Sunday, November 13, 2011

Singing "S nami Bog" with Unitarian Church choir

Event: 13 November 2011


It was thrilling to sing the old Slavonic chant "S nami Bog" (God is with us) with a choir. The last time I had sung this chant with a choir was at the Army Language School in spring 1955, just before leaving for Berlin.

When Unitarian Church choir director Alicia Solomon viewed my YouTube performance in 2007, she invited me to sing it with her choir. It took a while to develop a choir version with the help of Cary Neeper who helped me download the music from my memory into a singable choir version. (I can sing, but am no composer.)

So, the chant with choir finally happened. I can hardly express my gratitude enough for the opportunity. Orthodox priest Fr. John Hennies was there with his wife, Matushka Ana Lea to hear it sung in both early and late morning services.

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