existence of the Rhine Research Center (RRC) and subscribed to its monthly e-newsletter. Months later I learned that this organization was originally known as the Foundation For Research on the Nature of Man (FRNM). In the December issue of RRC's e-newsletter, an article by Executive Director John Kruth titled The Science Behind Your Beliefs caught my attention.

On Monday, 12/30/2013, I wrote the following email:

Dear John,
Is there anyone in your organization who would be interested in my story about meeting J.B. Rhine in late November 1964 and the project we agreed to work on together? Does your archival history contain any of our correspondence? If not, would you be interested in having a copy?

Is there any record of the unannounced and unexpected visit of actors Eddie Albert and Burl Ives, who were there at the same time as I was?

Eugene Kovalenko

The next day, Tuesday, December 31, 2013, 
I received the following letter from Sally Feather, Emeritus Executive Director:
Dear Eugene,

I am taking the liberty of responding to your inquiry below as I am the person who deals with much of the archival matters of the Rhine Center. And in fact I recall that I just happened to be visiting at the Duke Parapsychology Lab during the visit from Burl Ives and Eddie Albert at the regular coffee hour that you note in 1964. That is the kind of occurrence that stands out, as not too common although there were often other celebrities, but especially for me as I had always been a great fan of Burl Ives. I recall my disappointment that he deferred a request to sing because there was a visiting young singer whom he encouraged to sing instead.
But yes I would be interested in the account of your meeting with JB, and your project. As for finding an account of that visit here, one would have to check through JB’s correspondences that are preserved in the Special Collections of the Duke University Library on the Duke Campus several miles away...  I will be getting over to the Library in late January and could perhaps help with that limited search if you want to pursue that further.

Thanks for your interest in this matter.

Sally Feather

Later on Tuesday 12/31/2013 I responded:

Dear Sally,

What a surprisingly wonderful and synchronistic response!

I was that young singer! So, you were there in the lab audience at that time!  It shocked me to be asked by JB to sing the "Song of the Volga Boatmen." I didn't know he knew I sang, let alone that particular song!, but it was a never-to-be-forgotten experience.

I had come to see JB at his invitation to discuss an idea that I'd had the previous summer, which had nothing to do with my then career as a nuclear materials scientist. In fact, it had military implications and my question to him was, "Am I crazy?" During that first meeting he said something like, "Not only are you not crazy, but the issue you describe is urgent! Clearly you have a calling. We have been waiting years for someone with your background. Here is the phone, call your wife and tell her you are coming to work with me." And then he gave me two books by Russian authors: L.L. Vasiliev and Nikolai Khokhlov, both of which profoundly changed my life...

8 Feb 14. Shortly after that initial exchange with Sally Feather, I contacted the archivists of the University of Utah Special Collections library who generously scanned and e-mailed my correspondence with J. B. Rhine, which was forwarded to the RRC. Below is a beginning overview of that 62-file correspondence at the behest of the Executive and Emeritus Executive directors of the RRC.

First Exchanges

On October 20, 1964, I first wrote to Professor J.B. Rhine at Duke University.

20 Oct 64

Dr. J. B. Rhine
Psychology Dept.
Duke University
Durham, NC

Dear Dr. Rhine,

I am an investigator in the physical sciences, but for some years have been passively aware (in myself) of certain psi phenomena. Recently I discovered that I am apparently telepathic. Having learned of your work I resolved to try contacting you during a forth coming conference in Raleigh at which I've been invited to deliver a paper. I shall be in Raleigh on November 16, 17 and 18. Hopefully we can meet.

E.N. Kovalenko

A week later J.B. Rhine answered:

 (click on images to enlarge)
J.B. Rhine's first letter

Thus began a correspondence that would last until June 1965, with an epilogue in May 1978, two years before Rhine’s death. Two telegrams followed the first exchange:

Telegrams to and from J.B. Rhine 
Between those first October 1964 exchanges and the November telegrams there are several back stories.

I was then a new Ph.D. nuclear scientist, researching the behavior of nuclear fuels for power reactors at General Atomic in La Jolla, California.

A week or two after my Ukraine-born father's death the previous May 1964, a distressing idea hit me while I was in my laboratory at General Atomic. It felt almost like a physical blow to the head and I thought I had become deranged. It had nothing to do with my professional assignment at GA. The only thing I could connect it to was a series of experiences I had had during my clandestine military service in Berlin 8 years earlier, all of which were still classified, and which I could not disclose to any unauthorized person for 20 years (which would be 1976).

I did not know whom to talk to about this idea without being viewed with suspicion. The only person I decided to confide in was my brother Virgil, then an OSI [Office of Special Investigation] officer for the US Air Force. We met in the Los Angeles Mormon temple, which was a place we felt was spiritually safe, since we both were active, believing Mormons. As I disclosed my idea, I again felt the foreboding I had first felt in my laboratory. 

Not knowing how to evaluate what I had confided to him, Virgil decided to seek the counsel of an old Mormon friend of ours, Colonel Jack Tueller
, who had been our scoutmaster when we were Boy Scouts in Phoenix. Tueller advised Virgil "Don't let your brother feel absurd about this idea. See if he can get hard information." With that encouragement I did a literature search.

What I discovered was information vastly different from the hard science I had been trained in. The subject was so bizarre that I was confused what to take seriously. However, one name kept coming up that had the respect of the international scientific community. It was Professor J.B. Rhine of Duke University, considered by many as the ‘father of parapsychology’.

When Rhine and I met in late November 1964, after I had presented a scientific paper at an international Materials Science conference in nearby Raleigh, my first question after telling him my idea was, "Am I crazy?" The idea had to do with developing an effective defense to a psi-war offensive where Soviet psychic operatives would be able to affect decisions of major world leaders, including the U.S. president.

He surprised me with "Not only is your idea not crazy, but it is urgent!" He then showed me his private library full of relevant books and papers. He pulled two books off his shelves and gave them to me. One was "Experiments in Mental Suggestion" by Soviet physiologist 
L. L. Vasiliev, the other was “In the Name of Conscience” by N. E. Khokhlov, a defected KGB agent who had been awarded U.S. citizenship by special act of Congress because of his book.

Rhine then handed me the phone and said, "It's clear you have a calling. We've been waiting years for someone with your background. Here's the phone; call your wife. Tell her you are joining me in my new Foundation for Research on the Nature of Man."

Excited, but overwhelmed, I was unable to make such a major unexpected, career-changing decision on the spot and asked for time. Rhine agreed, but asked me to stay overnight at his home to meet his wife, Louisa, and then to attend a staff meeting the next day. To this I agreed...

Chapt. 2: Duke University Meetings (JBR office + Laboratory)
Chapt. 3: Lunch with Celebrities (Eddie Albert and Burl Ives)
Chapt. 4: Poem  (Pilgrim)
Chapt. 5: Nikolai Khokhlov (defected KGB)
Chapt. 6: Pivotal Dream (on 23 Dec 64)
Chapt. 7: Planning Carmel Meeting (Jan 65)
Chapt. 8: After Carmel Meeting (Jan-Feb 65)
Chapt. 9: Approaching Mormon Church Hierarchy (McKay and LBJ)
Chapt. 10: Walking away from the Project (professionally)
Chapt. 11: Memo to USAF Major V. N. Kovalenko (the burden)
Chapt. 12: Second poem (Night)
Chapt. 13-xx: Continuing the correspondence

To be continued....