Saturday, September 8, 2012

Can Pit bull Brothers be Hounds of Heaven?

Posted: 8 September 2012

The contest began four years ago when Tom, one of two Mormon patriarchs currently assigned to Eastern Europe, referred to me as a "pit bull" in our correspondence. When I replied: "Can a pit bull be a hound of heaven?" he ignored the question and reacted with a pontifical ten point sermon. This dashed my hopes for an honest, responsive dialogue and I joined the OCA (Orthodox Church in America)--a daughter church of the Russian Orthodox Church based in Moscow.

Our correspondence resumed recently at a higher level when Tom responded to an early draft of a paper prepared for the 2012 Salt Lake Sunstone Symposium, which I attached to a blind copy email sent to approximately 40 LDS scholars with a request for comment. Tom was one of only two to respond.  And it has become the kind of dialogue with an active Mormon ecclesiastical leader that I have longed for since UC Berkeley days in the spring of 1959.

To be continued....


Tom Rogers said...

Thanks, Eugene, for your further apropos. However, I don't at this point consider myself either an "ecclesiastical leader" or a member of the governing "hierarchy." Our Russian members don't make that distinction, but I'm sure my file leaders do.

Eugene said...

Tom, by "ecclesiastical leader" I don't necessarily mean "the governing 'hierarchy'", although I do include them all. You are, in any case, well considered by them to be an active, worthy 'ecclesiastical leader', since the office of "patriarch" is surely that, if nothing else.