Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Friend's dream of yours truly

Posted: 17 October 12
Updated: 30 Oct 12

Last August, Rex M, one of my best friends from UC Berkeley days of over 50 years ago, an emeritus professor of management and currently an adviser to our LADDOF (Los Alamos Deep Democracy Open Forum, Inc.) initiative, wrote to me from Prague:
I had a small dream about you last night.  I had read in a newspaper about the results of an election in another state, where you live. It had said you were elected as Vice-President (of the state).  
Then (scene 2), you and I were in the same place and I congratulated you on the election.  You said, "they got it wrong, I was reelected as a Citizen, one of two.  Our function is to ensure that the government functions ethically, efficiently, and effectively."  I responded that this made me feel good, that they had made a good choice.
Normally, when someone has a dream about someone, I generally view it as representing some aspect of the dreamer, rather than the actual "someone". Most times such projections of self-aspects eventually return to the dreamer when the dreamer typically finds him/herself saying, "Oh, you aren't who I thought you were!" Or, "I'm so disillusioned," etc.

However, in the rare instance that the projection is accurate, it will stay and present the dreamer with an opportunity to integrate the qualities of the projection into the dreamer's conscious identity. In this case I very much hope my friend's projection of "me" is accurate! since I'd very much like to play the role assigned by his dream and try it for a while. It appears very much in line with what our LADDOF initiative is all about!

May it be thus!

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