Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dream Pioneers

Posted: Wednesday, 27 Jun 12
Updated: Monday, 2 July 12

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Jenniffer of Peru, founder of Dream Pioneers

Today (Wednesday, 6/27) I had a preliminary Skype chat with Jenniffer, founder of Dream Pioneers.

What a conversation!

I learned about her group from reading a new book called Oneironautics, received earlier this month.

Last Thursday evening (21 Jun) Dream Pioneers Jenniffer and Thomas (one of three authors of Oneironautics) hosted a webinar from New York City involving participants worldwide. I tried to join in, but technical problems forced me off line. Jenniffer sent this followup message to participants:
As promised, here is a somewhat shortened version of the webinar that took place 6/21/2012. It was amazing to see dreamers signing in from all over the world to participate with us in this webinar... Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, Australia, New York, California, Canada...etc...etc.. Enjoy!
 We are scheduled for a longer Skype conversation tomorrow.

PS. I've only just realized that the start date for Dream Pioneers was July 24, 2011. This is an auspicious date! It is the most important holiday in Utah, which is called Pioneer Day, celebrating the arrival of the Mormon Pioneers into the Great Salt Lake Basin in 1847. Is there a conscious connection here?

June 28, 2012. Thursday 5:00 PM
BTW and before we talk again later today, I want to report having a HUGE rush when Jenniffer described a dream she had just after the webinar. I remember her saying it was something like being in a tunnel and then realizing it was a wormhole! That gave me goose bumps all over, which I described and showed to her at the time. I hope she will report that dream on this blog or in hers.

July 2, 2012. Monday 11:00 PM
Last Thursday's Skype conversation lasted 2.5 hours! Which means we have talked almost 4 hours total, all of which was wonderfully enlightening and surprising. Since Jenniffer must edit these conversations to fit into 35 minutes, I'm not sure what will survive to be posted on the Dream Pioneer website. In any case, we did a CREEI scoring of the above mentioned dream about "wormhole", which more accurately is called a "portal". The dream clearly scored "Transformative", a rare pattern. It was exciting and perhaps she will include it in our allotted 35 minutes.

Tomorrow night I'm scheduled for a Skype conversation with "Oneironaut" Thomas, which also promises to be something unique!  Stay tuned....

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fire in the Sky: Update of UFO story

Posted: 26 Jun 12
Updated: 27 Jul 12

1993 Poster for Fire in the Sky

Ten days ago (June 16) Travis Walton presented his UFO story at the Los Alamos Public Library. After screening the 1993 science fiction horror movie based on his 1975 "alien abduction" experience, he narrated a Power Point "afterwards" presentation followed by a Q&A session.

I came equipped with questions, two of which were from a close friend in Berlin (whom I had notified beforehand):
Question one: what do you think the implications are if what you say is true? That we all should be scared as shit? Paralyzed by our fear? 
Question two: what do you think the implications are if what you say is some sort of waking hallucination?
It became very clear to me that this event was no hoax--but in typical Hollywood style the film producers had grossly distorted it into a Sci-Fi horror film. It was also clear that Walton, himself, is still recovering from what surely was a hugely traumatic event. Although he became a celebrity because of this "abduction" and has made an industry in writing and lecturing about it around the world, he is still reflecting on its implications.  

When I asked what his current reflections were, he surprised us by declaring that he no longer felt it was an abduction but a rescue! He and his lumberjack buddies happened upon a craft hovering over a spot in the Arizona forest.  Walton got out of the truck to investigate and got zapped by an "energy" spike, which knocked him out and tossed his body a dozen or so feet in the air. His terrified buddies took off thinking he had been killed, but returned later to pick him up. Walton was no where to be seen, but later found himself clothed (not naked as the film portrays) and deposited on a road in the forest.

Travis now believes that had it not been for the aliens in the craft taking him aboard to revive him, he would have died of heart arrest because of the energy spike, which was not aimed at him. In other words, Travis' feelings for the aliens is no longer fear but gratitude.

