Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ivan's daughter

Posted: 15 Nov 12
Updated: 26 Jul 17

My deceased son's first born:

Newly born


Learning to make decisions

Learning to read

Learning social skills

Hanging out with big girls

This lovely girl is now 24 years old...


Her adoptive mother sent this recent letter shortly after Devon first contacted me:
I'm sorry it has taken me so long to start this communication with you. I just typed a LONG letter to you and apparently lost it...maybe it's somewhere in cyberspace. Thank you so very much for being receptive when D... contacted you. We love her so very much and provide all that we can, but she's always wondered about her biological background...and that is something we couldn't give her. I should have asked Ivan more questions when we met him.  
contemplated contacting you when I saw Ivan's obituary. Part of me thought that if I lost a child, I would give anything to know that part of him lived on. On the other time, I knew that you were going through a horrible time, and didn't want to add to it by adding that information. I trusted that God would provide the proper time.
Ivan didn't even know that E... was pregnant until sometime in August. D... was born September 10. To his credit, he never doubted his paternity. He stepped right up, coming to E...'s next doctors appointment. We met and my husband did an Ultrasound where D... swam right up and showed us her little face! He was concerned that she would be raised in family that would provide a religious background and a good education. We've strived to fulfill his wishes. 

He was out of town (working on an investment property) the day she was born, but came the next day to the hospital. He spent quite a while holding her and checking our her parts. He seemed quite proud of his "product."
E... didn't tell her own mother that she was pregnant until she told Ivan. She had a 5 year old daughter at the time who started school on the Monday after D... was born. As far as I know, she never told her daughter about D.... I quite certain that she still lives in the area, but has never contacted us. We would be very easy for her to find. Because of that, I'm not sure how receptive she would be if contacted. 

I hope you understand how grateful we are to Ivan and E... for this beautiful girl. I do have a picture of her in her Baptism gown I'd like for you to see. To me, she looks so much like Ivan that I was certain that even if you knew nothing about her, you would believe her story after one look at the picture!
I will try to figure out how to put it on the computer so you can see it.

In the meantime, take care,
Warmly, S/S

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