Friday, August 23, 2013

Hat with three feathers

Posted: 23 Aug 13

Hat with three feathers
Three feathers: two from Seattle; one from Salt Lake City. Each has a story...

To be continued...

Monday, August 19, 2013


Posted: 19 Aug 13
Updated: 24 Aug

Flash dream this a.m. on the screen of my mind. A provocative image!


20 Aug.   Upon awakening this morning, as I began to reflect on this provocative image questions began forming in my mind.  "OK", I thought, "so I am facing fear. That is a true statement. What is this fear?" 

Many thoughts then began to flow into my mind. First I thought of the two fears mentioned by Rene Gerard (?) that thrive in ecclesiastical organizations, namely a. the fear of defilement and b. the fear of insufficient love. If one must chose between these fears, which one is more important? Clearly it is the latter.

Continuing this thread, I thought of a recent letter written to one of my sons who had taken umbrage at something I'd said recently. "How dare you......", he demanded. I responded by first writing, "I dare because love trumps fear..."

Yes, I like that, but do I truly know such love? I fear not well enough! It is a paradox.

And then I think: 'for fear to lose its power, it must be faced!' Hence, the flash dream image gains more power as I turn to face the many fears that I can think of. Here is a list of some of my fears:

1. chaos
2. pain
3. rejection
4. ridicule
5. infirmity
6. loss (of relationships, mindfulness, meaning, understanding...)
7. unbelief
8. unclear thinking
9. manipulation
10. arrogance
11. tyranny
12. ecclesiastical bullies
13. corrupt politicians
14. poverty

And, whoever manages to read this, please feel free to add your own lists to this one. Surely, as we share and confront such fears together by facing, they will transform into something creative, alive and beautiful. This is what I believe and trust. May this post be a place to track some of these transformations...

On Aug 21, Anonymous-1 wrote:
I fear generational influences that hold me captive, as well as being deceived and misguided. I also fear cleaning up messes.

To be continued....

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Meeting my newest grandson

Event: Father's Day 2013 (16 June)
Updated: 18 Aug 13

Bodhi and his daddy on his 3rd birthday

It was Father's Day morning. I had arrived in Seattle the evening before and had been picked up at the airport by son Michael and his family expressly to meet their son Bodhi, who was asleep in his car seat. So, we did not meet then as planned.

The following morning (now Father's Day) I awoke on the futon prepared for me in the living room of Michael's and Maris' home and there before me was their bright, beautiful son Bodhi waiting for me to open my eyes. He was silently smiling and waving. I'll never forget that first meeting!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

RPK Experiement has been demonstrated!

Posted: 13 Aug 2013
Updated: 15 Aug

I saw it with my own eyes live on Skype! My new friend George, now living in the Philippines, but based in Portland, Oregon, demonstrated his RPK capability on his device (not unlike mine), which sits on his office desk. As I watched the object twist slowly at his mental direction, I realized that the objective of my experiment had just been demonstrated. All the more interesting to me is that George is a theoretical physicist with a PhD from UC Berkeley!

To be continued....

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Greatest April Fool's Day story!

Posted: 10 Aug 13
Updated: 3 Sep 13

Yesterday (Aug 9) I had a conversation with my long-time (since 1965) friend Walt Chamberlin, now 93, who told me the greatest April Fool's Day story I've ever heard. He has allowed me to present it here. Pay special attention to his dream at the end of page 1!

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April Fool story, page 1 of 2


Posted: 10 Aug 13
Deer on road
I am fortunate to to be alive....  Don't know what happened to the unfortunate deer, but hope its death was instantaneous. It happened on Sunday night (7/28) at about 8:30 PM during a dark, stormy downpour. I was cruising 5 mph below the speed limit of 65 mph on the highway north of Chama  near the New Mexico/Colorado border on my way to Salt Lake City when suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, I see the deer--a large doe--too late... A split second later, BAM!! I hit the creature with no time to react and watched it with peripheral vision catapult up and over the car to the left.  Since it was on cruise control, the car did not even slow down, which probably saved my life. The airbags did not activate!

Ford Taurus after hitting the deer

To be continued...

Friday, August 9, 2013

Two Policy Statements

Posted: 9 Aug 13

Two policy statements I'd like to see made by important leaders:

1. We are not alone. (by US president)

2. We have made a mistake. (by LDS president)

Statement #1 cannot be made before #2 has been made.

My prayer: may it be so sooner than later.