One last item. At the end of his presentation Walton showed a photograph by National Geographic of core samples taken from mature trees (200+ years old) at the spot of the incident meant to study the growth rings of the trees. Inexplicably the growth rings were regular until they reached the winter of 1975 (date of incident) and then showed an accelerated growth rate several times greater. That accelerated rate eventually returned to normal at about 1992. 

This new evidence will be presented in an upcoming film on the National Geographic channel in a program called "Chasing UFOs" on June 29.

June 30, 2012
"Chasing UFOs" last night was a waste of time! Travis Walton's story was not there as expected.

BTW and perhaps a propos of nothing, the town from which Travis Walton comes is Snowflake, Arizona. That is Mormon territory and Walton is probably Mormon, although I did not ask him. I find this personally interesting because many of my relatives live there, some of whom he knows. I also find the period of accelerated growth in the trees in the forest near there of personal, ironic interest. That spanned the last period in which I was an official member of the Mormon Church, having rejoined in July 1975 (after having been first excommunicated in April 1966) and again excommunicated in June 1992. Could there be any significance in this parallel? I wonder!

July 12, 2012
Two days ago I received a surprise email from a young cousin in Snowflake, AZ, whom I did not know, but who had learned about me and my brother from reading the first volume of the (Moses) Clawson Family History, published in 1990. His grandmother Lucile Clawson DeWitt was my aunt and my mother's next younger sister. He took special interest in my having worked with the CIA and it sparked a lively correspondence. Since he is in Snowflake, I asked if he knew Travis Walton. Yes, he said, and in fact had spoken to him only two days earlier.

I immediately wrote again to Travis to ask why the "Chasing UFOs" program did not present his story as promised. Travis replied at once:
Sorry, National Geographic gave me the wrong date,  That was the debut of the series.  My episode airs this July 20th Friday. 
On July 21, 2012 I wrote once again to Travis: 

"Glad to see your section on last night's TV show, but it was disappointing how the producers/directors presented it. The idea of taking core samples from trees over a wide area from the central point of your encounter is a good one, which I thought about after you showed the one core sample in your presentation in Los Alamos. But last night's presentation did not show those results. Are they meant for a future episode of the program?"

On July 27, 2012, my cousin in Snowflake sent a photo of Walton's modest home.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

John the Baptist

Posted: 24 Jun 12
Updated: 27 Jun 12

Thomas Marsh's John the Baptist
at San Juan Bautista Mission in California

In his sermon celebrating the birth of John the Baptist at the Los Alamos Bethlehem Lutheran Church this morning, Pastor Tom Anderson described his long-ago relationship with sculptor Thomas Marsh as an artist struggling with his faith well before he found that faith. It is not clear in the photo above, but according to Pastor Tom, the face of this famous work portraying the Baptist is that of a Native American!

June 27, 2012
Serendipitously, in culling stacks of old papers to be tossed or filed in my office this morning, I came across this newsletter from a local pueblo! I hadn't registered this connection before...

Newsletter of Parish of San Juan Bautista and Tewa Missions


Posted: 24 Jun 12
Updated: 26 Jun 12

Look at all this mess!
 Inner and outer

Southwest corner: chaos!
Not so bad: northwest corner
Is this a mirror of my mind?

Notice the commissioned icon near the center of the first photo above. Here it is below:

St. Herman of Alaska

An icon glows
Amid the chaos
Of my southwest corner--

One does not worship
Or meditate long upon it
Yet it is there--
A patron saint
Reminder of deeper truths:
Of life well lived

His legend speaks of miracles
Still abounding near
The place his body lay alone
Two centuries past

I have no dreams of him
And only know his life lives on
In that vast region where he served
And taught and built and loved

Now also he is mutely here
A loving witness without judgment
Or precondition


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Change in Rules of Engagement

Posted: 20 June 2012
Updated: 27 June 2012

On Father's Day (June 17), after a four-year silence, two e-mails gave me pause. I won't identify them, except to say one was from a high-level Mormon ecclesiastic and the other from a never-Mormon relative. Because of both of these exchanges, my journey must now change its rules of engagement. These rules will be spelled out as I discuss them with those who may not want to be identified. 

This does not include intrusive anonymous writers or voices.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

What a day!

