Thursday, January 3, 2013

Colonel Jack Tueller again!!

Posted: 3 Jan 13

Captain Jack in 1943

Colonel Jack in 1987

Colonel Jack (Retired) in 2011

It was the strangest thing! Only a few minutes ago I hung up the phone from having "returned" a telephone call from old friend and boyhood hero, retired AF Col. Jack Tueller. I had heard the telephone ring in the music room from our bedroom, but didn't get to it before it ceased ringing--after only two rings. Birgitta came down from upstairs to ask if I'd seen who was calling. "No", I said, "didn't make it in time."

"It was Jack Tueller!", Birgitta said, having seen it on our caller ID upstairs. The last time Jack and I had talked was over a year ago, when I visited him at his home in Bountiful, Utah.

So, I called him back. Only he had just come in from outside and had not called!  Must have been an "angelic heads up", I said, and we both laughed. Stranger things have happened to both of us.

He was glad to hear my voice and said he had just come back from traveling to be with family and was preparing to make a presentation in Las Vegas this coming February. I reminded him of when I'd called a year ago and asked him to play his trumpet over the phone, and that I would sing him a Russian folk song in return. He agreed again, this time to play for Birgitta, which he did, with a recorded accompaniment in the background. A good way to meet another musician!

I took this strange "ghostly call" as an opportunity to revive an attempt to bring him to Los Alamos to speak and play his trumpet here. As serendipity would have it, I am just in the middle of reading Paul Toscano's novel "Christ on Trial: An Easter Hymn". An account of another "ghostly call" by and for a good friend with Mormon background.

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