Sunday, February 5, 2012

Singing Orthodox Chant at Bethlehem Lutheran Church

Event: Sunday, February 5, 2012;
Updated: 9 Oct 12

Preparing to sing chant

Eugene w/Bethlehem Lutheran Church Choir

It was a thrill to sing this chant at the Bethlehem Lutheran Church in a choir with a strong bass section!

I'd been hoping to do it with this choir for years at the invitation of Paula Nichols, long-time choir director for both Bethlehem Lutheran and the Los Alamos High School. All she needed was a score for the choir, she said, but which I didn't have.

Because I am not a good musician, it took years to download the choir score from memory with the help of various local musicians. By the time I managed to get a workable score ready for Paula, she had moved away. Ironically it was Unitarian Church choir director Alicia Solomon, who helped me get the score finally produced. So, the first time I sang it again with choir was at the Unitarian Church on November 13, 2011. Before then the last time I'd sung it with choir was at the Army Language School for the Metropolitan of the Russian Orthodox Church in exile from Russia, almost 60 years earlier!!

The new Lutheran Church choir director, Anne Huysman, agreed to teach it to her choir and we finally performed it on February 5, 2012. Church member and Los Alamos Schools Superintendent Eugene Schmidt video-recorded it.

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