Event: Thursday, June 7, 2012
Updated: 8Jun12

1. Looking at housing market with Re-Max.
2. LADDOF meeting with Jim Bradbury. See here for details.
3. Dinner with new friend Gared

To be continued and amplified...

Question from a pastor's wife

Event: 7 June 2012

Earlier this month I sent out an early draft for the 2012 Salt Lake Sunstone Symposium to several groups of friends and colleagues addressing the theme: Mormons and Mormonism as a Political Force. One of these friends is a non-Mormon wife of a Christian minister, who asked thought provoking questions which I'd not until then considered. Below is one of her questions and my response.

Pat's question on June 13:
... I was rather shocked at the power that the Mormon church still has in your life and obviously the life of others so I don't know, do you still consider yourself a Mormon and do others at Sunstone consider themselves Mormon?  It seems so deep-rooted in your soul in the dream at the end of the paper.  I do understand that you also consider yourself Russian Orthodox, but can one be both?
My response later the same day: 
Regarding the question that "shocked" you, I don't know if I can answer it well enough yet. I want it to be a real answer and if I can do that in the final revision of the paper with confidence, I have you to thank. 
 ... As a good, ecclesiastically active Mormon friend just wrote, "You have Mormonism in your bones, Eugene." Yes, I answered, but that does NOT any longer mean the institution of the Mormon Church, which I respect but do not answer to. In the interview of that dream at the end of the paper, which you think is too long (I agree it needs to be shortened), I start out by "becoming" a Mormon Church building. That building, which is an inner self-aspect surely expresses an attitude that is within me, but which I no longer allow to control my beliefs or decisions as it once did. Most believing Mormons have this attitude to contend with. It is a "brainwashing" programing from infancy, as that little "I am a Mormon boy" song I referred to in the paper represents, and it is super powerful. Not unlike the Soviet way of indoctrinating their children to atheism or any other religious institution with dogmatic beliefs.  
My foray into Russian Orthodoxy was meant to include and transcend the tradition that my father came from, which I feel has now run its course. I am amazed at how both these institutions, Mormon and Orthodox, lay shameless claim to literally representing the original church of Jesus, despite having vastly differing stories and doctrines to control their membership. One of my fantasies here in Los Alamos is one day to broker a "deep democracy" dialogue between the current Mormon bishop and current Orthodox priest, both of whom are in their mid-thirties. If that should ever happen, it would only be because the Holy Spirit has been honestly invited to preside. So, to answer your last question: "but can one be both?" I think so from the higher perspective of having understood, appreciated and integrated both traditions. My allegience is to Christ, not an institution or dogma. 
 That's why dreams are so important to me: they tell the truth of the dreamer. Since every dreamer has different dreams, they have different experiences of the past and the here and now. I honor the dreams of every dreamer and hope not to presume (any more) to tell the dreamer what those dreams really mean. Yes, we can say something about what hearing a another's dream means to us. But that is not the same as presuming to know the dreamer's truth. 
What comes to mind now is a profound statement from an apostle in the Community of Christ (formerly known as the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or RLDS). In a Sunstone symposium in Salt Lake City some years ago she said, referring to a recent, major review and reformation of their faith, "We have learned to see Joseph through the eyes of Jesus, rather than seeing Jesus through the eyes of Joseph."   
I would like to believe the same for myself. In terms of Orthodoxy and would put it this way: I have learned to see Paul through the eyes of Jesus, rather than seeing Jesus through the eyes of Paul. Perhaps the same can be said of  Catholic or Protestant traditions? I believe that when that happens we can all meet in the love of Christ with an intimacy that transcends institutions and dogmatic ideologies. M. Scott Peck would call this event "True Community"...  
PS, I forgot another thought re Orthodoxy.  When I decided to apply to the Orthodox Church in America (OCA) in fall 2008, it was a mystical (non-rational) experience. Birgitta can tell you how she knew about it before I could tell her what had happened. I can think of two things that may have motivated the decision: 1) the OCA had recently deposed its top leader (the Metropolitan) because of corruption and mismangement and 2) my recall of an old dream (circa 1966) about the Lord wanting a total reorganization of the church, beginning with the old men at the top. At the time of the dream I obviously thought it referred to the Mormon Church, but now saw it as applying more generally to other institutions, which had just happened to the OCA.

