Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dreaming-on at Bethlehem Lutheran

Posted: Sunday, 18 March 2012; Updated: 31 Mar 12

In Church bulletin for March 18 Sunday morning.
This will be an extension of the Lenten Retreat of March 3, 2012.

On March 23 ten people showed up to the Lenten Retreat extension, four of whom were repeaters from March 3. Since we were constrained to two hours in contrast to the four-hour workshop of March 3, we did not have enough time to process dreams beyond the basic CREEI scoring procedure. I was asked not to post initials on this blog, which I have honored.

On March 30, the follow-on meeting for both Lenten Retreats, only four people showed, which was personally disappointing. I wondered if the flame had gone out. Nevertheless, I was assured that the poor turnout was due to the inconvenience of the date and time, it being the beginning of the public schools spring break and that Church leadership was confident that small group workshops-seminars were still a desired activity. 

One participant on Mar 30 brought a repeating dream from the previous session on Mar 23, which had scored "anticipatory-traumatic". This time around, however, the repeat dream scored "motivational", with only one question mark short of being "transformative". It was an excellent illustration of how the process can track personal development and I think she felt a renewed enthusiasm for the process.

We then had time enough to do an IDL interview of three previous dreams, which had been scored in the Mar 3 and Mar 23 sessions, as well as the new "motivational" dream above.

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