Friday, September 28, 2012

Two conversations at Coffee House Cafe

Event: Friday,  28 September 2012
Updated: Sunday, 7 Oct 12

Dining Room at The Coffee House Cafe in Los Alamos
My favorite place to meet friends and talk. 

On Friday, September 28, I had two back-to-back conversations with local Christian friends at a favorite gathering place here in Los Alamos. Despite where we were in our respective lives, it was good to meet with friends where we could feel invited to be our true selves.

The first friend was an Orthodox brother: a retired U.S. Army soldier and fellow singer at St. Dmitri of Rostov Los Alamos mission of the Orthodox Church in America. We both love to sing the Divine Liturgy while standing together at the parish choir post. These days he is going through rough emotional territory, far different and more bleak than in his days of military combat. It was a privilege to be with him for a while in navigating some white-water rapids in that inner territory.

The second friend, Christian pastor, was concerned about the Mormon factor in the current presidential race. He asked to discuss a book, which I've known about for years but have never read, titled Leaving the Saints: How I lost the Mormons and Found My Faith by Martha Beck.  In reading the book to prepare for our conversation, I discovered that my own family and Martha's have familial ties. That wasn't the only surprise. Martha's insights into her painful disengagement process triggered in me a profound new insight into a long-ago dream (May 1967) that I thought I already understood. Martha was greatly blessed by the counsel of a wise Relief Society president in her home ward, who offered Martha the simple words: "You are free!" These words in this setting brought to mind the dream, which ended with the golden tones of two heavenly trumpets sounding a descending fourth, like in the song "Born Free"!

Both brothers (who don't know each other) have experienced a CREEI dream workshop, as well as Joseph Dillard's Integral Deep Listening interview technique of dream characters.

Meeting with these Christian brothers in the name of the Lord never fails to be enlightening, regardless of the initial subject.

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