When I interviewed the old Orthodox priest (a converted Episcopal priest of 47 years) who would chrismate me into OCA membership, I asked him to carefully go through every statement he would read at the time of chrismation. After going through each word and statement and answering my questions throughout the process, he sat back and exclaimed, "Why, you have been Orthodox since your conception!" When he said that I felt a huge "rush" of recognition and suddenly it made new sense. I had been Mormon from birth, but Orthodox since conception! Conception preceded birth. It was as if my late father's spirit was guiding this process and I felt my spiritual path confirmed. It was again reconfirmed when I recalled the time I sang an old Slavonic chant I'd learned in the Army Language School that had brought the visiting Metropolitan of the Russian Orthodox Church outside Russia to tears in 1954. And again, after singing that same chant in the largest Orthodox church in Melitopol, Ukraine in June 2007, I discovered it was the very church my dad had been baptised in as an infant in 1903. Goose bumps! Something mystical was in process…. 

I believe you know about these things from your Cherokee heritage. Here is a blog post of three years ago that may have more to say to you:

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Posted: June 6, 2012
Front Cover
Back Cover
Page 6 inside

A week or so ago an intriguing dreamwork book called "Oneironautics" came to the house. I had been waiting for it for months, since contributing to its publication via the internet "Kickstarter" program.

The title was difficult to pronounce at first before learning it is 5-syllables: O-neir-o-naut'-ics and is based on two Greek words meaning "dream sailor". You won't find it yet in the dictionary, but it will probably soon be there.

I began reading it today and find it well written, easy to read and clever. I am eager to learn its methodology!

To be continued....

Another Power Outage for RPK experiment

Posted: 6 June 12

On Monday, June 4, we had another lightning strike generated power outage at our home where the RPK equipment is located. This time it was a "brown out", which I'm told by experts can be more trouble than a "black out" for electronics. In our case all the BFT data was wiped out as far back as January 15, 2012. Bummer!

Fortunately, I had logged in all ID/PW data into the hand-written log book for participants that had viewed the system since then. I did have to re-enter all those ID/PWs, hoping that no one tried to view the system beyond what I have logged .

I will post all those viewings in an updated table on the RPK site.

Friday, June 1, 2012

New Neighbors

Posted: Friday, June 1, 2012
Updated: Tuesday, July 3, 2012

This morning (Friday) it struck me! For months I'd been praying for greater insight and help with respect to the Los Alamos Deep Democracy Open Forum (LADDOF) project with respect to "LDS and American Indian factors". Then, after months of quandary, I discover something right across the street--right under our noses!--our new neighbors may hold a key! They'd been neighbors since January, but we hadn't introduced ourselves until now nor even known their names. (Yikes!) A young LDS couple with two teen-age children!

We invited them for dessert last night (Thursday) and all came (for key-lime pie), except the dad, who couldn't make it back in time from an out-of-town trip. What amazed me most about the family's story as we got acquainted is that the dad is best friends with the local LDS bishop(!), who figures prominently in the LADDOF story. In fact the dad is the business manager for his bishop friend's medical practice. Furthermore, the dad's sister-in-law is Navajo (!), another essential element of the LADDOF story.

At Birgitta's suggestion we introduced the mother and children to the CREEI dreamwork process as a parlor game to getting better acquainted, and they all seemed to enjoy it.

Later this morning, while working in the yard, I spied the dad about to leave in his SUV and quickly walked across the street to introduce myself. He got out of his car, towering over me (they are all tall!) with a pleasant smile and shook my hand, thanking us for having his family over and making them feel welcome. I mentioned LADDOF and he expressed interest. Also, I mentioned working on a presentation for next month in which his bishop friend figures prominently. Again he expressed interest.

We'll see where it goes from here.

On June 24, 2012
Well, as of today, Sunday, June 24, they have ignored us...  That about tells an old, old story, yes?

July 3, 2012
Last weekend they moved away. Nary a word. End of story.