Monday, January 23, 2012

Buffalo Deer Dance, San Ildefonso’s feast day.

Event: 23 January 2012;

The most important feast day of the year is in honor of San Ildefonso, patron saint of the pueblo, when the Buffalo Deer Dance is performed.

Deer Dancer
Martinez, Richard (Opa Mu Nu)

Buffalo Dancer
Martinez, Julian

Deer Dance
Sanchez, Abel (Red Cloud)
After the Dances, we dined at Mamma Gonzales's, Myron was at the head of the table. On top of the cabinet on the dining room south wall, I spied the many inserts of their Russian doll from Sarov and sang for my supper a favorite Russian folk song. Myron thought it was worth being on American Idol. "Too old", I said to which an old woman to my left replied. "Not so! Indians never grow too old!"

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