Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dream Pioneers

Posted: Wednesday, 27 Jun 12
Updated: Monday, 2 July 12

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Jenniffer of Peru, founder of Dream Pioneers

Today (Wednesday, 6/27) I had a preliminary Skype chat with Jenniffer, founder of Dream Pioneers.

What a conversation!

I learned about her group from reading a new book called Oneironautics, received earlier this month.

Last Thursday evening (21 Jun) Dream Pioneers Jenniffer and Thomas (one of three authors of Oneironautics) hosted a webinar from New York City involving participants worldwide. I tried to join in, but technical problems forced me off line. Jenniffer sent this followup message to participants:
As promised, here is a somewhat shortened version of the webinar that took place 6/21/2012. It was amazing to see dreamers signing in from all over the world to participate with us in this webinar... Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, Australia, New York, California, Canada...etc...etc.. Enjoy!
 We are scheduled for a longer Skype conversation tomorrow.

PS. I've only just realized that the start date for Dream Pioneers was July 24, 2011. This is an auspicious date! It is the most important holiday in Utah, which is called Pioneer Day, celebrating the arrival of the Mormon Pioneers into the Great Salt Lake Basin in 1847. Is there a conscious connection here?

June 28, 2012. Thursday 5:00 PM
BTW and before we talk again later today, I want to report having a HUGE rush when Jenniffer described a dream she had just after the webinar. I remember her saying it was something like being in a tunnel and then realizing it was a wormhole! That gave me goose bumps all over, which I described and showed to her at the time. I hope she will report that dream on this blog or in hers.

July 2, 2012. Monday 11:00 PM
Last Thursday's Skype conversation lasted 2.5 hours! Which means we have talked almost 4 hours total, all of which was wonderfully enlightening and surprising. Since Jenniffer must edit these conversations to fit into 35 minutes, I'm not sure what will survive to be posted on the Dream Pioneer website. In any case, we did a CREEI scoring of the above mentioned dream about "wormhole", which more accurately is called a "portal". The dream clearly scored "Transformative", a rare pattern. It was exciting and perhaps she will include it in our allotted 35 minutes.

Tomorrow night I'm scheduled for a Skype conversation with "Oneironaut" Thomas, which also promises to be something unique!  Stay tuned....

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