Friday, January 13, 2012

Finding Ivan's daughter! or Devon finds her grandfather.

Event: Friday, 13 Jan 12,  10:30 PM; Updated: 16 Jan 12

Whoever said that Friday the Thirteenth bodes an ill wind? I beg to differ!

In preparing to retire for the evening, I checked my email before shutting down the PC. A simple message from FaceBook had come in at 10:02 PM:
Hello Eugene,
I believe you are my biological grandfather, by your late son Ivan. My name is Devon...I'm not to sure what else to say. If you are interested I am sure I will hear back from you. And if you are I am glad to have found you.
It took a few minutes for me to register its message. I did a quick search on FaceBook to check it out.

Devon Bailey wants to be friends with you on Facebook.
San Francisco, California
305 friends · 153 photos · 1 note · 326 Wall posts

At 10:47 PM I replied:
Dear Devon, My God!! What a wonderful surprise! Please call me and tell me more. I'm quite stunned, but eager to get acquainted. My phone numbers are: 505.661.9713 (h); 505.310.0098 (cell) Let me hear from you tomorrow morning as soon after 9 as you wish. I'm just getting ready to retire for the evening. Be blessed, Eugene
At 11:14 PM she replied:
I will call you as soon as I wake up! I'm happy with your reaction, can't stop smiling. :)
The following morning, while Birgitta and I were having late breakfast, Devon called. And thus, on the speaker phone, began a first long conversation about her, her biological father Ivan, her marvelous parents and her now-found biological grandfather.
A new family saga has begun....

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