Sunday, June 24, 2012


Posted: 24 Jun 12
Updated: 26 Jun 12

Look at all this mess!
 Inner and outer

Southwest corner: chaos!
Not so bad: northwest corner
Is this a mirror of my mind?

Notice the commissioned icon near the center of the first photo above. Here it is below:

St. Herman of Alaska

An icon glows
Amid the chaos
Of my southwest corner--

One does not worship
Or meditate long upon it
Yet it is there--
A patron saint
Reminder of deeper truths:
Of life well lived

His legend speaks of miracles
Still abounding near
The place his body lay alone
Two centuries past

I have no dreams of him
And only know his life lives on
In that vast region where he served
And taught and built and loved

Now also he is mutely here
A loving witness without judgment
Or precondition


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