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Discovering Rhine Research Center

Posted: 7 Jan 14
Updated: 12 Jan 14

Bridging the Gap Between Science and Spirituality

Last summer (2013) I became aware of the Rhine Research Center. It brought back memories of meeting and corresponding with its namesake, Dr. J.B. Rhine at Duke University in 1964-65. Rhine's and my work together did not fully materialize, although we maintained a lively correspondence for many months. In response to my inquiry to the current executive director whether his organization would be interested in having a record of that correspondence, I was invited by the emeritus executive director to transfer those records from the special collections library archives of the University of Utah to those of the Rhine Research Center. This is because she also happens to be J.B. Rhine's daughter and was present at that initial meeting!

The U of Utah special collections manuscripts library generously scanned and sent all 62 letter exchanges between Rhine and me, which I then forwarded to Sally.

Beyond that, she and the current executive director further invited me to write an overview of that correspondence and the idea that initiated it. We are now developing a project to do just that in terms of a feature article for the Rhine Magazine! I will post highlights here as the project develops.

Friday, 10 Jan 14
Awoke this morning with a line in mind from an old poem, while reflecting on this new conversation with "The Rhine":
The work demands a strict review, mercy cannot rob it.
Sunday, 12 Jan 14  Here is a sketch of how the project is being framed so far:

Fig. 1. Framing the Project
After a long conference call last night with Sally in Durham (and Birgitta here), it became clear that this Rhine Magazine article must center around JB's story, not mine. I sent her the above sketch, which covers a period between June '64 and June '78 and she replied:
While it is JB’s story, I think your part really adds to the human interest part well. It rounds out the human part of the story that needs mention.  I appreciate [that] Birgitta’s role can moderate that well, [which] was similar to the behind-the-scenes good sense that I always saw my mother Louie play with my father.                                                  

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