Friday, January 27, 2012



Throughout the film and afterwards
With Birgitta 
I could only think of him:
A desperate call
That fateful night--
On that worst of days. 

Decades earlier he and I had played
"Reporter Joe" in my dim recall
With echoes in my mind of
"Freedom lies!
My people, 
Blind to bondage,
Hate the Serpent..."

Devon's recent search
Ivan's absent Presence
Michael's pious silence...

Still earlier,
The sentimental journey with my dad
--the only one--
Would be his last days in the flesh

Now a treasured memory
Of righting wrong
Amid an awful Blackness...

Still earlier a prophet said:
"...You will know
Of a certainty
What your work is
Before this mission is through."


Dark has turned to Light.
We have found our people.

27 Jan 12

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