Friday, January 24, 2014

Bravery in Kiev

Posted: 24 Jan 14
Updated: 27 Jan


On 1/19/14, one of my sons sent this photo from Twitter, which I missed last December.

He said: "THIS is what bravery looks like (that's it on the right)..." I agree. More power to the Ukrainian people as they deal with the birth pangs of a functional democracy!

On 1/26/14, this same son sent a more current Twitter link: 
"Fascinating blog from the front line:...

What will "After" look like?

On Sunday, 26 January, I sent the above Twitter links to an American friend in Europe, who replied:
I've been thinking about Ukraine.  I see no option but its slow or quick move toward EU bankrolling, with stupid NATO not far behind. EU support will be very good for Ukraine, but Russia will at first make it pay heavily. Needing enemies to justify itself, the West continues to make provocative military moves toward Russia. This is stupid and short-sighted. In time, after the bottom drops out of the dirty energy market, upon which it depends, Russia will join the EU. 
I replied later that same day:
Yeah, Ukraine is in a nexus, but if you looked through all those pix [in the second Twitter link] and accompanying comments by the young Ukrainian photo journalist who is intimately into the events there in Kiev, you will see how disciplined the opposition is. Surprise! 
My friend responded again:
 Yes. It made me think that when revolution comes to the US it will be in a similar fashion: non-centralized, spontaneous, and therefore relatively impossible to suppress by swat units, National Guard, military, secret service, CIA, FBI, NSA and all the other self-perpetuating cancerous, demonic forces of death and dominion.  Very hard to defeat, impossible to control. If I were the government and the 1% I'd be watching Ukraine very closely, because they are creating a map of resistance and revolution that will be duplicated.
I replied:
There's a spirit there that is not bowing to the old repressive attitudes of greedy opportunists and old Russian fear tactics. We in the West need to keep hands off their process, as if we had anything better than a Wall Street mentality or Military-Industrial-Complex power motives to offer.
To which he again replied on Monday, 27 Jan:
I so totally agree. And if Putin knows what is best for him and Russia, he will back off as well. Why? Because all he can do is make the outcome worse for him. 

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