Sunday, August 18, 2013

Meeting my newest grandson

Event: Father's Day 2013 (16 June)
Updated: 18 Aug 13

Bodhi and his daddy on his 3rd birthday

It was Father's Day morning. I had arrived in Seattle the evening before and had been picked up at the airport by son Michael and his family expressly to meet their son Bodhi, who was asleep in his car seat. So, we did not meet then as planned.

The following morning (now Father's Day) I awoke on the futon prepared for me in the living room of Michael's and Maris' home and there before me was their bright, beautiful son Bodhi waiting for me to open my eyes. He was silently smiling and waving. I'll never forget that first meeting!


JNDillard said...

Eugene, Michael's face reminds me of you! Maybe someday I will meet a grandchild. Dunno. I have a desire to help all children wake up out of nightmares and to find their inner compass. I don't feel like I'm making much progress toward that goal, but the first step toward attaining any goal is holding it clearly and consistently in mind and heart.

Eugene said...

Great comment, Joseph! Your hope is also mine and surely you must consider that progress. You are no doubt unaware of how profoundly your clear-held goal in heart and mind is blessing countless others. Remember the famous quote from the Bhagavad Gita: "To action alone thou hast a right; not to its fruits!"