Saturday, May 19, 2012

Remarkable coincidence re Berlin Tunnel

Event: Saturday, 19 May 2012
Updated: Sunday, May 27.

On Saturday, May 19, Birgitta received an email in Norwegian from one of her best friends from Swedish Royal Opera School days, now living in Berlin. Here is Birgitta's translation of her friend's message:

….I experienced a strange coincidence the other day while I was thinking intensely about you and at the same time turned on the TV -- and at that very moment I saw you (Birgitta). The "Arte" channel was just showing the program about the Berlin tunnel that we already had viewed on the DVD (you sent). We stayed seated and saw the whole thing over again. It is truly a unique story, and may it give Zhenya a little fame. Greet him heartily and say that whatever life has offered and offers, he has contributed in a way that few have had opportunity to do.

It warmed my heart.

Obviously the film has now been released to European TV.

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